5 Healthy Snack Ideas For Mum

Healthy Snack Ideas

In line with one of my goals for 2012 (improve my diet), I have been experimenting with a few healthy snack ideas. A focus for me has been to increase protein as well, so the snack ideas I have listed below tend to lean towards that end.

I eat morning tea and afternoon tea every day. I turn into a pretty cranky mum if I don’t eat. So today I thought I would share with you my favourties! I have also included a quick snapshot of the nutritional information about each snack as per the My Fitness Pal App.

{Please note that I am not a dietitian or nutritionist. I have included this information for interest only. Please make your own assessments before including these snacks in your diet.}

Healthy Snack Idea No. 1 – Almonds and Cranberries

Healthy Snack Ideas - Almonds and Cranberries
I make up a tub of dry roasted almonds and dried cranberries. I love the sweetness the cranberries add! A serve is a quarter of a cup and consists of approximately:

  • 30 grams dry roasted almonds
  • 7.5 grams sweetened dried cranberries

Almonds and Cranberries Nutritional Information

Healthy Snack Idea No. 2 – Peanut Butter and Banana Wrap

Healthy Snack Ideas - Banana Wrap
I have an addiction to peanut butter and will experiment adding it to many things! Simply spread a teaspoon of crunchy peanut butter over a wrap. Then mash up a banana and spread it over the wrap. It tastes excellent.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Banana Wrap

Banana Wrap Nutritional Information

Healthy Snack Idea No. 3 – Dukkah Cottage Cheese and Crackers

Healthy Snack Ideas - Dukkah and Cottage Cheese
I have never been a big fan of Cottage Cheese mainly because I have found it so incredibly bland. After reading this post by Seana Smith though I was inspired to add to the cottage cheese to spice it up a little. I used my homemade dukkah and it gave a great taste to the cottage cheese.

Healthy Snack Ideas - Cottage Cheese and Crackers

This snack consists of:

  • 2 tablespoons cottage cheese
  • 2 teaspoons dukkah
  • 8 Vita Weat 9 Grains biscuits

Cottage Cheese and Crackers Nutritional Information

Healthy Snack Idea No. 4 – Smoothies

Healthy Snack Ideas - Smoothies
I have posted a few smoothie recipes recently, but for a pre-made snack you can take on the go, the make ahead smoothie is fab.

Breakfast Smoothie Nutritional Information

Healthy Snack Idea No. 4 – Simple Trail Mix

Healthy Snack Ideas - Nuts and Seeds
This is a super simple trail mix with only three ingredients – three of my favourite snacking items. I make up bulk batches of this and then divide it up into containers and zip locks bags, so I can take them with me when I am out and about. The ingredients below made 16 serves.

  • 150 grams Goji berries
  • 250 grams pumpkin kernels
  • 250 grams raw pistachio kernels

Pistachio Mix Nutritional Information

What are you favourite healthy snacks?


  1. says

    I think your number 5 has just become my favourite snack, I must try it immediately! I am still eating bucketloads of cottage cheese. The latest things I’ve mixed in are pesto, and also home made orange marmalade – very yummy. Still just having the cottage cheese, 100g or 200g if I’m starving, or with some salad and bread for lunch. Have tried to love crackers but….

    Really useful post, thank you!

  2. says

    Yu-um, these look fantastic. I eat almonds & cranberries (or dates) as a snack quite frequently. The combo is just slightly addictive! Another interesting, nutritious fruit for snacks are inca berries. Like a cross bw cranberries & figs. I’ve only ever seen them at Royal Nut Co in Malvern though. Going to add wraps to my weekly shop! Banana & peanut butter sounds delicious!

    • says

      HI Marita,

      Could you recommend a free nut butter and any idea where I can buy it? I have seen a few recipes (like the one I am about to post) that use peanut butter, but don’t end up making them as the kids can’t take anything with traces of nuts to school.