10 helpful household tips


A few months ago in my newsletter I shared some helpful household tips and asked readers to send in any they have used and work well for them. I have collated them below! Hopefully they will help you with a household issue you have! If you have any you would like to add to the list, please feel … [Read more...]

Christmas planning + shareable family gift idea spreadsheet


Today kicks off the start to my annual 10 week Christmas planning series. Last year I created a master list of activities that can be completed in the lead up to Christmas. It has over 50 activities listed. You may not need or want to do all of these but it will provide inspiration and motivation to … [Read more...]

Monthly review – what to do when decluttering has stalled


The first half of the year I was working really well each month with my habit of decluttering 33 items a week. Now I am struggling to do about 33 items a month! I think I am finding it tough for a few reasons. My target of 33 items a week wasn't the right format for me When I set the target I had … [Read more...]