IKEA Soft Toys for Education + Give Away

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The winners were:

If I were lucky enough to win this prize I would put them under the Christmas Giving Tree at Kmart. My three daughters and I have recently completed our annual toy shopping for the Giving Tree. This is something we do every year and my heart swells with pride when I witness their generosity and delight at being able to do something tangible for children who are less fortunate. They think very carefully about the gifts they chose making sure they are sturdy, age appropriate and something that will bring hours of play and enjoyment.

I would donate them to AMES to pass on to refugee children. My nieces and nephews have plenty of toys, but the refugee children (mostly Burmese and Sudanese in my area) have little to nothing.

As you would know I am quite passionate about children’s education. Education can make all the difference in the life of a child. Over the last 9 years, IKEA have run the Soft Toys for Education initiative to raise money that gives children across Africa, Asia and Europe access to better education.

The IKEA Foundation aims to improve opportunities for children and youth in developing countries by funding holistic, long-term programmes that can create substantial, lasting change. The Foundation works with strong strategic partners applying innovative approaches to achieve large-scale results in four fundamental areas of a child’s life: a place to call home; a healthy start in life; a quality education; and sustainable family income. Currently funded programmes benefit an estimated 100 million children. ikeafoundation.org

Last year alone 2011 the IKEA foundation donated 12.4 million euro to UNICEF and Save the Children, and since 2003, 47.5 million euro has been generated through the Soft Toys for Education campaign. 8 million children in 45 countries have benefited from the funds generated. The funds get put towards projects like training teachers and creating child friendly schools.

IKEA Soft Toys for Education IMG_8374
You can help in this campaign, which is running from November 4 until December 29. For every IKEA soft toy or children’s book bought, the IKEA Foundation will donate 1 euro to help fund education projects supported by UNICEF and Save the Children.

And if you don’t want to buy the toys for your children, you can purchase them and leave it in the donation boxes in-store. As well as the 1 euro money donation they generate, these toys are then given to Save the Children, who distribute these toys among families in need in local communities.

IKEA Soft Toys Give Away

IKEA Soft Toys for Education DSC07341
Courtesy of IKEA I have two super cute soft toy packs to give away. Each pack contains the soft toys below. Yours will be new of course, not the ones which have been squished and loved on by my little ones!

IKEA Soft Toys for Education DSC07321

To enter all you need to do is:

  • Leave a comment telling me who you would give the toys to and why.
  • The winner will be notified via email. You must have a valid email address to enter. If no response is received with 72 hours, a new winner will be selected.
  • This give away is available to Australian residents only.
  • The give away will close 9pm AEDST Wednesday 28th November 2012.
  • Good luck!


  1. christine morris says

    I would give a toy to my Brother as he is a Missionary and helps lots of disadvantaged Kids all over the world, he would have no trouble handing onne of these cute plush toys away.

  2. Carla Trudgett says

    One for my daughter who loves a ‘cuggle’ and one each for her small cousins – sharing is caring!

  3. Sonya says

    I’d share them amongst my 2 little ones, and my brother’s 3 little ones – one of his children has special needs so he would probably get to pick his favourite first.

  4. Melissa Brown says

    My 2 year old son would adore them. He loves to hug and wrestle with his furry friends. Best mates to a toddler.

  5. says

    These soft toys look so cute but given that my three boys have an abundance of toys I think they would like to donate them to some less fortunate kids for Christmas.

  6. Lani Kennedy says

    As I dont have young kids, they will be stored up for next years “Operation Xmas” shoe box gift drive, !!

  7. Nicole Taylor says

    I would keep the dog for my two older kids, pass on the moose to a new addtion in the family, and donate the fox to a charity for christmas

  8. kerry santillo says

    My son was admitted to the Adelaide Chidrens Hospital after finding out he had a congential birth defect with his spine. Whilst we were there for 8 days, the support and courage of staff and children wass very over wheliming and heartwrenching too. I would love to put a smile on rtheir faces and deliver them , maybe as santa :) or I might get hubby he is a bit wider than me hahaha

  9. Heather says

    My adopted Chinese nieces were both left in cardboard boxes -one on a church doorstep, the other on the side of a road. They are adorable, well adjusted girls and we love to spoil them. They love cuddly toys so these would be going under the Christmas tree!

  10. Chrystal says

    I would give these toys to my friends toddler. She is always so generous with gifts, it would be special to be able to return the favour.

  11. Jodi says

    I am a playgroup leader, so I would donate them to our toys supply to replace some of our more ‘worn out’ soft toys with these gorgeous, brightly coloured characters. They would receive lots of love and cuddles I am sure!!!!

  12. Kerry says

    One of my families from work recently returned from a holiday in Cambodia. They visited an orphanage and spent time with the children reading stories and playing games. A lot of these children are confined to their cots most of the time as workers are scarce. These children are poor and alone. A beautiful bright toy would certainly give them something to smile about.

  13. Mel says

    I would give the Hippo to my son. He has a Mr Elephant that is so ruined but he just won’t part with it and I would give the fox to my daughter. She loves toys that look like dogs and the other one would go to their crehe for everyone to enjoy!

  14. Cassandra says

    I would give the toys to the Special Care Nursery where my daughter spent the first six weeks of her life. The toys would help to put a smile on the faces of small and sick premature babies who have all had a difficult start to life.

  15. Elizabeth Dreves says

    I”m a teacher and soft toys help my children concentrate. They cuddle a toy whilst they work and it keeps them focussed. These would be perfect in my classroom.

  16. Nicole says

    Hi , I would give these to the Chidrens hospital . So many kids won’t be at home for christmas this year due to illness. While some kids wouldn’t be able to hold these cuddle toys , they could still look at them and they would be able to give them something to smile about . To be able to make a sick kid smile is priceless!

  17. Dee says

    Who else but my little miss who is my permanent shadow, and her big, but still little, brother & my nephew who’s just about as cute as these soft toys.

  18. Diana O says

    To my soon to be twin niece & nephew!!! They’re due to arrive after Christmas, but before New Years eve and this Auntie is super mega excited!!

  19. Ernie says

    I’d give them to the little kids next door. They just lost their Dad (he was in a horrifying car accident), and the poor little buggers need everything nice life can throw their way at the moment.

  20. jodie horton says

    I just had my baby girl last week and I have been overloaded with soft toys – but I had her in Randwick Womens Hospital which is next to the Sydney Childrens Hospital.. Most mornings I took Mia for a little walk in her bassinet through the Childrens Hospital and it was such a reminder of how lucky I am to have healthy children. I would love to win these toys and take them into the Childrens Hospital play room.

  21. Tess Howard says

    I’d let Mr4 and Miss8 choose one each, then wrap one up to take to the local Christmas appeal. That way we’ll feel soft and cuddly on the inside from giving and sharing.

  22. Leah Staker says

    As much as I’d love to keep them for my three little men. I’d let the kids wrap them up for under the Kmart Wishing tree. There’s a lesson for all of us in helping others, especially when Christmas is so focused around presents when they are little.

  23. Keren says

    These would go to my son for role playing to help with anxiety and learning to use his voice in stressful situations.

  24. Michelle P says

    I am teaching our girls (4 and a half yrs and 2 and a half yrs) that Christmas is about giving too. This year they are clearing out the toys that they no longer use or play with and “giving them to boys and girls who aren’t lucky enough to have any toys” . I would donate these IKEA Soft Toys to our Mayor’s Chistmas Tree Appeal for families in need. We live in Townsville.

  25. Melanie Farrugia says

    I would give to my best friend who if due to have a baby early January would make a great ddition to the nursery

  26. says

    I love Ikea cuddly toys but I promise to donate them to our charity Christmas box at work which is only full of boring old food at the moment (might have to keep that little fox for myself though ;).

  27. Kate says

    They would go to my daughters Kindy, they don’t make much money and out of what they do, most of it goes towards new educational items

  28. Alison says

    I would love to give my little angel the adorable toys as he has been awfully sick this year and needs something special to help with the on going treatment.

  29. says

    I would love to give the toys to my new granddaughter Oceania Lily, who, 6 weeks ago, I helped unexpectedly deliver, on the bedroom floor at home, with the help of her daddy and 000! And I’d give some toys also to her 2 yo brother, Hunter, who watched the whole procedure in awe then ran away saying, “Ooh, I’ve got to go now!!”.

  30. Julie Marnow says

    My kids were upset when they saw the impact of the recent storms in Queensland, especially since they have friends up north. When we talked about families losing their houses and kids losing their toys, they were quite shocked that some children don’t have toys and thought it would be a good idea to send them to Queensland.

  31. Alexandra Prince says

    I would put each one in a box for the charity Samaritins Purse for Operation Christmas Child as “something to love”. Shoes boxes are filled with treasures such as ‘something for school’, ‘something to wear’ ‘something to play with’, ‘something for personal hygiene’ and ‘something special’ and sent overseas as a gift for children who have never received anything for Christmas. I have done this for a number of years with my own children and now do it with the kids at my school as a joint project so that together we can make a difference to other peoples lives.They would make a wonderful start to some boxes.

  32. says

    As my Hubby and me dont have children, My two beautiful dogs are my girls and they mean everything to me, life wouldnt be the same without them they always bring such joy to our faces.
    I would like to give it to them and give them as much joy as they do to me.

  33. Rebecca Baker says

    If I won these beautiful Stuffed toys, I will head to the royal brisbane hospital and give them to the sick kiddies this christmas =)

  34. Noeleen McRae says

    As a pensioner, I would be able to spoil my new little grandson with a very special Christmas treat of your delightful stuffed toys

  35. Leila says

    If i were lucky enough to win i’d give one to a brand new baby due any day now, send one off to a friend whose little girl was born a week ago and another who will be born early in the new year.
    I will then be able to spoil all three newborns which is something i would not be able to do otherwise.

  36. says

    I would donate them to AMES to pass on to refugee children. My nieces and nephews have plenty of toys, but the refugee children (mostly Burmese and Sudanese in my area) have little to nothing.

  37. Sandra says

    If I were lucky enough to win this prize I would put them under the Christmas Giving Tree at Kmart. My three daughters and I have recently completed our annual toy shopping for the Giving Tree. This is something we do every year and my heart swells with pride when I witness their generosity and delight at being able to do something tangible for children who are less fortunate. They think very carefully about the gifts they chose making sure they are sturdy, age appropriate and something that will bring hours of play and enjoyment.

  38. Kim m says

    I would give one each to my mum, dad and my two kids, because everyone is young enough to get a beautiful cuddly toy like this, just becase I love them!!

  39. Dayna says

    I would take them to work as I work with vulnerable families and children and I would give them to the children I work with, in particular, two young girls and their younger brother who have just been through and experienced a nasty separation by their parents. It would be something nice for them to have and hold through the rough times.

  40. Toni Prinsse says

    I would give them to my best friend’s little boy Xavier, he is two years old and the most beautiful child, I love him and he would love Ikea’s soft toys.

  41. Kristina says

    Aww so cute I have 2 daughters so one each to them for Christmas and donate the other to our school Christmas raffle.

  42. Emma Puszkar says

    There have beebn two new babies born in our street this year, I would love to welcome them into our neighbourhood.

  43. Charisse Childs says

    Hi, I would give my 2 boys for Christmas the foxes as those 2 are so cunning! The other 2 I would give to my friend who has adorable kids like the 2 remaining toys.

  44. Jeannette Lockett says

    Even though my grandkids would love them,these would be ideal to leave under our local Wishing Tree in time for Christmas.

  45. kirsty says

    i would give them to my daughter.She loves soft toys and teddies and would welcome them in to her little family and love them dearly

  46. Amanda Gorton says

    I would donate the toys to a Christmas Wishing tree appeal for kids less fortunate – this is the time of year when sharing is caring!

  47. Sharon says

    I would like to give them to a little boy called Zane in my son’s class. He has no toys or friends (exceopt my son) and I would let my little boy give them to him for Christmas.

  48. Natalie Stoute says

    My boys love stuffed toys (me too!) and we have approximately 200 (seriously). We already have reindeer, dogs and foxes and our new ‘rule’ is to only buy types of animals we don’t have. I was thrilled to find a stuffed otter the other day! I’d also put these under the KMart tree :)

  49. Deb Jays (@Deb3Jays) says

    I would give them to my 5 year old son (Isaac) I would also donate one of them of his choice to his kindy, for the past couple of weeks they have been learning all about different animals & it was so funny to see the gorgeous ‘Hippo’ because just last week I read him a story about a ‘A very lonely Hippo’. it is a community based kindy ( we have to raise funds so the kindy can purchase new things, & they just do so much for the kids, would love to give them one for a special thank you, so kids for the following years will enjoy it too.

  50. Jodie Taylor says

    I would give them to my 3 chidlren because then my husband cannot blame me for BUYING more soft toys!

  51. Wendy Daniels says

    I would give one to my baby girl who would love a new teddy for Christmas and one for the church Christmas tree for kids in need.

  52. julie bennett says

    my little man is 10 months old and loves cuddly soft toys this gift pack would be ideal from santa under the christmas tree.

  53. jennifer dunne says

    I would give them to my children’s school and let them donate them to a family who needs them the most.

  54. Kirsten W says

    I would love to be unselfish and say I would give them to someone else, but I think these toys are beautiful and I know my kids would love them, so I would give them to my kids!

  55. stacey says

    if i was to win. i would give one each to my kids i can garuntee they would love to have these gorgeous toys.

  56. Jacinta says

    Sydney Children’s Hospital Xmas appeal. They have looked after my little boy, it would be nice to give something back.

  57. Noleen B says

    I would spoil my 2 gorgeous Grandsons with these toys. I may not get to see the boys but I know they would love to have them.

  58. Glennie says

    My family are foster carers and have five extra children this christmas. These would make great presents to put under the tree for them!

  59. Liz Ellis says

    My toddlers have just packed up many of their toys to give to children in our small town who don’t have any toys. It made them sad to say goodbye to their playthings, but I am so proud of them for being so kind. They are only 2 years old, and deserve a special surprise toy to say well done :)

  60. Monica says

    Two granddaughters…2yr Sienna and 1mth Stella…such cute cuddly toys for my two two cute cuddly girls!

  61. Heather Beech says

    Our work place is doing a drive to collect toys to give to kids removed from their homes due to crisis and placed into emergency care, these toys would be donated to that cause if I was lucky enough to win.

  62. Rebecca Sykes says

    I would give the set to my son. He adores soft toys and bright colours. He is 2 and is developing a sense of ownership and belonging! He would adore them!

  63. angela orlick says

    If i won this plush-tastic prize , i would donate some of the toys to the womens and childrens hospital and some to charity stores such as salvos as children who are sick or in need deserve to have an amazing Christmas

  64. Cathy Bowdler says

    One each for my twins, two years, and the remainder taken to our local hospital for sick kids to cuddle.

  65. Kerryanne Bourke says

    We would place them under the kmart wishing tree
    Unfortunately this year has been tight for us so we have only just scraped together enough money for our own two children but would like for our kids to experience the gift of giving for the less fortunate and this would be the perfect way for it to happen!

  66. nicole larsen says

    my nephew and he dosent have a lot in his life and this would put a smile on his face on Xmas morning

  67. Michele L says

    I would love to give the toys to a couple of special little ones. Their parents have saved for years to buy a house and there wont be a lot of spare cash for the children’s presents this year.

  68. HELEN FERNEE says

    I would love to send these Creative and Expressive cute toys to the …Orphanage in Thailand where our family adopted two children from.
    Orphanages are lonely places to be at anytime…and making Christmas time happier for children withoutt a family gives them hope!

  69. Kathie says

    I have a special little granddaughter in mind for this wonderful prize. I can just see her cheeky smile now.

  70. Amyas says

    I would give one of the toys to my first nephew born this year and the others to Toys and Tucker for children who need help for Christmas.

  71. Jacoba Evans says

    My daughter is heavily pregnant and soon to give birth. After many medical costs related to the pregnancy, I think these beautiful stuffed toys would help fill her nursery with cheer.

  72. Jacinda Callus says

    My husband is a nurse in a paediatric ward…I’d love to give them to the hospital to help some sick kids smile this christmas.

  73. jenny l says

    My 3 gorgeous grandchildren- Izabelle is 2, Jazmin is 1 and Benjamin is 2 months old and I know they would all adore these lovely toys.