Organizing Your Home – Labelling and Sorting

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Today’s post is from a lovely reader of Planning With Kids.  Christina responded to my decluttering newsletter with some progress of her own in the constant battle with clutter!

Christina is a mother or 3 young children, who lives in Tassie and works one day a week outside of the home.  Christina says she is determined to be more organised this year and has made a cracking start!

Christina has been using a number of  blogs including these for inspiration:

Christina has set in place some fabulous organisation systems in her household to help her control the clutter.  A big thanks to Christina for taking the time to photograph her new systems and sharing them with readers here on PWK.


[This year] I have basically gone through my house and sorted every drawer and cupboard and then gone nuts with my labelling machine!

The other thing that is really helping me to keep my phone/laptop/organising hub tidy is an organisation folder (it might sound over the top) but ‘clean mama’ has another post that has great ideas for cleaning and organisation.
Organizing Your Home - paperwork

Organizing Your Home - binder

Organizing Your Home - paperwork

Computer hub – love this idea I saw on pinterest–keeps our cords tidy… our laptops and printer sit on the top of this shelf and the kids drawing/craft stuff is underneath in baskets.
Organizing Your Home - cords

Organizing Your Home - stationary

Fridge – putting things in baskets grouped by what I often use all at the same time.
Organizing Your Home - fridge

Laundry – light and dark baskets (my kids and hubby now sort the washing for me when they put their items in… still working on solution for towels though… might get another light basket as they are nice and narrow.
Organizing Your Home - laundry

Handwashing basket - one blogger wrote that if organisation looks pretty you are more likely to use it and keep it clean! True in my case :).
Organizing Your Home -  kids

Also added a little shelf with jars for washing powder, napisan, and sard soaps – the stuff I use the most.
Organizing Your Home - pantry

Linen cupboard – have labelled shelves so that things get put in correct piles…hard to make a linnen cupboard look pretty but at least it is organised!
Organizing Your Home - linen press


If you are after more tips on decluttering, you can see last week’s post Drowning In Clutter – Tips From Readers.

Have you implemented any new organisation systems in your home this year?


  1. Happy At Home says

    Quick background: Mum & Dad (41yo), 1 x boy (15yo), 3x girls (13yo, 11yo, 7yo) + 1 on the way (due May), 1x cat, 1x dog. For the past 4 1/2 years I have been studying at uni full-time – being organised was paramount but try as I did and despite a gung-ho start, each ‘implementation’ would soon fall through and we would revert to just plain ol’ chaos (nothing organised about it!). I found my biggest downfall was not revisiting the ‘plan’ on a regular basis and soon enough my persistence would wane and I would wind up taking the line of least resistance (and doing it myself!).
    For years I would take responsibility for packing their readers, hats etc. because I was often made to feel it reflected badly on me but soon realised I wasn’t helping my kids. They needed to understand the consequences of not being organised for themselves – it may mean they’d miss out – no hat, no play for instance. Having had loads to do with classroom teachers for a number of years and now as a real, fair dinkum one myself, there is no doubt that those children who do have to take some responsibility at home for organising themselves are far better prepared (and appreciated) than those who don’t.
    Now that I am at home full time again, awaiting the impending birth of No.5, I am taking great delight in organising our spaces once more. We are currently renting and I find it is often difficult for everything to have it’s own ‘place’ but it truly does make such a difference. Routine, charts and persistence also pay off, particularly if there’s ever the need for someone else to step in and help out as I discovered recently when I took a nasty spill on a puddle left on the floor of the supermarket, injuring my knee (thankfully not the baby!!). I have been laid up and on crutches for more than week and without some of the things we’d implemented being in place, it would have been much more frustrating that it has been!
    We are becoming increasingly short on storage space, so the biggest thing I did recently was to go through everyone’s clothing (including ridding my own wardrobe of things I can’t wear for now due to an expanding belly) and sort all the winter gear in space bags, then in labelled, plastic, lidded boxes and store it in the garage. It has freed up some much needed space and there’s less in drawers and robes to make mess with. I plan to do the same for our summer gear, thinning out the things that no longer fit or are no longer worn and donating or recycling them via eBay.
    I am really enjoying your blog – apart from some fabulous tips, it helps to keep up my level of enthusiasm! Thank you!

  2. says

    oohh great tips. Every time I cannot find something in my fridge I remind myself that I would like to organise things in there in baskets too… I have made a start – I have one and I love it! Now to organise myself to get more.

  3. says

    We have those same containers in our fridge. I’ve actually changed the freezer shelf so that the container fits in perfectly. I only have two and need more – love that Kmart is selling them now.

    I’m in the process of putting things in plastic containers to help organise our linen closet and out of season clothes. I certainly find that having things categorised into containers keeps things neat and tidy. This week I’ve saved the little plastic container that the fresh pears came in to sort craft supplies.

  4. Carly says

    What great ideas! and good looking too! Where did you get the laundry baskets from?