Family Life – Mostly Easier

family life

This is an annual post I write here on Planning With Kids. While I write on the blog to share ideas of what we do in our family, to hopefully help other families, it also provides a fantastic record of what is happening in our life. As the kids grow older, I realise now how easy it is to forget … [Read more...]

How To Get Kids To Eat?

How To Get Kids To Eat

This post is part of the Family Eating series. How To Get Kids To Eat? This is a very common question I receive in emails from readers, so I thought I would develop a fuller answer than what I usually give via email. Before I start, as you would know, I am not a nutritionist, doctor or any other … [Read more...]

Making The Ordinary Fun


This post is sponsored by Nuffnang and Yoplait. Sometimes I look at our gorgeous littlest one and think about how different his life has been, compared to that of his eldest brother. When our first son was little we worked as much as we could around his routine and his awake time saw me spending … [Read more...]

Family Life – New Challenges

family life

Over the last couple of years I have written a post on how I am finding family life, now that our family is complete. The previous posts have been: Late 2009 - Does It Really Get Harder?????. I contemplate comments from other parents with older kids who suggest that it actually gets harder as … [Read more...]

Easier…….for the moment!


Over a year ago I wrote a post that posed the question "Does It Really Get Harder?????". I was wondering if, once the little kids grew up a bit, things would get easier for me. There were many excellent comments, some saying yes, some saying no, some saying it is just a different "hard" and some … [Read more...]