Planning With Kids accepts sponsored opportunities and advertising.

Reviews and Give Aways

I am no longer accepting product/services for review and give aways from non sponsors. If you would like to have your product or service promoted on Planning With Kids, see further opportunities listed below.

Guest Posts and Blog Tours

Due to the volume of requests, I am no longer accepting guest posts on Planning With Kids, nor am I available to participate in Blog Tours. Guest posts will appear on Planning With Kids, as I reach out to bloggers to post on topics to compliment current content.

Working With Planning With Kids

If you would like to know more about working with Planning With Kids, you can contact please email for rates and further details on the following:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Ambassador programs
  • Writing posts for your company’s blog
  • Being the voice behind your social media presence

Banner Advertising

Planning With Kids currently has a new rate set up for banner advertising. There will be a maximum of only 3 banners at any time in the prime above the fold ad spots. If you have a family / child based product or service and you would like more information, please email to receive the working with Planning Kids Kit.

Planning With Kids reserves the right to select advertisers that they feel best suit the audience and topics discussed on the blog.

Planning With Kids Supports

The 21 Challenge is an initiative of Open Family Australia who have been providing a range of Outreach services to young people experiencing high complex needs. Each year I undertake the 21 Challenge as my major not for profit fundraising activity.

The aim of the 21 Challenge is for others to Challenge themselves, their friends or workmates to do, or not do, something from June 1st to 21st and raise money through the period. You can see more information here.

The 21 Challenge runs from 1 – 21st June. 21st June is the winter solstice. It is the shortest day and the longest night of the year. In the depth of winter it would be a very tough time for youth who have no place to call home.

The 21 Challenge also provides a unique opportunity for brands to be involved – this only happens once a year under these arrangements. Brands that fit with the blog can work with me for a review/giveaway post.  I will receive no money personally for these posts, but the brands reviewed are asked to make a tax deductible donation to my fundraising.

You can read more about my challenge here and if you would like further information on how to become involved please email me at for more information.