Starting Preschool

Preschool Morning Routine

Our youngest child starts preschool this year. When I come back from my online holiday, I will be work with our three year old to create a preschool morning routine for him.

These routine charts really help the child to become responsible for getting themselves organised in the morning. I have found the more you involve them with getting ready for preschool, by doing things like creating a chart with them, the more they will take on.

For full details on how to create a preschooler morning routine chart and to download a free template click here – Preschool Morning Routine.

It is going to be a strange year for me this year – it will be the first time I have had one child at home for about 13 years and even he will be attending preschool. As much as I will love the time to work during the day and reclaim some of my nights to read and chat with my lovely husband, I have to admit to a sense of loss.

This is our last child and now he is entering the education system. My past experience with kids is that once into the education system, things all seem to speed up. Before I know it he will be in school. Can’t quite imagine that yet though – not sure I want too!

Do you have a child starting preschooler starting school this year and if yes, how do you feel about it?


  1. Deb says

    It’s been a few years since my youngest one started at school. I hated it. I didn’t mind preschool because on that day I ran around and got all the stuff I didn’t want to take her to done (shopping). I missed having her home with me on the days that I wasn’t at work. I ended signing up for a ‘distance education’ course that was supposed to take 18 months to do – I finished it in 3. I have gotten used to her not being here chatting away but I love school holidays.

  2. says

    My youngest is starting preschool this year too. I admit i haven’t had time to stop & think about the fast moving train she’s about to board, & i don’t know how much i will feel it because i’m jumping back on my own train too – working. I will have a few weeks between when she starts & i start and i’m actually looking forward to knocking down my to-do list. My main thoughts have been how much she will love it and needs it. We travel alot to get the kids to school (6 hours a day) so the break will be nice for her.

  3. says

    My one and only child starts Kindy on 1st Feb. I have no clue what to expect. I’m trying not to read too much about it online as I want to be surprised. I will be writing about our experience as we grow closer to the day. My son is speech-delayed and I have been told that starting him Kindy with kids his age will help his speech (instead of being in daycare like now with a mix of 3-4yos). As I already work full time, it’s not a big change with routine.

  4. says

    My oldest started preschool last year for 1 day a week but this year, he will go for 3, just one year away from school. Im feeling a little teary thinking about it.

  5. Jacquie says

    Hi Nicole, my youngest is also starting kindy this year (2 full days at the same school as his brothers). I’ll be working 3 days a week so not much different for me from this year. He is REALLY excited though!
    Also, just wanted to say that we’ve been using our own version of the getting ready in the morning planner from your template for the last 2 years I think. We just have one for all 3 kids laminated and in the kitchen – it has been SO helpful for our morning routine. Especially for my middle son who finds it much easier to visualise things than hear them!

  6. says

    My little one starts preschool this year too – she’s beyond excited, and I must admit I’m really looking forward to it too. Love the idea of giving her a chart for getting ready – thanks for the inspiration Nic!

  7. says

    I do have a child starting preschool this year. Your post made me cry, so that’s pretty much how I’m feeling about it. I know it’s going to be wonderful for him and that he will love the structure and activities. We have been doing lots to get ready and will implement a picture routine chart this week too. Where does the time go?!

    • says

      Where does it go? Our youngest is 3 on Sunday. As he is our last it really feels like we are moving into new territory with no little ones at home full time :(.

  8. says

    I’ve used a Good Morning Chart for years! I made my first one when my oldest was in preschool-but now that both of them are older (11 and 8) we still use one, just modified for the age. I don’t have to nag or fuss in the morning, I simply ask “Did you do your chart?” then go have my coffee!

  9. Rachel says

    Thanks for this, my oldest two children (twins) are starting preschool this year and we have had a morning routine chart for a while but now it is a little stale and am revamping it with your help!!
    Just wondering when you get the kids to do the chores and whether you include them on the chart too? I planned to but the chart is looking a little long for my just turned 4 year olds. Leigh’s comment is encouraging – that one day I won’t need to nag anymore if I keep consistent with the charts!!

  10. Kiz says

    I have my middle child starting Kindergarten this year and my youngest starting pre-school. I have been thinking and preparing so much for the ‘big-school’ girl and have hardly prepared for my pre-schooler! I am so glad I have come across your morning chart and I think it will help both me and my pre-schooler to get prepared and talking more about pre-school. I have a list for my now 3rd grader, as in Kinder she was very hard to get ready in the mornings and I noted how well she responded at school to lists and routines and it helped her a lot. Her list certainly needs refreshing and a brand new list for my pre-schooler will make my mornings run smoother! Note: my child starting Kinder this year is an absolutely cooperative angel and wont ever need a list!!!!

  11. Trish Aitkens says

    Am reading your book and just Reading your site for some of your great resources. Never thought of a visual morning chart to stop the morning nags… Will implement lots of your ideas over the next few weeks as I have a grade 1 and a preschooler to contend with in the morning. Thanks for sharing Nicole.