Tips to keep the kids reading during the summer holidays


The lovely long summer holidays are almost upon us. For us the summer holidays provide an extended break from our regular routines and it is a time for slowing down. Weekend sport and after school activities are not part of our schedule nor are the standard homework requirements. Over the summer … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Christmas gift idea – stationery in a jar


This post is part of my 10 week Christmas planning series, you find the more posts in the series here. *********** Our daughter loves to give a small gift to her friends for Christmas. We often make something from scratch, but this year as we hosted an 18th and then 13th birthday party at home, we … [Read more...]

Three steps to a more creative home


Creativity has been a core part of my single goal for 2016. Fostering creativity in kids is something that I feel passionately about so when Mia Northrop from riddle and Chance asked me if this is something I would like a post on for this blog, I said yes without a hesitation. I truly believe … [Read more...]