7 tips for cooking with kids in the kitchen this school holidays

7 tips for cooking with kids in the kitchen this school holidays

This post kicks of a series of posts on getting kids in the kitchen to cook these school holidays sponsored by Western Star. As you can tell from the blog, I spend a fair bit of time in the kitchen. It is very much the main activity hub of our home. From a very young age I have spent time cooking … [Read more...]

Children’s Book Week 2014 – resources and teacher’s notes

children's book week 2014 main.jpg

I love book week. Each year it is celebrating in August in Australia. It is a great way to put a fun focus on reading and expand kids knowledge of authors and genres of books. I actually look forward to putting this post together every year. I am not sure I would explore the CBCA short list so … [Read more...]

FIFA World Cup 2014 – flags and activities for kids

FIFA World Cup Activities 2014

We first did this activity back in the 2010 FIFA World Cup, which you can see in this post here and I highlight as well as the pure enjoyment of this activity for the kids, there is much they can learn from World Cup activities. We will spend this long weekend colouring in together and setting up … [Read more...]

School holiday activities around Australia – April 2014

school holiday activities around australia april 2014 (black)

Each time I post my list of school holiday activities in Melbourne, I receive requests for similar posts for other cities in Australia. Well in my internet travels this month I have come across some great posts for kids activities in other states, so thought I would share them here: School holiday … [Read more...]