Alternative To Easter Eggs Of The Chocolate Variety

alternative to easter eggs

You wouldn’t have to have been reading this blog to know that I do like sweet treats and I do give my kids sweet treats.  My kids will receive Easter Eggs for Easter and I will eat a decent amount of chocolate myself.  But it is nice to have an alternative to Easter Eggs that isn’t food based, but is still fun for the kids.

This year we will be replacing our chocolate Easter Egg hunt with an experience Easter Egg Hunt.

Alternative to Easter Eggs
I created a list of fun mini experiences that I thought the kids would like and printed them out. If you think your kids might like these too, either click on the image above or here – Easter Egg Hunt Experiences List, to download a copy you can print out.

Alternative To Easter Eggs DSC00119
I repeated a number of the experiences that I knew would be most popular with the kids.  One of them the “An extra 30 minutes technology.” experience, I know will be the most sought after so made sure I printed five and placed them in the identifiable coloured eggs. Four of them went into green eggs and one into yellow. I will let the kids know that they are only to take one green or yellow, so they will all receive that experience.

Note that I actually don’t send my kids to jail, but in reference to Monopoly, I included “A get out of jail free pass.” that they can use for those moments they find themselves in trouble!

Alternative To Easter Eggs DSC00124
The remainder of the experiences went into the eggs randomly. I think there will be some significant negotiations after the Easter Egg hunt! I picked up both the basket and the fillable eggs and a small discount store in Camberwell.

Alternative To Easter Eggs DSC00140
This is the first time I have tried something like this with the kids, so am really looking forward to see how they enjoy it Easter Sunday.

Alternative To Easter Eggs  DSC00152

Do you have an alternative to Easter eggs of the chocolate variety?


  1. Gail says

    Love that idea and look forward to hearing how it goes down. I’ve been thinking about what to do this Easter as I usually do a mini Easter egg trail leading up to a bigger egg on each child’s bed. But this year they’ve already been given money by grandparents to spend on Easter eggs (which they have done already!) and so am not wanting to do MORE chocolate. I’ve been thinking about how things have changed over the years in how we celebrate Easter, eg the said grandparents growing up before and during WW2 didn’t have chocolate eggs or even egg hunts. But I didn’t want to lose the fun they’ve already have and look forward to. So now I’ve decided that I’ll still do the mini egg trail (since I’d already bought them) but this time there will be a book on the bed instead of a bigger egg – will see how that goes down!

  2. Jennifer says

    I would love some more ideas about vouchers I can use with smaller kids too, I have a 16 y/o down to a 4 y/o. I like the “go to the park” voucher, maybe go out for ice cream, play a board game…any other suggestions?

    • says

      Hi Jennifer – I will be using these with my 4, 6, 9, 11 and 14 year olds. I tried to avoid any experience that involved a treat food, as the aim was to have an alternative to choc / sugar.

      Other things you could possibly do for the younger ones:
      – 20 minutes with individual play time with mum
      – Make and sleep in a cubby house indoors one weekend
      – One giant bubble bath
      – Have a movie night and you can choose the movie

      Other things you could possibly do for the older ones:
      – Have a friend sleep over
      – Have a movie night and you can choose the movie
      – A free room clean
      – A week of lunches made for you ( me 14 year old has to make his own lunch)


  3. Anne At Home says

    What a great idea! We’re trying to go sugar free here, a la David Gillespie and Sarah Wilson and I have been racking my brain what to do about Easter! I’ve seen those cute plastic eggs at Lincraft too. Thanks for thte ideas!

  4. Julie B says

    For folks in Sydney, a family pass to putt putt is a great gift for the whole family. They are good for 12 games and don’t expire, you get a little card they punch each time you play. Until Monday you can use this link ( to save $10, meaning you get a 12 game pass for the price of an 8 game pass. My kids are teens and stil love to go (and have an icecream after!)