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Ice Cream Cake Recipe – Super Easy and Tasty


  This is a time of where like most families, we have a number of catch ups with family and friends prior to Christmas. We had one last week end with some very dear friends of mine, which was our last activity on our particularly busy weekend. That week end we also had my son's 11th birthday … [Read more...]

Ice Cream Cake Recipe – Honeycomb Flavour


Over numerous years of birthdays and other occasions that require a cake as part of the celebration, I have noticed how much cake children waste. My children (mainly the younger ones), will often do no more than lick the icing and then hand the cake to me! I do love cake, but there is only so much … [Read more...]

Raw Snickers Cake


This cake is delicious, utterly delicious. It will make a perfect addition to the Christmas dessert table and you can make it days in advance and store in the fridge/freezer so you can easily plan out your work load for Christmas celebrations. I wish I could say I only ate one slice but that … [Read more...]