Children’s Book Week 2015 – resources, teachers’ notes and activities for kids

Children's Book Week 2015 640

Each year I collate this list of resources for a selection of books which have made the CBCA short list. It is by far one of the longest posts it takes me to write, but I love doing it as it exposes me to books I may not have discovered otherwise. The resources while often aimed at teachers are … [Read more...]

“I’m bored” lists of things to do

I'm bored- lists of things to do

School holidays start next week for most Victorian schools. I have found that if we are going to be spending time at home, it is handy to have some "I'm bored list of things to do" up somewhere prominent for the younger kids. One child in particular finds it harder to find things to do, but will … [Read more...]

Car travel with kids – individual travel packs

Car travel with kids - individual travel packs

A number of times a year, we take the six plus hour car trip to Mildura to visit my family. We have been doing this ever since the kids were babies and they are all very used to the long drive now. As the kids have grown older, the need to stop so frequently has diminished. They know it is a long … [Read more...]