Managing homework materials

creating a homework box

In our home we have three formal desks and five kids at school. This means that not everyone has a place they can use as their own and have their homework materials and projects set up permanently. We have had success for some time with a small central place to store homework items which you can … [Read more...]

Balancing the needs of the kids

Balancing the needs of the kids

As with a number of posts recently, this topic today is inspired by feedback from the blog annual survey. In the section of the survey where I asked readers if they had a question for me, there were a number of questions around the theme of balancing the kids' needs, like this: How do you … [Read more...]

Is it possible for kids to contribute to the housework without being reminded?

kids and cleaning

There were a number of questions around getting kids contributing to the workload around the house. And I loved this one: Will my 4 & 6 year olds ever get ready and do their chores without being reminded 10 times? Last year I outlined the framework I used to allocate household tasks to the … [Read more...]

Non technology related school holiday activities for the kids to do at home

Non techno activities for kids

As noted in my post late last year I was thrilled by the volume of questions people were leaving for me in the annual survey and I will be answering some of the more common questions through out 2105. This question below seemed particularly timely as in Australia we are in the middle of our long … [Read more...]

DIY peppermint bath salts

DIY peppermint bath salts

This post is also part of my 10 week Christmas planning series. You can find the rest of the series here. My daughter wanted to make a little something for her classmates at school. She had her heart set on a non food item to make. I needed something that she could make independently as the timing … [Read more...]