2012 Goals – End Of Year Review

2012 Goal Review

1. – Blog – a) Complete make over of blog, to be completed by March and b) the blog to a business.

The blog makeover went live in April. There are still some little pesky things that need fixing, which I would like to get to in 2013.

This year I released a Menu Planner App, Blog Coaching e-book and calendar.

Halfway through the year, I made the decision to cease coaching other bloggers.There is only so many ways I can split my attention and for a little while through out the year, it was too fragmented. Once I realised this it too me some time to bring it back together.

I have pruned a number of activities over the last couple of months, which I found hard to do, but I know it is the best decision. I now feel I can enter 2013 with a more defined and cleared focus.

2. – Family – Reintroduce a regular games night.

Modified this goal through out the year to more of a physical activity with the family which worked much better.

As the kids get older, I need to adapt to their wants and make sure I am choosing the right way for us to connect together as a family.

3. – Partner – Weekend away on our own

This didn’t happen again unfortunately. Traveling a bit for work means using up babysitting vouchers, but I am not giving up on this one. It is such a good thing for us to do, that I will keep putting it on the list.

4. – Me – Change the way I eat – more balanced (less carbs).

I am quite happy with my progress to healthier eating for me this year.

My diet includes carbs, running (when I am back to it!) as much as I do, my body needs the energy, but I have become much better at limiting it and choosing when to have them.

I am snacking better and I am going to continue to test out more low carb and healthier family friendly recipes.

Settings goals for 2013?

I have been putting quite a bit of thought into my goals for 2013 and how I will structure them. I have found that how I structure and go about my goals setting is just as important as the goals I set for myself. Here are some posts I have been reading recently on goal setting that might help you get in the mood to set goals for 2013:

An a couple of videos worth watching {click through to the blog if reading via email}.

Dan Pink: The puzzle of motivation

“Dan Pink examines the puzzle of motivation, starting with a fact that social scientists know but most managers don’t: Traditional rewards aren’t always as effective as we think. Listen for illuminating stories — and maybe, a way forward.”

Zig Ziglar Setting Goals – an old video, but inspiring still the same. Simple formula for goal setting. This is part one of three videos.

What is inspiring you in your goal setting process for 2013?

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