After School Snacks


AfterSchoolSnacksTitleSince I have been posted my monthly lunch box ideas, I have received many questions about what do I then feed the kids after school.

We still eat pretty early on most nights (Wednesdays not as we have so much running around!) so I try to serve them up enough food to stop them from complaining about being hungry, but making sure they will eat their dinner.

Each week at the market there are the essential extra items that need to be added to our fruit and veg list. They vary slightly through out the seasons but providing they are not ridiculously expensive we buy additional cucumber, red capsicum, carrot and celery on top of in season fruit.

NB: As I have noted before, I am not a nutritionist and these ideas are simply shared to provide inspiration. You will need to make your own judgement on whether they are right to serve up to your kids.

After School Snacks For Kids

after school snacks
I almost need to put frozen raspberries under lock and key at our house. All of the kids adore them.

after school snacks
Air popped pop corn is always popular and so quick and easy to make with our popcorn maker.

after school snacks
It is actually a pretty rare occurrence for the kids to have a home baked treat after school – I can barely keep up with the lunch boxes let alone after school snacks! If on Friday there is some left I might add a small piece to their plate.

after school snacks
My kids think grissini are fabulous. They don’t tend to pack to well in lunch boxes so we have them occasionally after school.

after school snacks
Sometimes if we need to errands straight after school, I will pack up some snack boxes and bring them with me in the car. I find the behaviour of the kids out and about is so much better if they are not hungry.

after school snacks
And then on those odd days where we may have been soaked on the way home from school or something similar it might be toast and hot chocolate.

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Do you feed your kids after school snacks and if so what?


  1. says

    I want to come to your house afterschool! Looks yummy! We have frozen blueberry fans around here, I have to keep them on the top shelf of the freezer to keep them from disappearing. Even the baby eats them until his little fingers are stained blue.
    We go the popcorn route and fresh fruit most of the time. I love the idea of hot cocoa and toast on a cold, wet day! Thanks for the tips!!

  2. Sally says

    You are a life saver – I’ve just starting reading your blogs and love your tips! I have been at a loss what to give the kids after school and they just endlessly help themselves to the pantry eating usually chips and biscuits and then not eating all of their dinner. I know if I have a plate of fruit, popcorn, crackers etc ready for them when they get home they will devour it. I knew what I needed to do but you just prompted me – thanks!

  3. Jane says

    We too like toast and hot chocolate on a cold day after school. Crackers and cheese, corn thins, dried fruit are also good. Cinnamon toast is a treat – just sprinkle cinnamon and sugar on toast and grill until sugar melts. The other day I was desperate and it was cold so kids had 2 fish fingers each! They loved it and still ate their tea:)

  4. says

    Love these ideas all very healthy – evidently no nut allergies at your place but – peanut butter eaisly replaced with some cream cheese.

  5. Cath says

    Those look like really big snacks! (and delish)

    A couple of questions – when you get a chance, would you be able to post a photo of the size of your kids servings at dinner? My girls eat pitiful amounts at dinner and I’m not sure if it’s related to the size/timing of their snacks.

    Also, are your home or school kids able to take snacks throughout the day whenever they want? Or do you keep them to set times?

  6. says

    Thanks for some great ideas! My kids are really into smoothies at the moment, so I’m going through bags of frozen berries and mixing them with yoghurt, milk and whatever other fruit I have lying around. And, yes, they are always in a much happier mood when they aren’t starving!

  7. says

    My girls have rediscovered baked beans, so I purchased some mini tins for the girls and they have them as an after school snack.

    Some days when things are really hard work I mix up the routine and we have dinner for afternoon tea and then a light snack at what would usually be dinner time. I can usually tell in advance which days are going to be hard – they start with more difficult than usual mornings and often include a phone call from school during the day.

  8. Kym says

    Thanks sharing what your kids have for afternoon tea. Funny thing I was wondering that very thing a couple of days ago as I know you make so many lovely homemade treats for them for school.

    I alternate when my kids have baked treats, so some days they are in the lunch box and some days for after school.
    In autumn/ winter we have any of the following, often served with a small milo (hot chocolate) or smoothie:
    * raisin/fruit toast with a milo
    * toast/crumpet/ English muffin with honey or jam
    * toast/crumpet/English muffin with margarine/butter and sliced banana lightly sprinkled with cinnamon or mixed spice
    * homemade mini pizzas (spread a small amount of tomato paste, add cheese and ham or other meat on a crumpet or English muffin and toast)
    * vegemite and cheese on toast/crumpet or English muffin
    * baked beans
    * two minute noodles
    * muffin or home baked treat (or bought one occasionally)
    * fresh seasonal fruit
    * cheese and crackers
    * popcorn (we have a popcorn maker too, love it! )
    * a combo of pretzels, cereal (eg nutrigrain, cheerios), puffed rice or rice crackers and dried fruit mixed together (this is a great one to bag up for on the go)
    * pikelets (I do a double batch and freeze them, if you stack them with baking paper between layers or flat in a bag they are easy to pull out what you need)