Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park Review + Give Away

Little People Loops and Swoops win

The winner was:

deanna – Little People toys are perfect for the little hands of the little people who use them.I find that my 2 & 4 year old girls love playing cars with their four older brothers. Their two older teenage sisters just don’t get little people at the moment. As I have a son who has Sensory Processing Disorder toys that allow fine and gross motor skills and self development through imaginary play are a vital part of the way we play. I found that these toys in the past have been able to stand up to the rough and tumbled play of more than one child.Durable, long lasting and a favorite that stands the test of time in my house. Well done FP for developing these toys for our children. xx

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We love the Little People toys in our house and have a sizeable collection. I love how you can easily add to the collection, adding sets that suit the varying interests of the children. The kids set up all sorts of settings and have great sessions of imaginary play.

As such we were delighted to be given a Fisher Price Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park to take through its paces. Our preschooler is still very into cars, so it was always going to be a hit with him.

Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park Review
Loops ‘n’ Swoops is aimed at kids aged from 1½ – 5 years, perfect for our preschooler. You need to assemble the amusement park yourself, but as you can see it is pretty simple and the preschooler enjoyed putting it together with me. It would have taken with his “help” about 15 minutes to put together. However, I would recommend if you are going to give this as a gift for Christmas morning, put it together yourself before you hand it over.

The ‘Loops ‘n’ Swoops’ Amusement Park is over 60cms tall and includes two different ramps. One ramp twists and turns its way down the structure and when it reaches the end it sets off the sound effects. It uses 3 AA batteries for the sound effects, but that is all they are needed for. So at least if the batteries go flat the children can still play with and use the toy!

Our littlest one loved the steep ramp the best. You place the car at the top of the ramp, press the button (nice large size for little hands) to release it and then it scoots down the ramp, does a 360 loop and then shoots of the end. You can vary the angle of the exit ramp after the loop and the pre-schooler spent quite a bit of time seeing what difference the angles made to where the car landed.

It was gorgeous watching the joy on his face when he was playing with the Loops ‘n’ Swoops. The little video below gives you a snapshot of the fun he has had playing with the ‘Loops ‘n’ Swoops’ Amusement Park. {If you are reading this via email you may need to click through here to see the video.}

While the toy has a defined way of working, kids always like to investigate and try out there own ideas and Loops ‘n’ Swoops provides plenty of opportunity for that. As you can see the preschooler reversed the way the cars went. I love the look of concentration on his face!

Loops and Swoops in reverse
The size of the cars that venture on the ramp are perfect for little hands, allowing them to manoeuvre them around he amusement park with ease and fun.

Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park Give Away

Thanks to Fisher Price I have one fab Little People Wheelies Loops ‘n’ Swoops Amusement Park to give away. To enter all you need to do is leave a comment letting me why your child would love this Little People toy?

The give away is open to Australian residents only and will close on 5pm AEDST on 14th December 2012. Please see the full terms and conditions here.


  1. Lyndal says

    My 3 year old son would love sending the cars zooming through the loop and my 7 month old daughter would love to crawl after the cars as they speed along the floor afterwards.

  2. Michelle says

    Oh I would love this for Mr 2! Like many little boys he’s obsessed with vehicles and this is something different + little people are great. We’re expecting a little brother for him in two weeks, so it would be great to have something new for him to play with.

  3. deanna says

    Little People toys are perfect for the little hands of the little people who use them.I find that my 2 & 4 year old girls love playing cars with their four older brothers. Their two older teenage sisters just don’t get little people at the moment. As I have a son who has Sensory Processing Disorder toys that allow fine and gross motor skills and self development through imaginary play are a vital part of the way we play. I found that these toys in the past have been able to stand up to the rough and tumbled play of more than one child.Durable, long lasting and a favorite that stands the test of time in my house. Well done FP for developing these toys for our children.

  4. says

    My Sister has just recently had Bub (nephew)#2, I would love this for our neice #1, to give her something to do while mum is busy breastfeeding. Mum & Dad are both car nuts and our neice has taken that on too, so this will be right up her ally. The pieces are not too small either, so our new nephew will not be in danger with pieces out and about. I can see he will love it too when he grows up a little and toys that can be played with together will be a relief for mum & Dad :) This is sure to be a family favourite!!

  5. Melissa says

    We love little people, our little people nativity set has just been set up for Christmas. Miss 18 month old would love this set so she doesn’t have to steal master 4’s matchbox cars.

  6. Lisa Callanan says

    My 21 month old daughter would love this toy. She loves to explore and work out how things work. She also loves anything that has sound effects.

  7. Kimberley Belford says

    My little man loves his cars – especially ones that go FAST !!!
    He will plays for hours with them and lets me have a lil ‘mummy’ time at Last
    Then soon enough its school pick up – 230 pm comes around way too fast

  8. Sam Sharpe says

    My 18 month old son finds himself the younger brother to a very girlie girl older 3 year old sister. He has been to his cousin’s house and seen these wheelie sets in action and would greatly cherish having a set to call his own. Especially as they have cars as part of the set – his second word after mama was car!

  9. says

    While my 2 and a half year old would do EXACTLY as your young man did… forwards, backwards, up down, round and round… my 7 month old would just have his own field day watching his big sister. He may just eat a car or two while he is at it!


  10. says

    My girls would LOVE this. They don’t have many car-type toys but gravitate to them when we’re visiting friends. They would be so excited to actually have this in their own house!

  11. Sarah says

    Okay I’m going to put it out there…I want to play with this, it looks amazing. Oh my gorgeous just turned 3 year old played with one in a store the other day and i have not seen her concentrate on one toy for so long – she absolutely loved it.

  12. CrystalB says

    My daughter would love this! We are big fans of Little People toys in this household!! She would be sure to be entertained Christmas morning.

  13. zoe says

    Looks awesome, my boys and girls would would get lost in time playing with it, and let mummy have some much needed time to herself, by the way love love the boys hair in the pics, the cutest hair ever!

  14. Melissa Brown says

    My little men love anything that stirs their imagination. Pretend play and creating moving stories keeps them smiling for hours.

  15. Ainsley says

    Cars, trucks and wheels are my little mans favourite things right now. This Fisher price toy looks amazing, and if it stops him from devouring all the kids advent calendars in one sitting, flushing little unwanted toys down the toilet and chasing his brothers and sisters aimlessly around the house then BRILLIANT! This looks like the type of toy that will have him playing for hours on end…… it might even give me time to get that extra cup of tea in :)

  16. Kathleen says

    My daughter is 2 1/2 and and full of energy. She would absolutely love this and would play with the roller coaster. She’s a very girly girl and I’m trying to encourage her to play with a wider variety of toys. I think this would ‘expand’ her horizon :)

    And her 5 year old brother would likely be over the moon too!

  17. Sandra Marwick says

    We gave our eldest daughter her first little people toy for her first birthday. She’s now 8.5, and the much enlarged little people collection is still played with on a virtually daily basis. It’s now time to introduce my little nieces to the joys of little people – and this set looks like the perfect way to do that! They’d love it!

  18. Danelle says

    My “broom broom” mad 18 month old
    This would keep him occupied for longer than 10 minutes and I’m sold!


  19. Lucy says

    My 3 yr old son, would love this. He’s just started enjoying playing with cars and action figures. The tall tower would give him somewhere for his heroes to climb up and rescue each other as well as have fun with the cars. We would donate it to the local toy library once he was older as these fisher price toys last for years.

  20. Karen P-W says

    I have been eyeing off this amazing Fisher Price gizmo for awhile now so when I stumbled across your reviews and competition it made my day.

    My little guy is obsessed with making his car and trucks go as fast as they can. He started off by trying to get his cars to race down our legs while we were sitting in the arm chair. Imagine trying to read or watch TV while your toddler is constantly pushing his cars off your legs all the while he is getting more irritable because they just crash into the floor.

    In the end his daddy set up his big nursery rhyme books against some Tupperware containers to make a ramp. He LOVED it and kept vroomming his cars down it and every time the book would fall off the edge of the container he would throw a little tanty and Daddy would come and make it right again. lol

    So he would absolutely love this Little People amusement park. Boy he would love how fast the cars can travel down it, he would be in Little People heaven.

  21. Sheryl says

    My 4 year old daughter loves toys that create movement and she can use her imagination. I’d love her to have a “boys toy” for a change. Also, she has Down Syndrome, would be great for her development.

  22. Christine G says

    My 2 year old recently had a stay in the children’s ward and absolutely fell in love with a similar toy. I can just picture his joy if this was to turn up at our house!

  23. says

    Both my car loving boys would love this toy. I took Mr 4 shopping for his brother’s Christmas present yesterday and he spied this and actually gasped aloud. It was a tad more than the $15 budget I had set him!! I’d love it too as it’s the type of toy they’d play with together.

  24. Laura Jilka says

    He loves cars and doing tricks on the trampoline,
    This toy would be his dream,
    Flying cars and loops too,
    His days will never be blue!

  25. Tory says

    She would love it because it would be a new box and toy to play with. I would love it because it doesn’t need batteries for her to play with it.

  26. Rachael A says

    My 3 yo would love this as he enjoys anything to do with cars! I would love it or him as I’ve been looking for the perfect toy to encourage him to grasp objects using his thumbs and fingers. William was born without thumbs and has had surgeries to create thumbs using his index fingers on each hand. He uses his right one well but we are working on the left one still, particularly as he is left handed! The Wheelies and Loops Amusement Park looks like it would fit the bill as both a fun and therapeutic toy.

  27. Kerryn says

    My almost-4-year old would have a field day with this – we have been to Dreamworld so he knows how a roller coaster works – and is desperate to go on one, but is too small! We constantly create ‘roller coasters’ and car tracks, (out of cardboard rolls and plastic sheets and anything on hand that a car can zoom down!). He is also very caring to his 3 month old brother. We had to wait a long time to get both our boys, (10 cycles of IVF), so we do like to treat our darlings now and then. This would be a great addition to the collection of cardboard rolls – it has sound effects!

  28. Jade says

    My 3 yr old son would love this! He gets so excited over cars and with them zooming through this, he would absolutely love it! It’d be his favourite Xmas toy I reckon!

  29. Jane Harris says

    My 3 year old loves playing with his Little People and has now reach the age where he adores to see them do “stunts”. He’s turning into a Little Evil Knievel. This would be perfect for channelling his inner stuntman!

  30. Leila says

    we have hit a huge car phase in my home and i could see this being a great toy to incorporate into the childrens creative play.

  31. billy j says

    I had to physically drag my little man away from the Wheelies and Loops Amusement Park,kicking and screaming “Yes” that was me .This toy is on top of the Chrissy list

  32. Tracy says

    I would like to win as i have 3 boys who love anything that has wheels on it. And the great thing about fisher price toys is it doesnt matter their age they all love regardless if they are small like my 18mth old or older like my 6year old. Thanks

  33. Karlene says

    Ohhh, we have a Little People addiction. We scour op shops and school fetes looking to add to our collection, and birthdays and Christmas always mean a few new pieces. We have fun animals, cars, people, trains and buildings but not an amusement park! It looks like the most fun of all.

  34. Sonya Nicole says

    My little guy is 14 months and my daughter is 5 years old and proudly calls herself a tomboy… together those two play with cars almost all day… my daughter even has a car sit by her porridge bowl in the morning to get ‘fuel’ for its day of driving!

  35. Jay N. says

    Loopin’ and swoopin’, breaking and driving
    This prize looks more exciting than skydiving!
    Going up and going down, through colours galore
    From top to bottom, so much fun to explore!

  36. Jasmyn says

    Our two boys (3 & 5) would love this! They will straightaway insist on building it themselves, then after a while ask Daddy for help… They will then take turns very nicely zooming the cars down and have lots of fun using their imaginations. It will be a great toy they can play with Daddy for long periods of time, and give me a chance to have a cuppa that’s hotter than lukewarm.. That’s the dream x

  37. says

    I love Little People toys too, my 2 little girls spend hours playing with them. They’d love this to add to their collection as they don’t have any car type garages or tracks yet. I like to mix up “girl” and “boy” toys for them but most gifts still lean on the more feminine side of things.

  38. Brei says

    Lots of fun, zooming, beeping, wheeling and squeeling! My 3 children could all play together with this toy without fighting! Lots of things to explore and play!!!

  39. Amanda says

    My 14 month old loves cars and goes vroom, vroom whenever she sees one. She also loves any toy where she can stand up and practice her new skill of walking!

  40. Anneta says

    My little 2 yr old daughter would LOVE this , she loves little people, always plays with them at friends houses and it would be so nice to have something of her own instead of playing with her “hand me down” toys from her big 4yr sister!

  41. jodi says

    My three year old daughter, Annabelle would love this, I think her brothers aged 5 and 7 would also play with her too. It looks like it would provide hours of entertainment!!!

  42. jodie says

    What an awesome christmas present for my son to add to his Little People collection… he’ll be able to share it all with his newborn little sister too :)

  43. ambrosia1 says

    My 3 year old daughter would love this as I am trying to teach her that there is no such thing as boy and girl toys…the world is her oyster

  44. Ros King says

    My 3rd baby, just turned one, is my first who actually LIKES TOYS!! And plays with them! The first was ball-obsessed, the second was doll-obessed…this guys just loves working out how toys work, looking at wheels and how they go around etc. He would LOVE this, my little Engineer!

  45. Gillian says

    My son Nick thinks this toy looks like fun and would love to win it. What a great Christmas surprise.

  46. Jennifer says

    I would love this for my almost 4 year old son. This would be a wonderful way to develop his very weak fine motor skills. He loves all things with wheels so it would be an instant hit!

  47. Ceinwyn says

    My little Zach and Belle would love this toy to add to their little people collection. A very fun gift for Christmas.

  48. Gin says

    My family loves Little People and we have quite a collection, however if I won this I would give it to my nearly 2 year old niece.

  49. says

    My son aged 2 has played with his cousin’s LIttle People cars and is totally in love with the cars and his cousin, Jake. It would be lovely for them to have a Little People Wheelie Loops n Swoops Amusement Park to play with at our house. Thank you

  50. Tamara says

    My son is just starting to talk and his favourite word is “car”. He loves playing with his Little People cars, but we don’t have track or ramps or anything for him to put them on – this looks like it would be so much fun!

  51. Natasha says

    My son is 2 and was born with erb’s palsy, he has a weak left arm, with limited movement and this would encourage him to lift his arm and not just a toy that lasts a few months bioys being boys they loves cars for years!!

  52. Lou Williams says

    My little 3 yr old grandson Lux would absolutely love this! He is addicted to his cars – he makes roads with wooden train tracks, books, even his blanket folded in half! I would love to give him this for Christmas from his Nan-nan!

  53. Heather says

    Well I want to play with it… right now! So I’m sure the boys will enjoy it too. Speed and unexpected turn ups delight all of us!

  54. Fiona Rendalls says

    My little bub is one and is just beginning to understand what a car is, gliding it on the ground and attempting the noises associated. He’d love the Loop n Swoops and his dad would also enjoy his inner boy and love playing with him :-)

  55. Bree says

    I would give this to our 15 month old nephew❤❤Hr has just started walking it would be sooo cute to watch him chase after those swooping cars.

  56. Kryshia Speirs says

    My 2yo and 8 mo would just adore playing with this together. They’re just learning all about sharing!

  57. coateca says

    Oh wow, my 2 and 3 year old boys would absolutely adore this. They had a flimsy plastic loop track and it lasted about 2 months. This looks so sturdy and durable, what a find!

  58. Jenelle newton says

    because GIRLS need cars too! I’m not sure what to do with another dress or doll for Christmas!

  59. jem says

    My older 2 boys have loved playing with little people toys. It would be great to give our third boy a new set all of his own – they last so well we haven’t needed to replace any of our old sets. I love adding to collections we already have so the kids can mix and match and this set looks FUN!

  60. alesha says

    My Granddaughter loves playing with her cousins toy cars but they don’t always like to share with her. So a set of her own from Santa would be lovely.

  61. Abby Lee says

    My daughters would love this and it would entertain them for hours while also developing their fine motor skills

  62. Renae Foottit says

    My 2 year old boy has only just started getting into the small cars (it’s been all about the “big trucks” up until now!) He loves figuring out how things work and I can just imagine him having a great time with this toy!

  63. Doll says

    My 3 yo step-daughter would love this! I am trying to get her to play with more gender neutral or non-traditional girl toys… and this would be great!!

  64. Lilybett says

    My boy is only just old enough now to appreciate cars toys and we’re loving the Fisher Price Little People. This would be an awesome addition to his collection.

  65. Becky S says

    My baby boy is loving pushing his ‘broom broom’s around and would love the adventure this toy would bring!

  66. Penny Schelbach says

    We’ve recently been to Dreamworld on the Gold Coast, and the kids can’t stop talking about some of the kiddies rides they went on. With this, they could re-enact our Dreamworld visit.

  67. Linda Hynson says

    Love the way this toy allows children to use theit=r imagination,and encourages motor skills:-)

  68. Susan says

    I have two boys, age 5 and 22 months this would be a wonderful gift for the boys to enjoy together and involve Dad as well. Fisher and price have wonderful toys that have provided many happy hours of learning in our house.

  69. Jennie from SA says

    Hopefully it would keep Samuel busy and stop my hair going white and frizzy trying to keep up with him all day before I hit the hay!

  70. Mel says

    My 17 month old girl is little miss investigator, she’s so busy and would find this a welcome addition to her small collection of toys!

  71. Erin Patel says

    What a fabulous present. I have a 2 1/2 year old and 1 year old. I’m sure even the bub will get excited watching cars fly left right and centre. This series was recommended by a toy shop so we’d love it.

  72. Jill says

    Grandchild number three is due Christmas Day, so life is going to be super busy for my son and his wife. The baby’s siblings, Joseph (3) and Matthew (19 months) would be easily occupied with this toy, as they both love cars. It’s educational too, as it teaches the children about gravity, and the use of alternative ‘pathways’ would promote lateral thinking. The colours are bright and attractive and I know Fisher Price toys are durable. An ideal gift for Christmas, which I’d love to give the grandsons.

  73. Michael says

    Little People
    hear their squeals
    as they delight in
    Fisher Price wheels.

    Swooping down the ramps
    looping the loop
    flying into dear old Gramps
    as he sits proud as punch
    after Christmas lunch
    tears in his eyes
    having won such a prize.

    I’d love to win this toy for my two little grandsons.

  74. Fiona says

    Would love to be able to surprise my 2 + 4 year old daughters with this, as it looks so much fun and with 3 girls would provide me with an opportunity to get jobs done, not having to mediate with boredom and fights!

  75. alesha says

    my granddaughter not sexist (she shares her dollies with the boys), as loves playing with their toys. Loves anything keeps her active & stimulates her imagination.

  76. Tess Howard says

    Just from looking at the photos I knew my son would love this. Its so bright and colourful, cars riding along at screaming speed! Then I read that it makes noises and I knew for sure. He’s a sucker for sound effects!

  77. Maree D says

    My son saw this on tv and said “that’s for Ollie!!” (he IS Ollie). It was adorable. It was obvious he NEEDED this toy.

  78. Misty says

    My three year old has just started racing cars around the house and would love one of these! And i am always looking for things he can play with by himself and keep him busy (he has a baby sister but shes not quite up to it yet!).

  79. says

    Whilst my own son is only 9mths old, we spend a fair chunk of time with my 2.5yr old niece, she would absolutely love this. She spends many hours running cars along the ground and making ramps out of cushions and books!

  80. Kylie D says

    It would be a massive hit with all three of my children (though admittedly my 4 month old might need to wait a while for his turn)
    They love cars, ramps, garages and would spend hours with this!

  81. Alyra says

    My 3year old girl would love this – little people toys are always a hit but this one where they can try different things would be number one!

  82. Louise says

    If I won this wonderful Toy I would like to donate it to the Emergency Dept at our Hospital for the kids to play with when they are in waiting to be seen, what a great distraction it would be for them.

  83. Bec says

    Big sister starts school next year and little brother is going to miss her like crazy! This little people set is just about as tall as big sister so I think it may make an appropriate stand-in play-mate during school hours!

  84. Ellen says

    With a 1 year old and a 4 year old (not to mention the 6 year old and the one in the oven) I know of many eager little hands who’d absolutely LOVE to keep themselves out of mums way with something like this! Thanks :)

  85. joanne says

    My grandson would adore this! And he’d love sharing it with his friends – he lives in a remote Aboriginal community where both his parents are teachers and this would be a great hit!

  86. Melissa McCarey says

    I would love to receive this fantastic toy for my support group for parents of children with disabilities. We have volunteer playhelpers who play with our kids in a seperate room while we chat. We have just begun & are launching on February 15th ’13, therefore any toy donations will be displayed. My own kids of course would adore it when I am running the group!

  87. jenny says

    i know that both of my children would love this toy! i have a 19 month old daughter and 4 year old son and i could see both of them loving this toy as there is so many things on it to keep them busy and their little minds occupied for hours.
    and they could both play with it on seperate sides so no fighting :-)

  88. Trish says

    I run Community based Family Day Care group. Little People are always looking for other Little People to play with :)

    I think the Mum’s and Dad’s would love to play with it too!

  89. Nic Smith says

    My son has been the biggest fan of lil people since his day dot. Little wheelies would be great to get his creative juice flowing with all the jumps, loops and “big air”.

    Merry Christmas to all :-)

  90. Bree Hetherington says

    My 2 children under 3 years would have a hoot of a time on this fabulous looking toy, and it would be big enough for them to share!! “I love ‘modda cars’ (motor cars) mummy” Master 3 says.

  91. Pippa says

    My little Mr 2 is way behind in his development. His only word so far is Broom Broom! These Broom Broom;s would be right up his alley!!!

  92. Natalie Stoute says

    Wow, what an amazing Little People toy!
    This prize would have my boys jumping with joy.
    I can imagine the joyous squeals.
    As they play and spin those wheels.
    Big enough for my three boys to share.
    Mum can play too! That’s only fair.
    Little one will learn cause and effect whilst developing motor skills.
    So much fun spinning and turning, thrills and spills!
    We’d love to win and thanks for the chance.
    If I’m a winner, I’ll youtube a happy dance!


  93. AmberB says

    She would LOVE this because she is such a little tomboy who loves her cars. She even watches the v8 Supercars on TV with such delight :)

  94. Emily K says

    In the words of Master 6, WOWWWWWW! That’s awesome! I think it is safe to say he would love me to win this toy for him!

  95. Renee says

    Both my son’s love cars and speed and this would be great for them to play with together or individually

  96. Melanie S says

    Both my 2yr old girl and 5 yr old boy love cars and tracks of any description! They would adore the ramps and gates and spend hours together with this.. Hopefully cooperatively!

  97. Roshel R says

    My 2yr old boy is truck and car crazy and always wants to play with the cars and ramps at his sisters kinder. With her off to school next year he would love to have his own ramps to set up and zoom around. He is the only boy of 4 kids so he would love his own big boy toys. I’m sure his sisters would love to also help him work his way around this track.

  98. Michelle says

    Round and round, up and down, and through the loop they go, the endless fun for everyone that amusement parks provide!

  99. Michelle pyne says

    I don’t have any kids but my nephew would love this as he is cray cray about all things cars. If I kept it at my house he might visit a lot more :)

  100. RACHAEL says

    Both my girls would love this! Who am I kidding I’d be in there too! :) It looks like so much fun and being a car lover as a kid I think I’d have the most fun :)

  101. jen dunne says

    Big Brother has a marble run that my toddler is not allowed touch, Little People Wheelies Loop n’ Swoops Amusement Park looks like much more fun.

  102. Tess Lindsay says

    My adventurous daughter could perform all the daredevil swoops and loop de loops that mummy just cant do in our car.

  103. corinne cambridge says

    my son would love this, and i would love it because it’s fisherprice and i know it’ll last!

  104. Megan says

    My two year old lives and breathes cars. He loves making ramps out of furniture and toys, so this would be ideal for his creative, car fuelled nature.

  105. Kylie Bowers says

    My 2 Year old Patrick would LOVE this, he loves playing with his cars and this would keep him entertained for hours!

  106. Bernice says

    Things with wheels are a winner at our place.
    Things with wheels that go down a ramp – well that’s just out of this world at our place.
    Things with wheels the go down ramps and are sturdy, bright and from Fisher Price – well that’s just to the moon and back!

  107. Jodi says

    My 13month is just starting to get into cars and being able to push them and let go. I think he would find this a lot of fun.

  108. Belinda F says

    My Little Girl would love this toy, It would be perfect for her to learn how things work and develop more of her skills. She is 18 months old.