Lunch Box Ideas – April

Lunch Box Ideas - April

In Victoria, tomorrow is the start of term two, so perfect time to share some more lunch box ideas!

My aim this year has been to make sure the kids’ lunch boxes are well balanced, provide variety and are easy for me to put together.

Lunch Box Ideas – April Set 1

Lunch Box Ideas - tart
Quick Egg and Bacon Tarts

Lunch Box Ideas - oat slice
Rolled Oat Slice

Lunch Box Ideas - set 1

Together lunch box set 1 looks like:

Lunch Box Ideas – April Set 2

Lunch Box Ideas - rice bubble slice
Rice Bubble Slice

Lunch Box Ideas - set 2

With lots of home cooked food in their lunch boxes during term 1, I did get requests for “vegemite sandwiches”, so lunch box set 2 has just that!
Together lunch box set 2 looks like:

  • Vegemite sandwich
  • Rice Bubble Slice
  • Banana
  • Cut veggies – capsicum and cucumber
  • Special K – a breakfast cereal high in protein

For more inspiration, the table below list some fruit and veg which are in season for April. This isn’t a complete list, but just a selection of items that you might like to try including in the kids lunch boxes, either raw or baked into a snack / meal:

Seasonal Fruits for April:Seasonal Vegetables for April:
apples - aba - bonza - braeburn - cox's orange
pippins - fuji - gala - golden delicious - granny smith -
jonagold - jonathan - mutso - red delicious
asian greens - bok choy - choy sum - gai laan- wonga bok
grapes - muscat - purple
cornichon - sultana - waltham
beans - green - snake
mandarin - imperial - nashicarrots
orange - valenciacelery
pears - beurre bosc - howell - josephine - packham - red sensation - williamspeas

You can see more lunch box ideas here and read more about my school lunch box process here.

Do you have some new ideas for the kids’ lunch boxes in term 2?


  1. Caroline says

    Congrats on the new site Nicole. It looks great.

    Re yoghurt issues raised in a few posts – my two love squeezy youghurts. I freeze them so they colder for longer in the lunch bags. They are more expensive than yoghurt tubs but every last drop is sucked out of them and so nothing is wasted.

  2. Andrea says

    Hello! I love that you pack rubbish free lunches!!! I have no idea what a squeezy yoghurt is, but it sounds like it has way too much plastic. It would be great to see a school yard empty of little plastic wrappers and for staff to take a stand on rubbish free lunches – I understand that parents are busy and the little packets are ‘convenient’ – but it really doesn’t take much longer to pack plastic free snacks in my opinion!