Mother On A Mission

When I woke up this yesterday morning I was a mother with a mission. I needed new bras and I was going to get them that very day! This however meant that I would have to take all four children with me. My kids are actually pretty ok to take shopping, but getting fitted for bras was probably going to … [Read more...]

10 Books We Are Enjoying On The Holidays

Summer Holiday Reading

Loving lists is an integral part of my love of planning. Every Tuesday I plan to share with you a top 10 of things that I hope you might find relevant or interesting. One of the things I love most about school holidays is that there is more time for the simple things, like reading books together. … [Read more...]

Packing them off!

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I hesitated before I actually put this photo with the post, because although it gives a great image of what we do to help the children learn to pack for themselves, it also outs me as having no artistic ability at all. I am lucky enough to have a sister (known to her other sisters as the general) … [Read more...]