Aside – Scavenger Hunt

ickle kids is participating in the Business Mums Network Scavenger Hunt. The hunt is "To celebrate Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Month 2008". Laine, who runs ickle kids is a great friend of mine and has a fantastic product range of activity packs for kids on the go. Check out the Scavenger Hunt … [Read more...]

Planning To Let Go, One Step At A Time


I have been thinking a lot recently about what age should I let my eldest walk to and from school on his own. He is in grade four now and we have a 1.5km walk to his school. There are two busy roads that he would have to cross, both of which have pedestrian traffic lights. But we do have a train … [Read more...]

Pocket Money For Kids

pocket money for kids

EDIT: If you would like to see how we track the money we give the kids and download a free excel spreadsheet template,  you can do so here - How to keep track of the kids’ pocket money. When I have posted about the allocation for jobs for our kids, I always have readers ask me about how much, if … [Read more...]