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This is a sponsored post. UBank have released a short film which they hope will change the way people think about the 'Australian Dream' and the way people think about buying a home. Many Australians are financially stressed and are feeling that way due to the pressure of large mortgages. While … [Read more...]

Family life – the roller coaster years

Family life - the roller coaster years

I look forward to writing this post each year and just knowing I write it makes me think and notice things about this current stage of family life, that I am not sure I would otherwise do. This is one of the things I love about blogging. It will help me remember times, issues and situations in much … [Read more...]

Feeding The Family – What Are We Spending?

food expenditure

This post is part of a series on family finances. You can find the other posts in the series here: Feeding The Family – Budgeting, Planning and Tracking Feeding The Family – When and Where Are We Shopping? Shopping Around – Where To Get Value For Money Tips To Help You Save On Your Food … [Read more...]