Handmade Christmas gift ideas – macrame pot hangers

5 modern macrame tutorials

Welcome to the PWK Christmas in July series. You can see all the posts here. ********** Each year I like to make some handmade gifts for friends, family and teachers. I have found though if I leave the making until the end of the year, not so much making gets done! My daughter and I have … [Read more...]

Christmas planning in July – choose 4 tasks

Christmas planning in July

Regular readers of the blog would be familiar with my Christmas in July planning series. It is not about going over the top and getting everything sorted for Christmas, but it is about taking some time out at a more quieter time of the year and choosing a few activities to take the pressure off the … [Read more...]

How to slow down – gaining control of your smart phone

How to slow down – gaining control of your smart phone

This post is part of a series on slowing down you can find the rest of the series here - Slowing down. *********** I do love my iPhone. In lots of ways it has made my life so much easier. But in other ways it has caused me stress. It was causing me stress as I knew sitting in it very often were … [Read more...]