Australia Post Books – gorgeous books at great prices


This is a sponsored post. You don't have to search very far on this blog to find posts on lists of books for kids to read. We love books in our house and we have bookshelves overflowing with books. If you have visited an Australia Post shop recently you would have noticed they have a large range … [Read more...]

5 family activities to do with kids at home on the school holidays


With a spread of ages of 10 years across our five kids, finding an activity that we can all participate in and enjoy can be tricky. And sometimes no matter what the activity their will be one child who might not feel like hanging out with the family. There are moments though when it works and … [Read more...]

5 gift ideas for the kids’ coach + how to make collecting the cash easier + $100 giveaway!

coach's gift ideas

This post is sponsored by GroupTogether.  It is reaching the end of winter sport season and along with this comes the time to buy a gift for the coaches and team managers. My husband and I have played these roles for various teams and while you never do it expecting anything, it has always been … [Read more...]

Tips for uni open days for kids who aren’t keen on going

Tips for uni open days for kids who aren't keen on going

Our eldest child is in his last year of secondary school and he wants to go to uni. He attended many Open Days last year and while he was not necessarily jumping for joy about attending them he did get a lot out of them. I am positive that there are kids out there who love University Open Days, … [Read more...]