Mother On A Mission

When I woke up this yesterday morning I was a mother with a mission. I needed new bras and I was going to get them that very day! This however meant that I would have to take all four children with me. My kids are actually pretty ok to take shopping, but getting fitted for bras was probably going to … [Read more...]

Packing them off!

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I hesitated before I actually put this photo with the post, because although it gives a great image of what we do to help the children learn to pack for themselves, it also outs me as having no artistic ability at all. I am lucky enough to have a sister (known to her other sisters as the general) … [Read more...]

To TV Or Not To TV?

I can only imagine the number of puns that have come from this line in William Shakespeare's Hamlet! But with the forecast for the weather to be over 40 degrees Celsius today, I started to do a bit of mental planning last night as to how our day would go. Some of the feedback I received on the "10 … [Read more...]