B.O.B Ironman Stroller Review + Giveaway valued $599

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This is a review post.

Late last year my very old jogger stroller broke beyond repair. This year every time I saw a jogger stroller I would closely inspect it, they have improved so much in recent years and after seeing the B.O.B Ironman Stroller in action a number of times, I decided to contact Britax who distribute them here in Australia and ask if they would like me to review one for them. Lucky for me and for readers of the blog, they said yes and they would also happily give away an B.O.B Ironman Stroller to a reader of the blog!

bob ironman jogger DSC01287
The preschooler and I were so excited when it arrived. The walk to school with a small stroller hasn’t been the most comfortable event for either him or me.

bob ironman jogger DSC01295
Ordinarily I leave all set up to Mr I, but I was so eager to test out the stroller that I put it together myself. You only have to assemble the wheels really and the instructions are great.

bob ironman jogger DSC01302
To the point that it lets you know you should have a mark on your hand when attaching the wheels tight enough!

bob ironman jogger DSC01307
The B.O.B Ironman Stroller has a super comfy seat for the little ones, very well padded and the harness is easy to do and sits well on the child as it is so easy to adjust.

bob ironman jogger DSC01318
The preschooler loves the little window so he can look up and see what is going on.

bob ironman jogger DSC01328
The storage space is generous – it easily fits the preschooler’s backpack in it.

bob ironman jogger DSC01359
It has a large canopy which you can adjust easily depending on how much the child wants to see and the weather. According to the specs it has a 125° range of coverage! The seat material is water repellant which we thoroughly tested on our first morning out.

bob ironman jogger DSC01332
But besides all the comfort and fun bits for the little one, what I love the most is how much more safer I feel with him in the Ironman. Our walk to school takes us across train tracks.

bob ironman jogger DSC01334
Parts of the track are very wide and on a number of occasions with our old swivel wheel stroller, we had trouble getting across the tracks without a couple of extra hard pushes – always stressful with other kids and dog in tow. The B.O.B Ironman glides straight across the tracks and as the wheels are fixed, there is no chance of them turning and getting wedged.

bob ironman jogger DSC01345
The bluestone kerbs which where difficult to navigate with a stroller with smaller wheels are no longer a problem.

bob ironman jogger DSC01351
I also really appreciate having the wrist strap on the stroller too. We have to cross an incredibly busy road on the way home and I always hold on so tight to the stroller. Having the wrist strap gives me that extra level of comfort.

bob ironman jogger DSC01340
For someone who will use the stroller for lots of running it is great that is has Caliper hand brake on the front wheel for quick stopping, as well as the foot activated rear brake.

Other important things to know about the B.O.B Ironman Stroller

  • The BOB Ironman Stroller is suitable for newborn babies.
  • You can walk with a baby right away when using the Ironman as a Travel System Stroller (Use with the BOB Infant Car Seat Adapter and Britax Safe-n-Sound Unity Infant Carrier with BOB Fashions).
  • BOB recommends babies be at least 8 months old before running, jogging or off road use.
  • There are a number of accessories you can purchase to further enhance the stroller.

The verdict

I love this stroller and highly recommend it. It is amazingly light and glides so smoothly. It can take decent weight (child plus extra stuff) up to 31.2kg, but holds it well so it isn’t too hard running it up hills.

I love that once I have dropped the kids off at school, I can sneak in another quick 1.5km run. It is going to make things much easier for me running between school and kinder to get the preschooler there on time. And an added bonus of the running is it tires our puppy out so she sleeps when we get home, and for a moment she stops eating everything in sight!

B.O.B Ironman Stroller Giveaway valued $599

bob ironman jogger DSC01321
The very kind folk at Britax will giveaway one B.O.B Ironman Stroller to a reader of Planning With Kids.

To enter all you need to do is:

  • Visit the B.O.B Ironman Stroller page and then come back to the blog and leave a comment telling me what feature or spec of the stroller will help make your life easier.
  • The winner will be notified via email. You must have a valid email address to enter. If no response is received with 72 hours, a new winner will be selected.
  • This give away is available to Australian residents only.
  • The give away will close 9pm AEST Friday 14th June 2013.
  • Good luck!



  1. Elizabeth Allsopp says

    Life will be easier with an easy to fold, lightweight pram! Two step folding will make it easy to pack in the car for the drive to the running track, the park, everywhere!

  2. Lyndal Turner says

    I agree, the easy fold feature is awesome. It looks much lighter than my current pram and takes up a lot less boot space – always at a premium with a small family!

  3. Kylie M says

    Low Boy Cargo Basket provides plenty of undercarriage storage. This feature would be perfect for the day care, shopping and beach/park run. You can never have too much storage and this feature has been really well thought out! The stroller is gorgeous, love it!

  4. Rebecca Connolly says

    WOW, the Ironman B.O.B is amazing! There is so many features that would make my life easier! but the ones that stand out and would impact greatly on my life would be:

    Firstly would be the capacity- Having two lovable chubby babies strollers normally have a low weight capacity, however the B.O.B’s capacity is 31.8- which is huge winning factor for me!

    Hand Brake: Caliper type hand brake on front wheel- which again is a wonderful safety aid as i walk alot allowing me to activate the brakes quickly and with easy!

    Multi-position canopy adjusts for protection against the elements, allowing me to protect my little one from the wind during winter or the sun through summer. This will also allow me to cover it over when he falls asleep out and about, which I believe would be the greatest win of all as who likes an over tried child when they get home from a big day out!

    All in all LOVE IT!

  5. Catherine Boxall says

    The fact that it can hold up to 31.8kg would make my life so much easier! My 19month old is currently 18.9kg and too big for his stroller causing the wheels to buckle if pushed the wrong way. I would love to be able to go for a run with him in a stroller after dropping my eldest at school! The suspension and pneumatic tyres would make it comfortable for him to ride in and the fixed front wheel and padded handle bar would make it a dream to push. What an awesome pram!

  6. Amy says

    I love that the pram is rated to 31.8kgs. With a four year old and 2 year old (and like you, I often tug around a puppy- except mine is a 28kg golden retriever!), I love how this pram would offer me more performance for fitness and off-road walking than my current one.

  7. Ellena says

    I love that it’s easy to fold so I could get it to my favourite running spots in my car!

  8. Tammy Cooper says

    The pop out yellow colour is a fantastic safety feature. Having a black pram becomes a hazard in the early morning and evenings, they are hard to see. The yellow will stand out more, great feature!

    My daughter never knows where to put her feet in our stroller as it doesn’t offer feet support. The B.O.B. Ironman looks to have that sorted with a perfect foot rest.

  9. Alison Fisher says

    The amazing suspension is a winning feature for me, I often feel I need a 4wd tractor and a neck brace to push my little boy around the footpaths of Richmond in…talk about urban jungle. Note to self, write a letter to the council but then again I think my baby could have graduated by the time they respond!

  10. Dave & Alice Harper says

    The great storage space would be fantastic. Also, the suspension as we live on a hill and there is lots of up and down. Really love the head height so space for my toddler to grow into + great weight capacity. Looks so stylish too!

  11. Aly Petulla says

    I live in the Blue Mountains and we walk a lot. A light yet easy to navigate pram with good suspension is a must and the B.O.B Ironman is just that. I love the bright yellow colour – very handy for drawing attention during our early morning foggy walks and the fact that it can handle the weights of both of my children mean if the preschooler decides she doesn’t want to walk, I can throw the toddler in a sling and pop the preschooler in! The handle is a great height for both my husband and I and I love that it won’t take up too much space in my boot. This sounds like the ideal pram!

  12. Jessica Frances Offer says

    We live on the sunshine coast hinterlands. The roads are hilly and uneven and wet. The big wheels and good suspension are the winning points for me, as well as the great sunshade. I also love that the weight limit is big – my eldest has ASD and often during her melt downs I am unable to carry her and really struggle with wrangling the other two girls as well. If I could put her in the Ironman, it would save most of the battle. She would be safe and I could keep walking whilst babywearing.

  13. Sarah-Jane says

    I walk/jog with my kids to school (a 25 minute walk) as often as possible. But just two weeks ago we had a near miss when our old (double) three wheeler tipped as I crossed the road and pushed up on to the path – with 2 year old and 6 week old in the pram(!) The 6 year old and 5 year old were walking and it was a bit of a scare for us all. So that experience has got me thinking about our pram situation … the thing that stands out to me about the B.O.B Ironman is the fixed front wheel. Our fall wouldn’t have occurred with fixed front wheel. A hand brake as well as a park brake also interests me as we have had the experience of a pram with brakes that didn’t actually work. But overall, the idea of having a pram that is the official pram of the ironman triathlon is inspiring to this exhausted busy mummy!

  14. Julie says

    I love the fact that it can hold 31.8kg!! My son is almost 3 and is 19kg and my current Phil and teds is not holding the weight of him let alone a bag of shopping! The handle bars are giving way whilst I’m pushing him and it’s getting scary now as it can happen (and has happened) when I’m crossing busy roads! With my eldest at kinder now I could take my little man for the walk to kinder than a run to the park afterwards! :-)

  15. Kerryn says

    The weight limit is the winning factor for me! I have a four year old and a 9 month old, and both still love to be pushed. Recently while camping, we walked along the shore front to dinner – and during dinner, both boys fell asleep. We carried bub, and put 4yo in the pram… and 3/4 the way back, the wheel fell off, as it couldn’t hold his weight! (It was supposed to!) So a quality stroller like this one would no doubt hold him – and allow for much more fun, long walks and jogs. We have been reluctant to go out as much since the old pram ‘died’, as we now only have a small stroller that is not built for walking/jogging – more so for nice poished floors of shopping centres!

  16. Shylee Green says

    I like that it can go from newborn right through to toddlers, as I don’t think we should have to change a pram as the child grows

  17. Jo Conolly says

    Really two key things for us. The first is the weight limit (our 13 month old is already 12 kg). The second (and whilst a bit boring perhaps) is the suspension. His existing stroller is like a cruel torture device when going over even slightly rough terrain without suspension – and you can forget jogging as he’d be jiggled out of the pram altogether! Such an awesome pram!

  18. Christina Lungo says

    Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage – lets face it – our partner is not with us 24/7 and for me I find it difficult to lift and carry etc on my own, having this feature would be an ease

  19. Rin Moore says

    I love the size of it as well as all the other features. My 2 year olds feet are always hitting the wheels of her current pusher but she is not willing to walk for me yet!

  20. Narelle Rock says

    definitely the lightweight frame, after damaging my back in a car accident it gets really difficult trying to get the stroller in and out of the car.

  21. Toni Crawford says

    I love that this stroller holds a weight of 31.8Kg. My son is three and still insists on being pushed around rather than walking everywhere. This would have to be the best selling point of this stroller all other features are simply a bonus.

  22. Tara Leader says

    the 31.8 kilo Capacity sounds so AWESOMELY PERFECT! I have a 3.5 year old. Seriously – who can get their heart rate up to a fat burning rate when walking at a 3.5 year old pace. I also like the name – what 3.5 year old rugrat wouldn’t want to sit in something named THE IRONMAN!! :P

  23. Simone Nolan says

    Its simple for me. After two kids I am trying to get a sense of self back. A stroller would make it so much easier for me to get out an about (screw the heavy bulky pram) and most importantly I can run. That makes achieving some very neglected personal goals of mine more within my grasp.

  24. amummy says

    I love the fact the it has a 31.8kg weight limit. Fantastic for preschoolers!

  25. Jo Perry says

    A Solid yet lightweight frame, that holds up to 31kg! That’s awesome! Nothing worse than a big bulky pram, that weighs a tonne, and is only recommended up to half that weight!

  26. Jodi Watts says

    The increased stability of fixed font wheels is great as my old jogging stroller was vey tippy and ended up breaking (thankfully).I love the 31.8kg weight capacity as this will allow me to jog/run with either my baby or 4 year old both who like to get out and about for a run with Mum.

  27. Bek says

    For me the waterproof material is a big hit…but the suspension is what REALLY ticks my boxes…I live outer suburbia and half the roads in my local area are without footpaths so a big wheeled stroller with supsension will certainly make the ride more comfortable for my little miss but will also help with my back aching from walking the 5km return trip to and from kindy each day.
    Not too mention the weight rating..even my 5yr old would be able to use this pram as the allowances are very generous…such a great seeling point too.

  28. Cyn says

    Okay, so I am going to rant. Not because it is really going to help me win but because I believe in this product and I dont even have it; my girlfriend does. I started doing research on joggers 2 months ago because I had my own baby and I am a Mt. biker chick, road biker, runner, swimmer, you name it.. IF your like me here is my conclusion BUY A BOB!

    Here is why:
    Bob strollers are built quality and made to last for starters.

    The Bob strollers have an infant adapter for any car seat. So it is universal. This makes it so easy to get back on your feet as a new mommy and exercise. Most strollers you have to buy their carrier. Not with Bob. You just get their adapter. It is so safe for you infants necks.

    The Bob has amazing suspension and wheels. As a Mt. Biker chick shocks and good tires go a long way. Bob did not skip out on these components. They truly thought hard about building the iron man for those that work out hard very hard. So if you are a mom that is leasurly going for walks you are putting this BOB to shame. Dont shame the BOB.. lol

    I quickly learned the important of fixed front wheels too. You definelty need a fix for doing any style of running. But Bob does make swivel wheels too. The Iron Man is made for running so it is fixed wheeled, light weight model for iron man trainings.

    I have had the chance of trying it out and the break system. It is awesome. It catches fast like a new car breaks. The rear locking break is not hard to set and spring loaded to release with ease. LOVE it.

    The accessory are quality too. If you love to run in the rain which most won’t, YOU CAN!! Love that because I am crazy enough to run in the rain.

    I love the story about how this company came to be with Roger and Philip. Reading about how the company came to be made me think of my family. When you buy a product this expensive you are buying into the company. So their dedication and visions makes owning a BOB so much better. I WANT a BOB bad. I just have to save to own one.

  29. says

    So many features…
    So hard to pick just one!
    Whether walking, jogging,
    Or out for a run,
    The B.O.B. Ironman Stroller
    So incredibly light!
    Is an absolute delight.
    With stairs to negotiate,
    And travelling via bus,
    Bush walking, hills, beaches,
    Manouevrability’s a plus.
    It’s the stroller to have
    For newborns to pre-school.
    All-weather protection
    Is also really cool.
    Lastly, but not least,
    Stability and support…
    B.O.B. Ironman is the stroller
    Giving comfort where it ought!
    I can’t pick one reason…
    No single thing wins my selection.
    But Life is so much easier with
    B.O.B. Ironman perfection!

  30. Jess Hoskins says

    I love the brake on the handlebar especially for down hill running. Also that it is so versatile as to take the 3yo but also could be used for our shortly expected newborn.

  31. Nic NiO says

    The suspension will make our walks by the river so much more comfortable for my son, and will even stop the jiggle from the uneven pavements around here, and maybe even help my aching wrists.

  32. Justine Holmes says

    I am drooling over this stroller! This year I learned to run as part of my health & fitness goals of getting fit & losing weight! After 6 months I competed in the Mother’s Day classic, running 5 km non stop. I was so proud, and it was great to give to others at the same time through raising money for breast cancer research. The pram I currently use is a hand-me-down & it terrifies me! My dude loves to come for a run with me and the dog, but the pram starts to shake when I’m really running, or when the ground is rough. Added to that our naughty puppy chewed on the storage basket, so it’s not so good to store stuff any more! The pram’s also too heavy for me to lift in & out of the car, so it makes it unmanageable to take anywhere else to go for a run, or participate in an event with my son. So I would LOVE the awesome suspension, and the light weight of the pram. We could really go places for adventures with that. I love the safety feature of the handbrake as well! I love the capacity as well, which would mean that my dude can keep running with me for a couple of years yet! And hopefully imbibe his own love of running, so he develops a fit & active lifestyle for himself. Because my husband leaves early for work, and I can’t afford gym membership, running has been the best thing ever – wish I’d discovered it years ago & would love to win the awesome BOB stroller so I can keep running for years yet :). Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  33. Shirley An Stephanie McDonald says

    Would love to have this for my little girl.
    Love the fact that is is easy accessible, and most of all the straps, I too am always paranoid the stroller will slip out on me.
    Always see accidents happening in Subways where strollers glide away, but with the strap it just makes me feel that much more at ease.
    And My Daughter loves comfort as well, and this looks like it will do me and my girl wonders. Love it.

  34. Wendy Sutcliffe says

    The “State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system providing an exceptionally smooth ride”, this would be great as an offroad pram for bushwalking, geocaching and exploring the great bush paths we have here which aren’t quite compatible with typical urban strollers.

  35. Keralee McMahon says

    Would love this stroller for the weight limit (will take my big 4 year old) and the suspension (great for running parkrun races) :)

  36. Roxanne Hodda says

    I am trying to get my pre-baby (or honestly my ‘wedding day’) body back – so far I have lost 8kg and today I ran a full 5km for the first time. We live out of town and I have to run on the edge of a highway (don’t worry they mostly only go about 80km an hour) or over very bumpy bush ground. The suspension and wheels on the B.O.B would make my ‘running career’ so much easier – 5km in May 10km by September – here I come… hopefully pushing my new B.O.B Ironman

  37. Lani Kennedy says

    The fixed large wheels are the way to go with the state of the footpaths and local terrain where I live…. I never really liked swivel wheels !!

  38. Melanie Melaniedarrin Farrugia says

    easy step fold and lightweight perfect for trying load in and out your car

  39. Amy Rowley says

    Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage. At the moment I have a massive pram and a little baring and I struggle to be able to take my pram places so it means I have to carry my 1 year old everywhere so his will help my back massively.

  40. Cynthia says

    With his fixed front wheel BOB is my perfect match: smooth, reliable and stable through a rough patch!

  41. Karly says

    The adjustable seatback recline, down to 70° from vertical. Bug-a -lugs doesn’t stay asleep for long unless he’s lying down.

  42. carolpez says

    Love the huge storage space as there’s always so much that needs to be carried with 3 children. The frame’s lightweight but still able to carry 31.8kg, thats fantastic! An added bonus is the wrist strap for added safety, especially when grandma is in control!

  43. sonya says

    I like the lightweight frame… my own pram is sooo heavy I can barely get it into the boot of my car so the BOB would be so useful to have! (My email is nic.tesla@gmail.com)

  44. Naamah says

    I love the canopy and how far it comes down. My toddler gets so insulted with the sun being in his eyes! I also love the short hand strap. Some of them are so long that you wonder how much it would actually prevent the stroller rolling into traffic.
    Oh, and the yellow!!!

  45. Caroline Shanks says

    I love for all that grunt and go that is packed into this stroller it still is a featherweight at only 10.6 KGs.

  46. Lisa Cannon says

    Love products for multi uses! Very smart designing. Fantastic wheels & suspension for jogging. Lightweight & ample storage for around town. Perfect! Seems wasteful to have to buy 2 of things to suit all your uses, love it!

  47. Kaz Purtill-Wright says

    So many of the BOB ironman’s features would be perfect for my current annoying predicament, in fact after your description and reading the Britax –BOB webpage, it sounds just what I need. I live in a regional town, surrounded by farming land and public Bush walking/riding areas. My oldest two children love to take their bikes “out bush’ and ride along dirt tracks that are rocky, dusty hilly and bumpy. That would be fine except my toddler isn’t old enough to ride a bike so I take him in his stroller and we follow along behind. Problem is, our stroller just isn’t suitable for bumpy, hilly, dirty terrain and I end up all frustrated when the wheels get stuck, my hands go numb from the rattling they receive and it takes so much effort to push. The BOB Ironman however has a state of the art suspension system which would take care of all those issues plus it is lightweight which would mean it would be easier to push my toddler up hills while we follow the girls. An added bonus; I’ll be able to start running like I would love to while following the girls on their bikes and if I get better, they might even follow me.

  48. Kimmmmm says

    The Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame will be a fantastic change. Our current (very old) one is sooooo very heavy and bulky and uncooperative.

  49. Trace says

    The bright colors would be perfect for my little bumble bee due in Nov and would last all the way til the kinder years. I am only 16 weeks pregnant, but my running has started to slow down now and I am already thinking about my return to running!
    I also love the fact that it is easy to fold and has the viewing window in the top.

  50. Renee Annison says

    State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension For minimum fuss and maximum ease, taking on all terrain locations make strolling a breeze :)

  51. Alanna Gregory says

    the pneumatic 16 inch semi-slick tyres – like you our walk to school is over some rough terrain – and our current (very old) stroller often gets stuck. these tyres would make it much easier :)

  52. Emma Butler says

    I have a bunch of weight to lose with bub number 3 so bub, BOB and me would be a great team. Those pneumatic 16 inch semi-slick tyres & adjustable suspension would make our daily trips a breeze!

  53. Karina Wong says

    State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system for a smooth ride. Awesome. It means I can push the stroller along old cobble stone streets and not give my baby a head ache.

  54. Fiona Webb says

    The iron mans the man for me,
    Plenty of room to fit mr 3
    Without the wobble of our current one
    For jogging along beachside in the sun
    Easy attachment for new baby sis
    Lets get mumma jogging again to give pregnancy weight a miss

  55. Jodi Coyle says

    Being only 5″0, I need something light. So this feature “Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage”, is definitely a bonus for me.

  56. bubble936 says

    My baby is at that stage where if he does not see me he thinks that I am gone forever. So the feature “Large viewing window lets you keep an eye on your baby ” of B.O.B Ironman Stroller will really make my life very easy with my baby.

  57. Roberto Colombi says

    State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system for a smooth ride – taking Bub out for a stroll around Centennial will really prove to be a ‘Walk in the Park’!

  58. says

    The adjustable suspension system, my old pram just doesn’t cut it on our long, rough gravel driveway, which is the only place I have to walk/jog safely on, my poor little bubba girl gets jostled and bounced around a lot.

  59. kerry santillo says

    I like the ajustable seatback recline, great for longer walks when bubs fall asleep!!

  60. Ana says

    I love this review. This is exactly the stroller that I’ve been looking for. My daughter starts school next year and my boy is now 2 will have to come with me to drop my daughter off to school. I’d like to take the oportunity to also take my 2 dogs for the walk. At the moment a have a stroller that can’t be use for going the long distance and with this stroller it seems that my son could travel comfortably, my daughter can scooter to shool and I can carry stroller and dogs to make it a speedy trip. I have to cross a freeway and several bumpy roads to get there so this will really be the solution to my problems as it’s made for this terrain and for speed.

  61. Sarah says

    The pneumatic tyres, for easy pushing. Given my pesky pelvic instability, it’d be really handy to have a pram that glides and doesn’t require much ‘effort’ to push.

  62. Karen Coad says

    My favourite feature would be the large weight capacity – it’s amazing how quickly the weight of a few groceries adds up, plus a three-year-old passenger.

  63. Annette says

    I love lots of storage – underneath to stow the shopping plus the extra pocket on the back is genius!

  64. Guest says

    With a back surgery im just allow to jog and walk but i have big pram that make it so hard so indeed the stability in the wheels and the pneumatic tyres its a must plus the practice and Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage it would be so help full for me .

  65. Judith Mumma Fasshauer says

    With a back surgery im just allow to jog and walk but i have big
    pram that make it so hard so indeed the stability in the wheels and
    the pneumatic tyres its amust plus the preactice and Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage it would be so help full for me .


  66. Alice says

    I’ve always had a big and cumbersome Emmaljunga pram and for babies 1 and 2, never considered running while they were in the pram. I got much more into running between baby 2 and my 3rd pregnancy and now, at 32 weeks pregnant, the idea of a jogger pram sounds fantastic. A pram that is lightweight but still has good suspension and all the features of a jogging pram [oh – and it looks a bit fabulous too :)] makes this one a winner in my books. This would enable me to combine exercise and child ferrying in one. A rarity for me!


  67. Dana Lee says

    I like the handbrake and the extra storage. I’d love to be able to go jogging with the next bub.

  68. Alana Tilbrook says

    Apart from almost every feature of this stroller. I think the fixed front wheel and increased stability will make the walk to kindy so much easier. I also love the fact that it can be used for a newborn.

  69. Kirsten W says

    Pneumatic wheels for my bumpy road,
    A trustworthy harness for my precious load,
    Handbrake – great for emergency uses,
    And easy to fold. No more excuses!

  70. Judith Senese says

    To encourage me to walk to the shops there is plenty of storage for our food shopping,

  71. Kellie says

    The Fixed front wheel for jogging will make my life easier when exercising with my baby!

  72. Bill Bushnell says

    Those big wheels would really help with rough and poorly maintained terrain in my area

  73. kjoirishlastname says

    The weight capacity of the stroller is what we like best–our kiddos are 40+ lbs and 35+ pounds, and each of them likes being strolled from time to time.

  74. jennifercrewell says

    Okay so “Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage” is probably one of th best things…. and everyone knows BOB is the best! I would love to win!

  75. Amanda mendler says

    Besides being a great jogger the feature that would make my life easier is the canopy. Being in south Texas protection from the sun is a must!

  76. Stephanie Hansbury says

    Those wheels would be great on all the roads that got damaged with the massive amount of snow we had this year.

  77. Dana N. says

    Other than this being a great jogging stroller the feature I need the most in all strollers is a larger canopy, especially while living in this scorching phoenix heat!!!

  78. Kat Crenshaw says

    Love the weight limit. Could use it running and walking to the state park for a very long time!

  79. Candy Mak says

    I love that its lightweight, some others jogging strollers can be pretty darn heavy.

  80. Shannon Stipech Parker says

    It is a toss-up between the storage and the canopy..but I think in the long run the storage is what will help the most!

  81. Crystal Brugman says

    Multi-position canopy! Easy fold! Lightweight! I could go on but those are my top 3 favorite features.

  82. Mel Jessop says

    I’m currently training to run a 10K,
    But finding it hard to get out each day.
    If the B.O.B stroller found its way to my home,
    Training wouldn’t wait til I could be on my own.
    Raising money for World Vision would be,
    Tonnes easier if I could train with babies company.
    The suspension feature looks delightful,
    For bumps in the road can be quite frightful.
    Trail running or a very cracked path,
    Can leave a jiggling baby in the aftermath.
    Winning this amazing stroller would make,
    Life, running and fitness simply a piece of glorious cake!

  83. amandagorton says

    A simple twist of the front wheel adjustment knobs to keep me rolling straight, would mean I don’t need a licence to steer it!

  84. Sacha Pech says

    I love the ultra padded adjustable seat – even looking at it screams comfort! Way better than your average stroller. Will make it easier keeping toddler IN it…. usually ours screams to be let out (because the seat is so rigid and uncushioned!).

  85. Simone Bell says

    I love that it is light and easy to steer. .
    I am currently trying to walk and jog every day to lose weight but it is hard with a pram with dodgy steering and no manouverabilty. The easy fold and removable wheels would also mean that unlike our pram it will fit into the boot of my little car without any trouble.

  86. Kristi Grigg says

    All the features look fantastic, easy to put in your car, big enough to take my four year old or my 18mth old, all-weather suitable. I love most that it is yellow. What a happy stroller to use and to brighten up the dull Winter mornings.

  87. wawahine says

    The colour got me in one, its stunning and a fun and exciting colour much better than all the blues and blacks most strollers come in.

  88. marypreston says

    The padded handlebar for comfort and grip and the wrist strap for peace of mind. Innovative and essential I’d say.


  89. Krystle Sky says

    The locked wheels sound like a winner to me. I spend a bit of time walking on tough and uneven terrain. Great giveaway!

  90. Sarah Davidson says

    My area has very uneven footpath and walking/running areas so the adjustable suspension system will mean that my 10 week old will get a smooth ride all of the time.

  91. Kylie Baker says

    The weight capacity is a big plus for me as I have five children so there’s always someone in the pram and now the older kids can help out and have a push of it too.

  92. Justine Liane says

    Loving the weight capacity and the storage space – and there’s even room for bubs :D

  93. Marie Pohnetalova says

    The adjustable suspension system… means I can take ‘the rough with the smooth’!

  94. Natalie Stoute says

    I just love that this stroller is made for walking/jogging. I too have been struggling taking my little one for fitness walks due to the poor handling of rough terrain. This would make it so much easier and more comfortable for the little one. I may even start jogging again after several years! How I miss those runs!

  95. staceyw says

    My son doesn’t like the wind rushing past his face when I jog so the Multi-Position Canopy will protect his hairdo and prevent a tantrum so I can train and become a lean, mean, hot mummy running machine.

  96. hjm says

    I love that it is suitable for newborns – too many joggers are not and the last thing I want it to have to buy two

  97. Annette Prout says

    Living in qld it would be the canopy to cope with all weather and sudden downpours and keeping safe from the sun

  98. Pauline says

    I would love to win this. We are currently enjoying our third and final child and my current pram is heavy and sluggish (similar to me!). i love the fixed wheel and lightweight frame on this fantastic stroller which will enable me to be a lightweight frame! Please give me the opportunity to have a healthier lifestyle and look good with the stroller as well. :-)

  99. Rachael says

    Having a great Capacity: 31.8 kg would be wonderful! I like to pack bubs up for the day and go out and enjoy what nature has to offer. Having such a large capacity I should be able to fit everything I need except the kitchen sink :)

  100. Megan Higgs says

    I love that it can be used from birth with it being a travel system pram, the ability for it to grow with bub is great!

  101. Jacqueline says

    Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage would be my big lifesaver. our currunt pram takes for ever to fold and is big and buklky

  102. Lou Williams says

    Unfortunately I am extremely addicted to the now cancelled “Without a Trace”. I’ve seen enough episodes of that and Law and Order SVU to know that a large viewing window is VERY important! Now, if you’ll excuse me a documentary is on about the importance of relationships. For anyone interested, it’s called “Neighbours”!

  103. Vivienne Williams says

    Living in the Adelaide Hills along a dirt track the adjustable suspension of the B.O.B. Ironman Stroller is a must not to mention the padded handlebar.

  104. Susanne Hunt says

    The strong alloy wheels make life so much easier when running around everywhere. The security of knowing the stroller wont tip over easily when there is a bump in the road (unlike my current stroller with plastic wheels!). The B.O.B. Ironman stroller has thought of everything. The handbrake is so important and I know that I can stop quickly when I am in a hurry. I love the width of the stroller as I can keep it for longer with my two boys and it will be value for money for me. This stroller ticks all the boxes

  105. Ms Wolly says

    I want to give it to a young friend and I like that she can use it for several years after the birth of her baby and won’t have to worry about the expense of replacing it.

  106. Kate Young says

    I am nearly an Ironman from hauling my heavy pram (plus bags) around! With BOB Ironman stroller weighing just 10.6 k and having heaps of onboard storage, I can save my workout for the run, not lifting my stroller!


  107. Amy Edwards says

    State-of-the-art suspension is what I need,
    So my bub doesn’t spill a drop when he feeds!

  108. Megan T says

    It would make an awesome present for my sister about to have a baby because of the large storage space, its sturdiness and she walks so often that she will get a lot of good use out of it for years to come. Once she has finished using it I’m sure she will return the favour and let me borrow it when I have kids!

  109. Sheree Pallis says

    Our footpaths are such a disgrace,
    Even at the slowest of pace,
    Walking with son is bumpy beyond words,
    Almost turning his bottle into curds,
    And he deserves such a luxurious ride,
    With state-of-the-art suspension with no comfort denied,
    Only B.O.B gives him the support that he needs,
    So mummy can start running again at high speeds.

  110. Stephanie Veljanovska says

    I Love the Swiveling Front Wheels to adapt to all Different Surfaces. I Hate Struggling with our Stroller over Difficult Surfaces if we had this Stroller we would be able to Explore Anywhere we Wanted.

  111. Jodie Fertykowski says

    gosh I love so much about this stroller! this would be amazing for me! I don’t drive and have to walk a lot..this stroller would make life so much easier getting up and down gutters, also the strong wheels means I dont have to worry about getting a puncture.

  112. Tegan says

    Easy, two-step folding, lightweight frame for convenient transport and storage – perfect when you have more than 1 munchkin with you!

  113. melp4520 says

    The two step folding system, saves breaking my back trying to get the pram in the boot!

  114. Liz says

    Brakes, fantastic idea on those steep downhill runs or when loaded with little people and shopping!

  115. Sarah says

    I love the bright yellow colour – I’m a safety first gal. The 10.6 kg frame comes in a close second though. There are some big hills to conquer around here so the less I have to push the better.

  116. Kerryanne Bourke says

    The added weight capacity!
    With a 3 year old who doesnt cope in busy situations and requires added security to prevent running, It will put my mind at ease knowing the design and ratings will withstand the test of time!!

  117. alli olsen says

    wow this would be wonderful, having just moved to the country I have just found a wonderful new reservoir to walk around, however my trusty old stroller just doesnt cut it, this would be the best for my new daily 5k walk with 2 toddlers

  118. Rachel says

    Two-step folding! (it takes a genius to get our pram into the boot without losing your groceries, coffee or your patience!)

  119. sally allen says

    The weather proof covering (We have to walk our girls to school everyday, not matter what the weather) and the ability to keep up with my five year old on her bike, would be the two things that catch my eye.

  120. Belinda Smetioukh says

    Increased stability for jogging or running is always welcomed!Sometimes my crazy dog just wants to run, and even if I just want to walk or jog….I’m left with no choice! He’s my little personal trainer!

  121. Aleisha says

    I don’t even know where to start – all of these features wrapped into one pram that functions so well just seems like a dream!? Bub is nearly one so we can still get so much use out of it. I have to admit my favourite (and least technical) feature is the wrist band. I never let go of the pram – but I see so many occurrences of runaway prams these days, it makes me shiver. It’s simple, yet super effective.

  122. Amanda says

    I like the sound of ‘state-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system that provides an exceptionally smooth ride’. All I get now is ‘it’s bumpy mummy’ over and over.

  123. Meegan Harvey says

    Apart from the B.O.B. being an awesome looking ride, I think the increased stability of fixed font wheel is my pick of features.
    My current jogging pram is a bit on the wobbly side and I worry I’m going to tip my three year old out while attempting a run!

  124. Rachel says

    Living in the country, footpaths are non-existent!! So a good suspension system is vital and the B.O.B Ironman sounds like it can handle my rough terrain. Also the large cargo basket is great to carry all the random items that tend to accompany us on our walks – jumpers, snacks, water bottles, teddies, matchbox cars, wipes, pirate boats, duplo… you know, all the necessities!!

  125. blu1berry says

    I love the huge weight limit, as my toddler is getting big early on so this would be perfect!

  126. Kristy says

    Living out of town with no paths all my walks are off road and on rough terrain. I love the fact the B.O.B Ironman stroller has a state of the art, adjustable suspension system. With a stroller like this I would have no excuse taking my baby boy out for a walk knowing that he is comfortable and safe. It would sure help with losing the baby weight.

  127. Jarree says

    Running fast, keeps little man happy!

    It also stops mummy from becoming sloppy!

    It’s a win, win for young and old!

  128. Oleg Smetioukh says

    The adjustable suspension system sounds great! Anything that will help me keep the little one happy while I try to get some exercise would be fantastic. We all need a bit of comfort in our lives right : )

  129. Izzy Brown says

    A safe, happy, comfortable child makes life heaps easier, so I think the state-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system has to be tops! But I do love all the other features of this tough B.O.B. Ironman Stroller.

  130. gen says

    I think my favourite feature of this pram is the storage! Three separate places to store things means I can stash all sorts of tricks and treats to help things go smoothly when out and about.

  131. Eden Flynn says

    I’ve just realised how outdated Miss 11 months 2 x hand-me-down 3 wheeler is. The State-of-the-art, adjustable suspension system would be amazing on hilly gravel roads.

  132. NPeters says

    I teach English to refugee women, and the BOB Ironman Stroller could make a world of difference to the lives of these women. Most of the women are from Bhutan but have spent up to 20 years in refugee camps in Nepal. When you’ve come from a life of walking long distances to collect water and fresh produce, sleeping with your child because you have no cot in your bamboo hut, to cooking over a fire because you have no gas or electricity, then you are grateful for anything that can make your life easier. Newly arrived refugee families rely on agencies and volunteers to get them established, but I know families with babies who do not have cots or adequate strollers for growing children. Running with a stroller for recreation is not a priority for these women, but getting safely to and from preschool or school, TAFE, shops and appointments is what is most important. And many of the newest arrivals have to do this on foot or by bus as their household may not yet have a licensed driver. So having a BOB Ironman Stroller that is stable, safe, comfortable and easily collapsible with plenty of cargo space for long-distance walking and trips to buy groceries would be an asset to be shared around this community.

  133. Tracey Dougill says

    I cant select just one feature, the whole stroller is 100 times improved over the old hand me down currenty in use for my little man, it’s a struggle to fit him in sometimes. The large weight capacity is ideal, the handbrake as a safety feature is great, I havent seen that on many strollers/joggers. And it nice to see a bright colour being used as well.

  134. Michelle Williams says

    Large viewing window lets you keep an eye on your baby, strollers really fail in this area.

  135. Fiona T says

    I already have a BOB stroller – an older version, so I don’t need one. It’s fantastic by the way! However, I’d like to comment on NPeters’ post on refugee women. Many women from developing countries actually wear their babies in carriers so don’t really need a pram as long as babywearing is supported by their community. However, it’s different in Australia if things go wrong, especially for anyone with a child with special needs who can’t be carried when they grow beyond 10kg or so. Many strollers don’t support heavy children, and asylum seekers/refugees don’t necessarily have access to appropriate wheelchairs for growing children. The same happens if a child in these families has an injury, even something like a young child breaking a leg. The family becomes socially isolated, which flows through to lots of other issues. Having a stroller that will carry loads like this would also help families who don’t have a car. It would be great if Britax could consider giving this one (or an extra one perhaps??) to a refugee/asylum seeker resource centre who could use it as a resource for a community in need.

  136. Julia Mason says

    I personally love the 5 star safety in mind, with my little one turning just 3, I can see the pram we have now is too small, with her legs being so small its hard to walk just holding hands! 5 point safety harness is a must, crossing busy roads would put my mind at ease, with this Iron man stroller!

  137. Elizabeth Davey says

    the wrist strap is ideal given the number of news stories about strollers rolling away

  138. Susan Forte says

    Nothing beats been able to run across any terrain without the wheels getting caught in cracks / holes, wrapped around branches and twisting every single direction….with B.O.B I need not worry about having a stressful run with my little one, thanks to it’s alloy sturdy wheels that are durable and super fast……it’s that strong maybe even my husband can enjoy a comfy ride too!

  139. Ian Cowling says

    We’ve had one stroller for four kids, but now my bride has taken up running the 3yr old would feel safe in the BOB Ironman with mum connected by the wrist strap.

  140. Cathy Hickey says

    I love the fact that it will take from newborns up to 31 kgs which means it can be used for various ages as needed.

  141. Catherine Tuckey says

    I like that it seems so sturdy I could probably ride in it myself… (if I can convince our two year old to push Mummy!)

  142. jane whelan says

    I love the wrist strap as helps you secure stroller when strolling. As a public transport user l am terrified of the pram rolling onto the train tracks. I have watched the news incidents in horror. This would give you that added security while awaiting a train at the station. I love the idea.

  143. carol sparrow says

    I love the hand strap and makes me feel completely in control and that I cant let go of the stroller by accident if I happen to trip and let go of my B.O.B. This featureis by far the best. Thanks!

  144. Fi says

    The easy folding, lightweight frame as my old one is heavy (my poor back) and hard to fold down.

  145. Lou Miles says

    The fixed front wheel for sure, around here the paths are pretty rough, BOB looks sturdy and stable enough to handle them with ease and with the weight limit I’d be able to use it for quite a while to come. Plus if the smile on your son’s face is anything to go by, that’s a pretty good recommendation from the ‘pushee’ as well!

  146. Chantelle Cocks says

    I love the ultra-padded, adjustable reclining seat for enhanced seating comfort. Five-point
    padded harness helps keep your child comfortably secure, so comfy for my little girl.

  147. Andrea LaDouceur says

    I love the large canopy so that I don’t have to slather the kids’ faces with sunscreen for every single run.