Family Life – New Challenges

family life

Over the last couple of years I have written a post on how I am finding family life, now that our family is complete. The previous posts have been: Late 2009 - Does It Really Get Harder?????. I contemplate comments from other parents with older kids who suggest that it actually gets harder as … [Read more...]

Easier…….for the moment!


Over a year ago I wrote a post that posed the question "Does It Really Get Harder?????". I was wondering if, once the little kids grew up a bit, things would get easier for me. There were many excellent comments, some saying yes, some saying no, some saying it is just a different "hard" and some … [Read more...]

10 Things To Cherish About Having A Young Family

Joys Of A  Young Family

Towards the end of June, just before school holidays started, I had one of those very tough weeks that comes with the territory of life with a young family. Some of the highlights of that week included: having my blog hacked which diverted readers from Google to a porn site (sorry if that happened … [Read more...]