Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli

Sweet Potato Chips with Garlic Aioli

The winner was UBelinda:
Ooooh I remember my mum had one of those handy slicers when we were kids!

We are working on our menu planning skills at the moment and the Tupperware VentSmart Collection would be great so the fruit and veg lasts longer in the fridge. The menu plan has already reduced my food waste substantially but this would be the icing on the carrot cake :)

This is a review post.

One thing I have learnt since I have started changing to a more whole food approach to my diet, is that to ensure I have variety in the foods I eat, having useful tools in the kitchen makes it so much easier.

I was very excited recently to be able to choose some new Tupperware and with this in mind I chose the:

  • MandoChef – I knew this would be fantastic for cutting up veggies to bake and to add to salads.
  • Extra Chef – while the food processor is great, it is big so I wanted the Extra Chef to be able to make things like mayonnaise and nut based dips which I have struggled to make well in the food processor.

When I caught up with my lovely friend Lou for breakfast at a cafe last week, she was telling me how fantastic the chips and garlic aioli were at the place we were eating. While I didn’t order them for breakfast, as soon as she said it, it gave me a great idea of how I could put my new kitchen tools to the test!

And they passed with flying colours. These Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli were amazing.
Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli DSC04175

I love sweet potato cooked anyway, but adding some garlic aioli, really took them to the next level. Luckily the recipe makes a good deal of aioli and I have been adding it to all sorts of things since I made it (eg, my egg and bacon breakfasts, sautéed spinach).

The Mandochef is easy to use and I love how it has a QR code on it so you can easily view the demo video.
Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli DSC04142

You can set the Mandochef to your desired thickness, but the recipe booklet and the guide card which comes with it gives you advice as well. It doesn’t take long to cut a whole sweet potato into lovely even sized crinkle cut chips.
Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli DSC04147

While they were baking I set about making the garlic aioli to accompany them.
Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli DSC04096

The Extra Chef comes with two blades. I used the sharp blade first as I wanted to process the garlic with the eggs first.
Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli DSC04098

To add the oil I changed to the paddle whisk.
Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli DSC04129

The trick to good mayonnaise and aioli is to very slowly add the oil, so it blends well. The Extra Chef makes this so easy. It has a funnel you attach to the side and you add the oil through this. There is only a small hole for the oil to move through, so it is added slowly – perfect!
Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli DSC04128

The Extra Chef is easy to use, simply pulling on the handle to make the blades move. A single pull rotates the three blades eight times, equating to 288 knife cuts in less than 15 seconds!
Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli DSC04114

So in under 30 minutes I had the most amazing lunch of Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli! My oven is only cooking on one temperature at the moment – 200 degrees Celsius! Hence the slightly dark edges of my sweet potato chips, cooked at a more appropriate 180 degrees this shouldn’t happen.
Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli DSC04174

I did share small stacks with Mr I and the kids.
Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli DSC04183

I could have easily eaten more of the garlic aioli, but did exercise self control!
Sweet Potato Chips With Garlic Aioli DSC04179

4.8 from 26 reviews
Sweet Potato Chips
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Recipe type: Vegetarian
  • 1 large sweet potato (approx 600 grams)
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 -2 tsp Himalayan pink salt
  1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.
  2. If using the Tupperware MandoChef ,make sure you have the crinkle cut blade installed and set the dial for 3mm.
  3. Cut the sweet potato into 4 - 5 pieces depending on the size of the sweet potato.
  4. Attach a piece of sweet potato to the guard and start slicing! Alternatively you could use a knife and slice the sweet potato into 3mm chips.
  5. Rinse the sweet potato slices under cold water and then pat dry with paper towel.
  6. Place the sweet potato slices into a large container, brush with liquid coconut oil and toss gently so they are lightly covered in oil.
  7. Line two large trays with baking paper and spread out sweet potatoes onto the trays in a single layer. Sprinkle with salt.
  8. Bake in the oven for approximately 20 minutes, turning once around 10 minutes.
  9. As soon as you take them out of the oven, remove the sweet potato from the trays and allow to cool on a cake rack. This helps them crisp up.
  10. Serve with garlic aioli and enjoy!

4.8 from 26 reviews
Garlic Aioli
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Condiments
  • 3 cloves of garlic
  • 1 tsp Himalayan pink salt
  • 4 egg yolks
  • ½ cup macadamia oil
  • ½ cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 2 tbs lemon juice
  • 2 tsp seeded mustard
  1. Peel and chop garlic into quarters.
  2. Separate the eggs as you need only the yolks for this recipe.
  3. Combine the oils. I find the taste of extra virgin olive oil very strong, so use a combo of olive oil and macadamia oil. You could use all extra virgin olive oil or a mix of extra and light olive oil if you like.
  4. If you are using the Extra Chef ensure you have the sharp blade in place.
  5. Add garlic, salt, lemon juice and egg yolks and blend until well combined. If you are making this by hand, crush the garlic before adding it to the eggs and vigourously whisk.
  6. Change the attachment to the paddle whisk and attach the funnel to Extra Chef and begin to add very tiny amounts of oil. Add too much oil too quickly and the aioli will not work out. Blend until well combined. If making by hand, simply whisk the eggs and slowly add the oil.
  7. Add more very small amounts of oil and blend and keep going until you have used at least half the oil, then you can start adding oil in larger amounts. Keep adding until you have added all of the oil.
  8. Add mustard and blend.
  9. Store in an airtight container (I use a jar) in the refrigerator until ready to enjoy.

Tupperware Giveaway

Tupperware Giveaway $270

Thanks to Tupperware I have a fantastic Tupperware prize to giveaway to one lucky reader of Planning With Kids. The winner will receive the items photographed above:

  • MandoChef $155
  • Extra Chef $115
  • Total value = $270

The MandoChef is going to be a frequently used item in my house as it can do so many things. Check out this video to see the cool things you can do with veggies and fruit. {Click here if you are reading via email to see the video on the blog.}

The MandoChef and Extra Chef both feature in the latest Tupperware catalogue. You can see the 2013 Spring Summer catalogue online here. Definitely check out the catalogue as it has a link where you can download a free 10 page PDF Mexican Fiesta party plan which includes:

  • Easy DIY instructions for centrepieces and decorations
  • Menu plan and tasty recipes
  • Shopping list

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is:

  • Visit the Tupperware catalogue online, then come back to the blog and leave a comment telling me what what else you would like from the catalogue and why.
  • The winner will be notified via email. You must have a valid email address to enter. If no response is received with 72 hours, a new winner will be selected.
  • This give away is available to Australian residents only.
  • The give away will close 9pm AEDST Monday 11 Nov 2013.
  • Good luck!


  1. Jennifer says

    With our large family food storage seems to always be an issue, therefore identifying one Tupperware product was near impossible. However with Summer approaching and my plan to get us all outdoors, the Fiesta picnic set would be ideal to feed my hungry kids home made treats instead of resorting to take away outlets!

  2. Melissa says

    I would choose the U series knife set, as they look very well designed, and I love the sheath protectors also. My knives at home are in dire need of sharpening, or replacing.

  3. Jessica O says

    I would LOVE the Fiesta Bowl Set and Fiesta Platter.. perfect for picnics by the beach and entertaining. :)

  4. says

    Such a coincidence, I made sweet potato chips last night! They were a hit with the kids even though I burnt them a bit too (worse than yours!).
    I would love to win these Tupperware items, the mandohef looks great!! In the catalogue I would also like the tupperchef baking sheet and the round and rectangular cake takers.

  5. Michelle says

    The everyday bowls take me back to my childhood – and in fact my parents still have their set of similar Tupperware bowls that have really stood the test of time – so I would find these a very practical and useful addition to my kids ‘crockery’ collection

  6. Jacci says

    I love the look of those chips! I would like more of the ” Lunch to go” Tupperware range. You can never have enough!

  7. says

    I am always baking cakes and treats. Silly thing, I don’t have a single cake stand and the only proper cake storage I have is a cupcake carrier, and I only seem to do cupcakes for the class at school during birthdays.
    I’ve had my eye on Tupperware’s Cake Takers and Slice n Stores for a whole now so that would be what I would get if I could.

  8. Linda says

    I looooove all the tupperware – I do have a bit of an addiction! I would love to get the Fiesta modular drinks dispenser. I have just had my sons 6th birthday party, and it would have been a godsend. Instead I used some jugs with dodgy lids for the water and cordial. Lets just say it got a bit messy and sticky! I love the look of the sweet potato chips too, yum.

  9. Rebecca says

    Can’t go past the Fiesta Bowl set to go with my Fiesta Picnic set! I’d be ready at a moments notice to go have fun in the sun all summer long!

  10. says

    I still haven’t gotten around to replacing my cake carrier since it got completely crushed in our last move. Must do this soon!!

  11. Mary Preston says

    I am LOVING the FIESTA BOWL SET. Loving the colour, LOVING the fact that they come with lids, LOVING the sizing. Lots of LOVING going on here!!!

  12. Jo Smith says

    I love garlic aioli. I’d pretty much eat anything with that on it.

    My pick from the catalogue is the modular drink dispenser. Big enough to leave on the deck all day so the kids stop running in and out of the house for drink bottle refills.

  13. Narelle Rock says

    I love the drinks dispenser, what a perfect outdoor idea for when we have people over for a pool party, saves them dripping through the house to get a drink every hour!

  14. says

    I would love the vent smart ultimate set. Summer is here and I would love that handy set to keep all my salads crisp. Nothing worse than a soggy lettuce!

  15. Tammy says

    I would love the Bake to Basics Shake it Quick because my mum told me the other day that a few decades ago (!) when we were kids, she asked my Dad to use their lovely orangey coloured version to whip some cream. Sadly, he forgot to put the lid on… Every time I use it I would think of this and chuckle!

  16. Sharna Fielding says

    I’d also love the Fiesta Dining Plates so I’d have some nice plates to compliment the sweet potato chips I could make!!

  17. Lauren says

    I would love to say the bake 2 basics squeeze it, but just can’t go past the picnic set!! What a great incentive to get outdoors more often:)

  18. christina lungo says

    I love the new purple range of heating containers, they look amazing, so amazing I would be excited to bring boring food to work just so I can bring the container :)

  19. Karen says

    This may seem boring, but I am very keen to get hold of some of the Antarctica range. Would love to see some sort of organisation in my freezer.

  20. Melissa says

    I would love to win the prize. I love Tupperware, another product that I would love at the moment is the Fiesta Flutes for outdoor entertaining over summer.

  21. Alison says

    A Fiesta platter from Tupperware
    Would be perfect for serving my sweet potato chips.
    Then the Fiesta bowls that come as a pair
    Would serve the accompaniment – Aioli Dip.

  22. Kate says

    I would definitely have to say any item form the VentSmart range! I have a bunch of the FridgeSmart range and they are THE BEST pieces of plastic I have ever bought! Keeping our tonnes of fruit and veggies fresh for sometime weeks!!

    PS Sweet potato chips, YUM! Try zucchini chips too :)

  23. Lana says

    Fiesta Bowl Set and Fiesta Platter perfect for entertaining grownups and little ones without fear of breakage!

  24. Emma says

    OMG … how do you choose? Loving the new colours, they rock! Even though I already have some Tupperware, I would love more! The 2 litre drinks dispenser would be great – with a big family it is a pain to always cart around masses of separate water bottles. But then again, would love a cake taker, cos its always someone’s birthday and we have parties everywhere! And the modular mates sets would really clean up and organise my pantry. But then again, my poor dear husband would just be happy with the mandochef, because the mandolin he bought me many many moons ago has just given up the ghost – and he loves it.

  25. Simone Mathews says

    The other Tupperware product that I want for is the Fiesta Bowl Set featured on Page 5. My mother in law has these and they look great, functional and such a great idea. There is always a bit of salad left over and when kept in these bowls the salad is just like new when you open it a couple days later … the best ever!

  26. Angela Murray says

    I would choose the Universal Knife Set. My knives belonged to my mother and are all 20+ years old – they’re barely sharper than my butter knives! With a family of five to cook for, sharp knives would really help save some time.

  27. Wendy Gunnell says

    Do I have to just pick 1? I would love the Fuel pack, 2 of them! Great for little kids (& big Kids) snacks & lunches on the go. Love my Tupperware!

  28. EmilyB says

    I’d love the universal knife set! Oh what a joy it is to use quality knives, when preparing dinner for my family of boys. And being Tupperware I know they’ll be of the very best quality.
    Thankyou for such a wonderful giveaway!

  29. Meaghan says

    I would LOVE the Siesta picnic set and Drink dispenser. We love heading out on little adventures with the family, how lovely it would be with this good looking set!

  30. Rebecca Green says

    I would love the childrens Shape-O as I have just had a baby and he would love this. I had one as a kid and loved it for years. Just can’t afford to buy one at the moment with all the other baby expenses.

  31. Donna Frame says

    One Tupperware item that is in constant use in my house is the Pick-A-Deli, browsing the catalogue online I am a little bit excited to see Pick-A-Deli Mini, I would absolutely want to add this to my kitchen, so handy for storing small amounts of food such as beetroot, olives, pineapple pieces, capers, sundries tomatoes- I think I need at least six of them :)

  32. Kelly Pugh Jones says

    Where do I start…there are rather a lot if items I would live from the new Tupperware catalouge but keen on getting some more of the fridge smart and the sandwich keeper plus lunch boxes (I already have 1 but have 3 daughters) also I think the new insulated lunch bag is pretty gorgeous and would suit Miss 6 perfectly!!!

  33. Claire says

    I would love the pan set with removable handles. How neat is that. They will stack and take up half the space in the cupboard. Now someone just needs to invent stacking lids and I might have a pan cupboard that doesn’t resemble a small explosion! ;-)

  34. Louise says

    I would love to get the microwave rice cooker. Just love the colour and it’s design would mean less mess in our microwave!

  35. Kim Featherstone says

    Would love the fiesta picnic set.. my new man and I have five kids between us, so we will be doing lots of homemade and picnics this year.. it would be very handy..

  36. Mia says

    I’d love the knife set. A great set of knives is essential in every kitchen. I love Tupperware, the quality is outstanding and I bet these knives would last forever.

  37. Elizabeth A says

    I would love the UltraPro 2L Oval, small enough to fit my microwave and ingeniously designed to go into the oven as well. Dinner in half the time – AND non-stick!

  38. Catherine says

    I would love the Grow with me feeding set. We are due with our first Baby in 3 weeks and this set would be so handy when it comes time to feed my little one.

    I am so excited about the idea of making healthy food for my little one and knowing I can give him a great start in life.

    My mother gave me some of her Tupperware when I first left home and it is still in great condition so I know that these products will withstand the toughest little toddler.

  39. sarah Scodellaro says

    I would love the rice cooker. Just to make cooking for my family that little bit easier.

  40. Suzanne says

    Modular Mates – I’m building my pantry and can always use more of these classic Tupperware!

  41. Shiralee says

    I would Love EVERYTHING in the Catalogue but if I had to choose just 1 thing it would be the purple “heat and eat large rectangle set”

  42. Neri says

    I like freezing things but always have odd sized containers, that don’t stack. There fore the Antarctica Starter set would totally rock my world. I also have a baby, and they would be perfect for puree storage. I like to puree dried apricots and prunes, which are great for a baby starting on food and getting constipated sometimes. It freezes well and is easy to scrape out with a spoon. Thats my tip to share! Cheers.

  43. Kelly says

    I would love to win the Fiesta Modular Drinks Dispenser. I would love this in my fridge over summer dispensing cold water. So refreshing and good for you (would make it much easier to drink my 8 glasses per day)

  44. jarree shelverton says

    I really like the child’s play range… the reason I like it so much is because its so bright and colourful and my husband “WON”T” take these ones to work…….this means that I will always have a container at my beck and call….”mummy wins”!

  45. Slobodanka Stojkovic says

    I would love to win anything from Bake 2 Basics, as my 5yo loves to bake with me, and these products look easy enough for him to use as well.

  46. Cindy says

    My son is starting school soon, so I’d love to get the Fuel Pack for him. I’ve heard great things about the durability of Tupperware lunch boxes and i think the different size boxes would be a great way to provide him with a good variety of healthy food.

  47. Sarah Gifford says

    Universal series knife set. It looks awesome and would be so great to have some knives that actually cut rather than just sliding off whatever I am trying to cut :)

  48. Hannah says

    I love all those colours in the catalogue. Very summery! I would definitely love a set of the “Twist of Lime” VentSmart containers. I hate when I put cut veggies in tupperware and they don’t keep because of the moisture. So makes a lot of sense to me, plus they are very cute.

  49. Kelly says

    Living in inner Sydney sees us short on kitchen space (no pantry, no drawers, and no room to swing the cat!) You might think I’d want a load of tupper to get us organised, and our shelves super-schmick, but no… we love our food, and I’d love the Fresh Herbs Planter to keep our curries full of coriander!

  50. Joe says

    TupperCare Lolli Tups, there is nothing like making healthy icy poles that the kids can enjoy during a hot Summer day.

  51. Melinda Anderson says

    Vent Smart Ultimate Set – I would love for my fruit & vegetable to last longer and I think these would be fantastic.

  52. Susan Harris says

    I would love the Lolli Tups also, healthy icy poles would be great. I also would love the grate and store- because I make such a mess when grating. And I love the fresh herb planter! I would love the prize pack because I have cut as much preservatives out of the diet as possible, but with 3 kids under 5, i don’t have much time to cook and they still want their chips etc. This would make life so much easier.

  53. Kirsty says

    More modular mates in large rectangles to fit in all my flours for breadmaking the ones I have are too small at the moment or the smooth chopper I have the quick chef and this looks good.

  54. Melissa The Great says

    The MandoChef looks amazing, my boyfriend has been drooling over it since he saw it a few months ago. I imagine it would make an amazing vegie bake.
    Apart from that we could really use the H2O on the go 1 litre set. Theres nothing better than a guzzle of icy cold water from a big ergonomic envio friendly tupperware vessel on a hot day.

  55. Vyktoria says

    Oh I had no idea Tupperware did this sort of modern stuff … how embarrassing! What I would want is the drinks dispenser for my daughters upcoming birthday party (oh and the WHOLE of summer) and what I need is the antartica starter set to organise my dinner planning now that I have a 3 year old and a 6 month old eeek

  56. Rachel says

    I would love some more clear mates containers to complement some that I already have & love. Nothing quite like being able to see everything in the fridge, and for it to be organised! Not to mention hubby might be able to find things without having to ask me, & for me to tell him to have a woman’s look!

  57. says

    The Mando Chef and Smooth choper look amazing. My pantry could definitely do with a make over so I would love a modular mates super set as well.

  58. linc says

    I would love the back to basic squeeze it… I have four girls who love baking and they especially love piping icing … but all the plastic bag ones we have tried have always split so the Tupperware one looks a treat and their quality of product means that I would expect us to have hours and hours of fun with it!

  59. Kylie S says

    I’m loving the commuter mug, bake 2 basics, heat and eat plus the grow with me range. Too many to put on here. :-) My mother also has Tupperware from many years ago and it is still going strong.

  60. Michelle Gray says

    A fresh herb planter or two,
    then I can say with pride, yes my herbs grew,
    instead for now I have to say,
    the herbs are dead again, maybe they will survive one day.

  61. corrie says

    T-Too much Tupperware is never enough, U-Ultrapro 2.5 litre round, P-Purple Fiesta range what a treat, P-Plenty to choose from, not enough room!, E-Easy chef is fantastic, R-really love those knives though, W-Wonderfully colourful no matter what you chose, A-Always have that lifetime guarantee, R- Ridiculously awesome modular mates for amazing storage, E-Easily the best git for me!

  62. Alison King says

    I’d have to pick the universal knife set. My knives are bent, broken and very very dull. a set of new knives would make food preparation just so much faster!

  63. Claire Toner says

    I went to a tupperware party recently and was blown away by the great range they had! I thought the Extra Chef looked great for chopping herbs and other things quickly without having to get out the food processor. Other things on my wish list is the Ultra Pro 2 litre oval dish, this looked very impressive, especially for lasagne, shepherds pies, veggie and pasta bakes etc. I was also thinking only this morning I would like to encourage my children (aged 3 and 5) to become more independent and pour their own cereal and milk each morning – the Super Oval Pour All looks great for this and will help me to control better how much cereal I buy each week as I can actually see what is in the container! Can’t wait to make the sweet potato chips, with or without the Mando Chef! Great blog and website by the way, love it :-)

  64. Rebecca says

    I love the colours in the Tupperware range at the moment. I would love the knifes as my knife set is not great.

  65. Brooke says

    I think the kids Fuel Pack would be great! My son goes to care one day a week and to his grandparents for two days a week. So to have the perfect sized containers to pack his lunch and then to be able to pop them into the right sized cooler bag would be easy and faster than digging through the container cupboard every morning!

  66. Emma says

    I have always seen other mums kids with the Sandwich Keeper Plus and have always wanted a pair for my girls! Love love Tupperware!!

  67. kerry santillo says

    The vent smart range. A versatile range, convenient that it can be stacked and the shapes make them very well suited to the fruit and veg . Love their concept.

  68. Annelise says

    So many fantastic things to choose from! The VentSmart collection looks great, such a clever idea, I would love some of those to keep my food fresher for longer!

  69. Heather Hopley says

    Would love a Back to Basics Squeeze it! Perfect for whipped cream decorations on summers pies and trifles, and filling in macaroons.

  70. Kamya says

    I LOVE the look of the Compact Cookware set – would be super handy and save so much storage room too

  71. Charmaine Campbell says

    I have bought some Tupperware from this catalogue already, the H20 on the go set, but would absolutely LOVE the Fiesta Modular bowl set, Platter and basically the whole set of that gorgeous purple colour. I also love the Mandochef, and would love to own one myself!

  72. Carolyn says

    I’ve got so much Tupperware LOL. But this time I’ve got my eye on the Cake Taker range. They feature a really pretty & bright colour – PINK!! And that’s why, it’s my favourite colour :)

  73. Georgina says

    I’ve just started reorganising my pantry, so the Modular Mates Super Set with its combination of different size and style of containers would really help me create a more streamlined and attractive pantry.

    We’d love to get the Shape O for my little boy – my husband has fond memories of this toy from his childhood. I’d also like to get him the Grow With Me Feeding Set now that he is well established on solid foods.

    For myself, the Hot Food On The Go would be a super stylish way for me to bring my healthy lunches to work.

    Oh, and the Back to Basics Squeeze It to help me decorate the cakes I bake with a bit more flair :)

  74. Amanda says

    Boring as it might be I would just love the Vent smart Everyday set- over the years my children have used my containers for various play toys and I now can never find enough containers to store left overs, lunches ect. And I have never actually owned any Tupperware so would love the chance to own some.

  75. Yvette Ajani says

    Fiesta Picnic Set, I finally got the bowls and servers, now to add to picnic magic this summer! Awesome products and all in a bag to store!

  76. Taryn says

    I love the Fiesta modular drinks dispenser, with summer fast on its way it would be perfect for mixing some lovely fruit coolers. Thanks for the chance to win.

  77. Amanda S says

    I would like the rectangular cake taker as I have just bought the round high one and it has been very useful already. Need the set. The Turbochef would save me loads of time too.

  78. Sally says

    Thanks that looks so yum. I would really love some of the kids Fast quench drink bottles. I have wasted money and time on cheaper ones which keep leaking through my bags grrrrr!!! So I wish I had the tupperware ones which look like they would be so much better – no leaks, the kids could open them themselves and great colours too.

  79. says

    The herb planters for sure!
    that way all the herbs we use will be fresh from the plant without the pesticides that are used in some commercial growing… and to make it even better they will always be on hand to use with the delicious recipes on the page!

  80. sabby says

    I love Tupperware’s kids range and use the bowls everyday for cereal. My kids bottles are a bit worn now I’d love to get them the Tupperware Drink Bottles for school

  81. Deb M says

    Lettuce keeper. Had the same one since the 80s when Tupperware parties were the hippest thing……sadly it has finally gone to god …and I miss it!

  82. Ligia ramadanoski says

    I would love the smooth chopper! It’s exactly what I need in my kitchen right now!

  83. Amie M says

    “Twist of Lime” VentSmart containers. They look so groovy! I hate it when my veggies spoil, and think this is such a great way to keep them fresh!

  84. Jenny says

    Wow, they’re continually evolving at Tupperware. I’d definitely get the bake to basics squeeze it, the microwave pasta cooker and maybe the herb planter, wouldn’t mind a set of the fiesta wine glasses too to brighten the festive table.

  85. Roslyn Woodhouse says

    I’d love the grow with me straw tumbler for my 20 month old. I LOVE that you can buy replacement straws!!!

  86. Naomi says

    I’d love the grow with me feeding set. I’m sick of non dishwasher safe and non microwave safe kids crockery that looks great but is completely impractical. This looks like it would be great

  87. Kaz Purtill-Wright says

    The fiesta modular drinks dispenser would be a fantastic addition to our family gatherings. There are always lots of kids when I entertain and I like to have children specific drinks, either just water, or cordial or even my mums’ yummy homemade fruit punch. So far I haven’t had any success in the containers to store the drinks in; I’ve tried a normal jug, but it’s too heavy for the littlies, I’ve tried a punch bowl, but that just results in grubby little hands being completely dunked in to get a drink and I’ve tried bottles, but it usually results in “muuuuummmm can you undo the lid pleaseeeeee”, over and over. This Tupperware drinks dispenser could be the answer to all my problems, it would easily sit on a bench and all kids can help themselves, even the little ones.

  88. Gaby says

    There is lots of tupperware in my house, I love the stuff. I haven’t been to a party for a while and so loved seeing all the new products and a few things re released. As I opened the catalog I loved the picnic set, the fiesta melamine range, the changed fridge collection (Vent Smart) and the Berry Baking items (especially the thatsa bowls) , the cake takers and I was excited to see the Grate n Measure re-released, I love mine.
    However I think the most desired item is the Rectangular Cake Taker, given the reversibility for both cakes and cupcakes, it would become a well used item. I also love that the lids and handles look so much easier than the old cake takers.

  89. Stephanie Veljanovska says

    I love the Fiesta Picnic set it is something that will get so much use by my Family especially over Spring/Summer when we go on lots of Family outings and Picnics.It has everything you need for a successful Picnic.

  90. Lia says

    It would have to be anything from the vent smart collection. Anything that would help me tame the beast that is my fridge would be coming home with me.

  91. Nicole C says

    I love the Ventsmart collection!! It would be amazing to have my fruits and vegetables stay fresh for longer and to have my fridge so neat! I can think of so many things to use these for!!

  92. daniela barbaro says

    back to basics jelly ring,it takes me way back to when my aunt back in the 80s represented tupperware and everytime we went over shed have jelly ready in her jelly ring

  93. christine morris says

    Tupperware products are the best, i have been using them for over 40 years and have introduced them to my daughter-Inlaw as well. , having a new born recently she uses Tupperware container all the time. I also love theU-SERIES™ KNIFE SET, i will be putting this on my wishlist. Thanks for the Chance.xx

  94. Cath says

    I would love to add to my heat n eat collection. I only have two small squares and I use them constantly. The mando chef looks amazing! The drinks dispenser would be super handy too… I’m such a sucker for Tupperware – such good quality.

  95. Soni says

    I’d love the sandwich keeper square, because my daughter’s school is big on ‘nude food’ and one of these would mean I could ditch the cling wrap!

  96. Anna says

    It MUST be the Tupperware season!
    Yearning dozens of products with infinite reason!
    2 parties I have been,
    So many magnificent and desired products I have seen!
    I have a LONG “WISH” list I’ll be sure to post to Mr Clause,
    But the “TupperWave” deserves an applause,
    Cooking in our household is a family affair,
    A growing family; the responsibility we do share!
    Microsteamer! Rice Cooker! Pasta Cooker in this range is ideal for each little hand!
    “Safety” the kids wisely understand!
    This range would save me time,
    AND have a Junior “SOUS Chef” or two surely isn’t a crime?

  97. Elizabeth says

    I’d like everything! Love Tupperware! But if I have to pick one thing it would be the Round Cake Taker High, possibly two, for the birthday cakes I make my two boys. I always do one from the Woman’s Weekly Birthday Cake book and need to keep the separate parts in the fridge the night before the big day.

  98. Jen says

    I think I will make some of these :) From the catalogue I think I’d like the Hamburger Press, I’ve never thought about making & freezing hamburger patties before, I think that would be cool.

    The Fiesta range is really cute, I can imagine it in 30 years looking like the Tupperware from my childhood, even though it is trendy now!

  99. Judy P. says

    The jelly ring. My little one is very fussy but if it’s in a jelly mould he’s more likely to eat it, so ours gets plenty of use!

  100. Charlotte says

    Tupperware how you do make my heart flutter… I only own second hand tupperware but would love love love the herb planter on my windowsill. Im daydreaming that i suddenly turn all Jamie Oliver ripping fresh herbs into my dinners instead of the reality of trying to cook with a 13mth holding your leg so you actually pivot like a netballer!!

  101. Thai Berrenson says

    I would love the extra chef, I use to have tupperwear and I really loved it, I need more, I hope I win this. its a great prize.

  102. Kelly Ryan says

    Would love the Grow With Me Feeding Set, perfect for my 6 month old who is starting the exciting world of solids.

  103. Tory says

    I would love a new Tupperware Picnic Set. My old picnic/camping set is being used as a baby feeding set.

  104. Soni Nicole says

    The Ventsmart Tupperware would be great – my fruit and veg never lasts long enough in my fridge, not because we eat it but because the celery and carrots in particular wilt and soften so quickly.

  105. Mick G says

    The Fiesta Picnic set would be perfect as we have lots of picnics at the beach and in the parks over spring, summer and early autumn

  106. Melissa says

    I would like the Vent Smart Collection as it keeps food fresh for at least an extra week and they stack well, so more food can be stored nicely in the fridge.

  107. Kirsten says

    I still love the modular storage pantry sets in blue. I always have a mix of Tupperware that doesn’t match but I always look wistfully at the matching storage Tupperware wishing I could afford such luxury!

  108. Shannon Tohu says

    OMG, so many things I love in this catalogue, what great colours!!! My favourite would be the Fiesta Bowl Set, perfect for taking salads for barbeques in summer :)

  109. says

    Ooooh I remember my mum had one of those handy slicers when we were kids!

    We are working on our menu planning skills at the moment and the Tupperware VentSmart Collection would be great so the fruit and veg lasts longer in the fridge. The menu plan has already reduced my food waste substantially but this would be the icing on the carrot cake :)

  110. linda mak says

    While not the prettiest Tupperware product I cant go past the TupperCare WIPES Dispenser!!! Two boys with constant grubby fingers, the dispenser will definitely look better sitting on the bench than plastic packets!

  111. Clarissa Valentine says

    I’d love the TurboChef… Looks like it would be perfect for making baby food for my 5 month old twins!

  112. Rachel Richards says

    I would love a frypan from the compact cookware range as my current pan has a very burnt bottom and the removable handle means it would fit in my small cupboard when not in use.

  113. Merryl Chantrell says

    I was a Tupperware Dealer a lifetime ago. Doesn’t the catalogue have some lovely new stuff in it? Of course it has some lovely things which have stood the test of time too. The item I would like the most is the Shape-O. I had one which my children used but I eventually gave it away and now I would like one to help with finger and hand movement for myself.

  114. Jane says

    I’d love the Tuppercare kids dining set – so colourful, durable and non-breakable for my little one.

  115. Carolyn Mazzeo says

    I’d love the Hamburger Press & Freezer Set because I make homemade hamburgers every week and it’s always so hard to get the perfect shape every time. Looks like a great time saver.