Family Activities – Australian Open 2013 + Give Away

australian open 2013 ground pass

The give away has now closed. The winner of the give away was Jem

My eight year old’s dream is to be number 1 in the world (He’s talented and determined so who knows??!!) He watches tennis for hours on TV analysing the pros game so he would love to sit in the stands watching them play live. We took him to the Aussie Open once when he was three and couldn’t believe how long he sat quietly watching the tennis. It is a great event, I’m sure your family will love it.

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With five kids aged from 14 to 3, it can be tricky at times to find a family activity that everyone will enjoy. I have written before about how when it comes to the movies now, we often split into two and see two movies at the same time. When it comes to art/craft activities that the younger kids love, the eldest two are now too old for them and don’t come along.

I had considered taking the kids to the Australian Open before as they have enjoyed watching the tennis on the TV, but thought it would fall into the category of being too hard to entertain all of the kids. I imagined it would be too much quiet sitting for the younger ones to be able to cope with. Looking further into it though this year when I was writing up my Christmas Present Ideas post, I changed my mind and we will head along with all the kids to the Australian Open 2013.

We will go using Ground Pass tickets which will entitle us to access to all outside court action including Margaret Court Arena (subject to availability & scheduling). In the map below you can see the areas that we will have access to. {Click on the map to see a larger version.}:

A Ground Pass is an economical way for the family to see some great tennis. A Family Ground Pass (2 Adults & 2 Children or 1 Adult & 3 Children) if you buy it now is only $90.00. Once the tournament starts the price is $95.00. Additional tickets are at $34 each (pre-tournament prices).

As the Ground Pass allows access to Garden Square and Grand Slam® Oval, we will be able to mix up tennis watching with activities for the kids, especially the younger ones. The older boys will be able to sit for much greater periods, but I know the younger ones will need to run out some energy after spells of quiet sitting! Activities on offer include:

MLC Tennis Hot Shots
Families can play on the mini courts and learn about Tennis Australia’s kid’s starter program for kids aged five to 12. Local tennis coaches will put children through their paces at Margaret Court Arena prior to the start of the first day session match on the first seven days of the tournament.

The MLC Tennis Hot Shots is run at local tennis centres through out the year. You can go to the Hot Shots website to find your local centre and if you sign the kids up now they get a free SpongeBob Square Pants Backpack.

MLC Autograph Island
MLC Autograph Island is located at the MLC Tennis Hot Shots mini courts in Garden Square. Here kids have the unique opportunity to meet their favourite tennis players up close and obtain their autographs during the first eight days of the Australian Open.

MLC Fan Zone
The MLC Fan Zone is located at Grand Slam® Oval and is created to be an interactive zone where kids have the opportunity to actively participate in tennis-related activities. They can try the Tennis Tornado and play on the mini tennis courts.

But MLC Fan Zone isn’t just about the kids, mum and dad will be able to find some activities of interest at Grand Slam® Oval too, like the Beer Garden, Wine Bar and live bands!

The Gift Of A Ground Pass

A Ground Pass makes an ideal gift for those hard to buy friends and family. A Family Ground Pass is an excellent option from my perspective, because while it is fab that each of the kids get lots of lovely toys etc at Christmas, when you times all those gifts by five that is a significant influx of “stuff” to the house.

Experience based gifts like tickets to the Australian Open, don’t take up any space! And they have the added bonus of providing entertainment for the kids through out the school holidays.

For those that work you can actually get an “After 5″ Ground Pass which will provide access to the Australian Open from 5:00pm for all sessions between 14 January until 19 January 2013.

You can go online and book the tickets now via Ticketek before the Australian Open starts to save on your ticket prices.


The Australian Open has created a fantastic online guide which gives you all the info you need so you can make the most of your time at the tournament. The guide combined with referencing the tournament schedule and entertainment schedule for Grand Slam® Oval will make it easy to get the kids involved and plan out how we will spend our time at the Australian Open.

Australian Open 2013 Give Away

Thanks to the Australian Open I have 2 x Family Ground Passes for the Australian Open 2013 (4 tickets) to give away. (A Family Ground Pass is valued at $90 at pre tournament prices.)

To enter all you need to do is leave a comment letting me know what part of the Australian Open your kids would love the most? The give away is open to Australian residents only and will close on 5:00 pm AEDST on Friday 7th December 2012. Please see the full terms and conditions here.

Good luck!


  1. Antonietta says

    Knowing my kids, it would be all the entertainment that goes on outside of the courts, though I think they would enjoying seeing the ball kids do their thing

  2. Sharon Beattie says

    The Fan Zone would be a hit with my girls. To meet Roger Federer is their ultimate dream – they’d wear all their gear too to make sure they look the part in case of any photo op!!

  3. Anne Portelli says

    My tennis kid’s would love it all but MLC Fan Zone would be there pick because they love a bit of a challenge.

  4. Judith Maunders says

    Miss Six loves going on ‘adventures’, particularly ones which involve a visit to the playground. It sounds like the MLC Fan Zone would knock her socks off – or at least get her actively participating in the Tennis Tornado and having a shot on the mini tennis courts. :-)

  5. says

    Awesome giveaway! My son has just started playing tennis this year and loves it. The hotshots tennis program for kids is excellent. He would love to watch a top class tennis match live.

  6. Laura A says

    My kids play tennis and love it, I’m always telling them how exciting it would be to be a ball girl, they cannot wait until they are old enough! Just to go and watch a game would an amazing experience for them.

  7. Jennifer says

    What a fantastic reason to spend the day as a family. There aren’t many activities that will entertain all 4 kids , from the littlest 3 y/o to the biggest at 15. Any or all activities would be a blast as we would be doing something as a family.

  8. Yvonne Williams says

    My son is a huge fan of The Australian Open many late nights waching it on tv,to win this awesome giveaway prize my son would be AWW.

  9. tanya bowers says

    MLC Fan Zone and the MLC Tennis Hot Shots is what i know my gorgeous daughter and 2 nephews would love. My daughter being a hugest fan and love tennis and was lucky enough to go with a family memeber 4 yrs ago has been baggering me into signing up to do tennis she can name any aus tennis player you ask and this amazing opp would be an amazing xmas gift for her. i wish i was rich and could afford to send her to tennis lessons but this is just as good. to meet and greet her role models as well as play tennis games would be awesome i wish i was a kid and do it to lol

  10. nicole larsen says

    Autograth Island just been in the city would be a thrill foir them but seeing their favourites tennis players up close would be amazing

  11. jayne says

    My 10 year old daughter would love watching the tennis, she loves all kinds of sports and i know this would entertain her and she would enjoy this so much.

  12. Lyn Beckham says

    My guys live, sleep, eat & breathe tennis. To see their favorite players warming up close up would be a thrill.

  13. jem says

    My eight year old’s dream is to be number 1 in the world (He’s talented and determined so who knows??!!) He watches tennis for hours on TV analysing the pros game so he would love to sit in the stands watching them play live. We took him to the Aussie Open once when he was three and couldn’t believe how long he sat quietly watching the tennis. It is a great event, I’m sure your family will love it.

  14. Sarah Morrison says

    My boy would probably enjoy the cheering the most and my daughter would just love the atmosphere and excitement of the game :)

  15. Judi Adams says

    My niece and i will be courtside watching the action, As a ball girl contender she would have excelled but backed out of the transaction, Now she can enjoy the game from the other side of the stand, The 2013 Open sure is going to be grand.

  16. Alyra says

    As my daughter’s first live sports event – I’m sure she be in awe by the excitement and love watching the ball kids :)

  17. Dee says

    The atmosphere, the thrill of being part of the action. Not forgetting getting to buy fizzy drinks and junk food while we’re out.

  18. Jennifer B. says

    Strangely, my two love sitting WAY up high in the gods to watch the action – all while snacking at their own pace on our picnic of finger foods that we brings along in their backpacks! :D

  19. Brei says

    For our family, (8, 5, 3) this would be the an event unto itself! The travelling, atmosphere, excitement and thrill leading up to it would be enough!! Tennis is something my children have seen on tv so they would be on the edge of their seats. I have watched it whilst pregnant, brestfeeding and settling babies thinking we will have go one day… I think we would return with a few budding tennis players and a wonderful family memory, inspired to make this an annual special family trip.

  20. Kristy Smith says

    My Mstr 3yr old is currently checking out sports to decide which he may like to play. Tennis is one, and to see the pro’s in action real time woukd be awesome and hopefully inspiring! I think he would the freedom to change courts and check out the MLC Fan Zone. I like the idea of tennis, a glass of wine and a live band too!! Something for us all. Ace!! :))

  21. Irra Walshe says

    Hubby and I like to promote healthy living to our kids through good foods and sport. Hubby is Australian, and I’m of polynesian descent. What better way to enjoy watching elite sport which is so much apart of the Australian culture. Another way to teach my girls about their different cultural backgrounds. They love football on telly and they were blown away to see it live. Would love to do the same going to see the Tennis live for the first time!

  22. Andrea Saldias says

    Thank you so much for the awesome opportunity to win this amazing gift! I have two boys ages 12 and 7. They absolutely love tennis but we are not able to afford lessons. They are just happy to play on our driveway with neighbours. My husband is the sole income earner as I have been battling cancer and many, many surgeries since 1997 to date in and out of hospital. This would be such a blessing to win. We have not been able to spend a family holiday together for a very long time and my hubby and boys have never complained. I am so grateful to them for all their unconditional love and support. We really appreciate every single day that is given to us.

    My boys would definitely love to experience the MLC Fan Zone with all those terrific activities.. We have not been able to afford even taking the boys to a live match. They love Leyton Hewitt, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. This would be a real Family Dream Come True, one that we would treasure and never forget.

    Thank you once again.
    Andrea Saldias

  23. Nicole says

    My ssix-year-old has been waiting to get the autograph of someone famous for a long time. (At the few sporting events he’s been to, he hasn’t been close enough.) So the Autograph Island at the Australian Open would be his chance!

  24. Lee says

    My boys would love all that is on offer at the Australian Open but if I had to choose it would be the Fan Zone – a great mix of activities for the entire family! Great giveaway!! :)

  25. Beth says

    My kids would love to see the tennis “for real life”, instead of just on the TV – they’d enjoy watching the games with the live atmosphere.

  26. Mummamish says

    Same problem as you finding activities to do as a family of five kids from 15-5!! I think I could actually drag them to this one and we’d all have fun ! Only myself and the hubby can play okay levelled tennis but who doesn’t live to hit a tennis ball over the net ! The MLC MTennis Hotshots program on the mini courts sounds like chaotic fun ! Who knows, one of them may pick up the tennis bug …; AUtograph Island and Fan zone both sound awesome too – we watch all tennis grand slams and major tourneys on telly and they love Federer, Nadal and Tsonga ! (Their dad is French and lives his tennis)…kids can play while we sit back and relax and enjoy all the action on the courts or join in !! Perfect outing for our large crazy bunch … Good luck everyone and Merry Christmas / happy holidays !!!

  27. Diane Pearse says

    As my son is only 2 I think the fan zone will be the part he would enjoy most. My husband and I have been meaning to get to the Open since we moved to Australia 7 years ago, but we’ve put it off for one reason or another each year. Now we may be moving overseas again so this may be our last chance to go!

  28. says

    What a fantastic giveaway and idea for a gift. I love giving the goft d an experience as I believe that the receiver gets so much more out of it then a plastic gift that they LOVE for a few weeks.
    My kids would love the Hot Shots opportunity.

  29. Chelsea Ryan says

    My Kids would just love the experiences of going, being near the action and the chance of seeing someone famous walk on by.

  30. roberto colombi says

    Watching players like Roger Federer live, he’d be so inspired and would try to emulate the ‘Basel’ Dazzle style of tennis in his own play!

  31. Marie Pohnetalova says

    Watching the players warm-up and train on the outside courts… it would be invaluable for them to see how hard they train and how dedicated they must be to succeed

  32. Meghan says

    My kids have never seen tennis up close so it would all be exciting for them. They would definitely love the hot shots area.

  33. Michele L says

    My kids after watching the tennis would love the interactive MLC Fan Zone. Just the place to get their hands and brains engaged.

  34. Jade B says

    my kids have been raving on about tennis, probably because I am an avid tennis fan myself! I’m sure they will love everything but definitely getting in and having a go at the activities will be a highlight for them :)))

  35. Kerri Wilkinson says

    Autograph Island would be an absolute thrill for my kids to go to. To receive an autograph from one of the top players and meet them would be a once in a lifetime experience for them. It would also inspire them to continue on with playing tennis to see how far they could go.

  36. Brendon Field says

    we have 4 kids aged 14mths to 11 years and im sure they would all have a ball at some point i know the older 2 would love hots shots and watching tennis while our younger 2 would love the world experience ,what a gtreat family day out.

  37. Nicola says

    Wow! I think for my kids it wouldn’t be seeing the already made it super champions but more about seeing the younger up and coming players realising their dreams in actually playing in the greatest tennis championship. It would mean everything to Mr 13 to be able to see what people can achieve through hard work and dedication and to see that even the best players still get coached! Miss 6 and Miss 4? Well as long as there is an icecream stand they’ll be overjoyed – the tennis would be a bonus for them!

  38. Nicolle says

    To watch or meet any of the Australian players. Also the atmosphere in general because we love watching people

  39. Kirsten W says

    The atmosphere and the noise (well, sounds). You can watch tennis all you like on the tv, but it doesn’t capture the thrill of hearing the tennis balls, hearing the panting of the players and hearing the gasps of the crowd. My children would love to take all that in.

  40. Courtney Brideson says

    The other spectators, especially the Swedes. My kids love it when the good-natured chanting begins between two countries.

  41. Monica says

    It would be a huge day out for my two boys, they love all ball sports and my little one sometimes goes to sleep with a tennis ball! They would love watching the actual matches and also the MLC fan zone- anything interactive that is tennis related! Thanks for posting this competition, what a brilliant idea!

  42. Clair says

    I think the kids would love watching the actual match plus enjoying the amazing atmosphere – the laugh of the crowd, the cheers when a favourite player gets a point and a chance to see all of the stars in action!