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It was with much excitement that we picked up our big boy from school camp yesterday afternoon. He had been away nine days in the Snowy Mountains. He experienced a wonderful and adventurous time, which included amongst lots of other things a “whiteout” which saw them have to evacuate their camp site, a couple of days of constant rain, a very mild case of frost bite on a toe and a kilo or two drop in weight! While it was not an easy camp, the opportunities it provided for physical and emotional growth were fantastic.

So this morning the preschooler and I were happy to have him home with us, so we chose an activity we thought he might like too – making ninja stars. We followed the instructions in the video below. {Click through here to see the video if you are reading via email and cannot see it.}

The full video goes for 11 minutes, but the part we needed was only seven minutes. The remainder of the video shows you how to make a double ninja star; we were happy with a single!

ninja stars IMG_0523
While I think I am pretty good technology wise, I still do tend to learn lots of short cuts from the 14 year old. As the video would go through a step, I would pause it so we could do it ourselves. The 14 year old pointed out to me, I didn’t have to hit the actual pause button on the video, I could just hit the space bar – who new!

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Anyway, the 14 year old and I went step by step through the video, which is a great tutorial and very easy to follow.

ninja stars IMG_0534
The 14 year olds’ ninja star turned out slightly better than mine, but I was stil pretty happy to have made one at my first attempt. Origami has never been a strength of mine!

ninja stars IMG_0537
The 14 and 4 year old have a gorgeous relationship and it was lovely to watch them enjoy the process of making and playing with the ninja stars.

How are you at making things out of paper? Are you keen on origami?

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  1. Tanya says

    Thanks for this Nicole. I really need to do more of this sought of thing with my kids. I let them do their own play but they tend to have more fights and I think some structured activities would definitely help. How much structured play do you do with your kids? Do you plan activities?

    • says

      Hi Tanya, It depends on the time of the year. For example during school term, I would have organised play with the younger three over the weekend, so twice a week. The preschooler and I would do something small each day, though even if it is a quick game or puzzle for 15 minutes. We usually do this after lunch (so I remember!) School holidays it would be more often as I have more time. With the older boys it is more ad hoc. Nic

      • Tanya says

        Thanks for that Nicole. If you don’t mind me asking, do you do separate activities with each child or do you try to do activities that cover a couple of age groups? Also when do you plan the activities, at the start of the week or on the actual day. I feel like I don’t do anything with my children and am feeling pretty guilty. This is an area I think I need to work on. I’m always trying to catch up on cleaning and very rarely sit down and actually spend time with them where we are doing something fun. I have four kids ranging from 13yrs to 11mths.

  2. Katie Lindsay says

    I love origami. I first learned from a student of Mum’s who didn’t (at that stage) speak English!