Monthly Menu Planning Time Again, This Time With Added Video!

How to menu plan for a month in 30 minutes

Time for a new monthly menu plan for us here at Planning With Kids. The months do seem to go buy so fast.

I have written how I plan for a month before on the blog, but today I decided to make a little video while I planned out our meals, to show that it is really possible to plan for a month and do it in 30 minutes.{You may need to click through to the blog to see the video here.}

You can find a step by step outline of the process I use here – How to menu plan for a month in 30 minutes, which also has the links to the templates I use as well.

Monthly Menu Plans For April

The menu plans for April are set out in tables below for each week, but if you read via email, the formatting may not come through as such.  If that is the case you can just click through to the blog and see the correct formatting here.

I have added a  shopping list PDF at the end of each weekly plan. Please note when you create the menu plans in the Planning With Kids Menu Planner App, the app only allows you to plan from Monday to Sunday. I plan from Saturday to Friday, so Monday in the PDFs is really Saturday for us and so on.


Week Commencing 6th April

SatHomemade Taco SeasoningTacos
Sunroast chicken


oat and seed lunch box slice
Roast chicken and vegetables
English muffin pizza
Oat and seed lunchbox slice
Moneasy-fried-rice-recipeFried rice
Tueslow cooker spag bolSlow cooker spaghetti bolognese
WedLeft overs
Thuchicken-schnitzel-recipe-500Chicken schnitzel and vegetables
Friscrambled eggs
Scrambled eggs and tomatoes
Shopping ListWeekly menu plan shopping list for 6th April 2013


Week Commencing 13th April

SatLamb Souvlaki Wraps Kids Self ServeSouvlaki
Sunsausgaes and salad

easy banana cake recipe

Chicken Balls 160
Sausage and veg
Banana cake
Chicken balls
MonBaked Penne Pasta RecipeBaked penne pasta
TueMexibake - Mexican Family Meal
WedBeetroot SoupBeetroot soup
Thuchicken-schnitzel-recipe-500Chicken schnitzel and vegetables
FriServing ManyChicken wings, baked potatoes and steamed corn
Shopping ListWeekly menu plan shopping list for 13th April 2013


Week Commencing 20th April

Satsweet chilli chicken wrapsSweet chilli chicken wraps
Sunlamb chops and vegetables


White Choc Chip Cookies
Lamb chops and vegetables
White chocolate chip and raspberry cookies
MonSlow cooker beef stroganoff
TueTuna RiceQuick tuna rice
WedLeft overstomato and coconut soup
Tomato and coconut soup
Thuchicken-schnitzel-recipe-500Chicken schnitzel and vegetables
FriFish burger recipeFish burgers
Shopping ListWeekly menu plan shopping list for 20th April 2013


Week Commencing 27th April

SatHomemade Taco SeasoningTacos
SunMarinated Steak and Garlic Mash

Quick Egg And Bacon Tarts

Lemon Muffins
Marinated steak and garlic mash
Egg and bacon tarts
Lemon and chia muffins
Moneasy-fried-rice-recipeFried rice
TueEasy Pumpkin SoupPumpkin soup
WedLeft overs
Thusausgaes and salad
Sausage and veg
FriServing ManyChicken wings, baked potatoes and steamed corn
Shopping ListWeekly menu plan shopping list for 27th April 2013

How are you going with your menu planning?


  1. M says

    I really like the video format – visual representations of what you talk about in your blog – routines/charts – are very helpful to me. Thanks very much!! M

  2. Yogi says

    The video was fantastic – definitely complements perfectly the plans and info on the blog. Thanks so much.

    • says

      Thanks Yogi. I think a different format is helpful sometimes to concrete learnings. I enjoyed making this one as I actually didn’t plan it, I just filmed as I created our plans.

  3. Kelly says

    Love the video, it really cements the whole idea of planning for a month which can sometimes be overwhelming for me! Thankyou :)

  4. says

    I’m just hungry reading this – they all look so tasty and easy and sigh… healthy. Can I be a kid in your family?

  5. says

    Love the video, saw the email and have been itching to watch it all day, I just watched it now instead of watching rubbish on tv, and feel like I have learned excellent tools for organising our family of 6. Thankyou Nicole!!
    Please bring on more videos :)

  6. Kat says

    Hi Nicole, thanks for the video – I’m a visual person so this makes it easier for me to see how easy it is to plan for a month. Just wondering, do you have nights where a few kids won’t eat the meal? Or is it easier now your kids are older? I struggle to get my 3 to eat the same meal some nights so I end up taking a few ingredients from the meal and cooking them separately. My kids are 18 mths, 4 and 8. Also, do you freeze your baking? Thanks :)

    • says

      HI Kat,

      I have pretty much always had the same approach to meals from about 18 months onwards – I cook only one meal for dinner. No child has to eat it, but there is no other option. The kids have a say in what I cook and the food is all pretty basic. There are nights when I child may not eat a meal or just pick a bit at it, but they don’t get anything else. This works for us.

      As for freezing my baking, it is a rare occurrence and generally only happens as I stock the freezer when I go away. I wrote about it in a newsletter some time ago which you can see here Simple Recipes You Can Cook For The Freezer –