Monthly review – productive meditation


Meditation is part of my everyday routine now and something I truly love and look forward to. Most days I do it more than once a day but in different forms: In the morning as I switch from home and family life to work, I will do an energising or focusing type of meditation. (As I mentioned in my … [Read more...]

Monthly review – what to do when decluttering has stalled


The first half of the year I was working really well each month with my habit of decluttering 33 items a week. Now I am struggling to do about 33 items a month! I think I am finding it tough for a few reasons. My target of 33 items a week wasn't the right format for me When I set the target I had … [Read more...]

Where are you at?

Where are you at- Half year review 2016.

I have mixed feeling about the month of June. In Australia it is the first month of winter which is my least favourite season, but it also contains the winter solstice which is the shortest day (least hours of daylight) for the year which means it only gets better from then on! Also on the … [Read more...]