8th Birthday Party Ideas

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It was our daughters 8th birthday on Saturday and this year it was her turn to have a birthday party. She really loves to create, so wanted to have a crafty party.

I am still recovering from the having the 8th birthday party and the Community Blogging Christmas Event less than 24 hours apart (not such great planning by me!), so it is mainly just photos from the party.

But I have listed 10 other ideas for birthday parties for 8 year olds, which you can find at the end of the post, or click here to go straight to the list.

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Sewing with felt
The first activity was to sew a simple felt bag. I had made the assumption that as my daughter had some basic sewing skills, so would the other 17 girls! I was wrong. Thankfully me dear friend Cath was staying at the party and she is a craft whiz, and was incredibly helpful.

We even had Mr I and the two older boys, threading needles and tying knots. A great unplanned way to get everyone involved!

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Beading
Beading next, where each child could make themselves a bracelet. You can see how well they did with the sewing – the little pink bag in the photo was made by one of the girls who didn’t know how to sew.

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Bubbles
Then outside for some fun with bubbles. Thanks again to Cath for taking the camera outside and getting some snaps, while I set up the food table.

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Drinks
Pretty pink drinks – thanks to Deb for the inspiration on these very cute little bottles. Deb has lots of cute tricks like these – love them!

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Jelly
Pinkish jelly!

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Fruit kebabs
Strawberry and marshmallow kebabs

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Homemade Chocolate Freckles
Homemade Chocolate Freckles

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Teacups
Teacup Biscuits

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Chicken Balls
Chicken Balls

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Glitter Jars
After food it was on to making glitter jars (inspired by this post from Irresistible ideas for play based learning).

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Ice Cream Cake
Ice Cream Birthday cake (modified this recipe to make it with M&Ms mixed in it and strawberry jelly crystals sprinkled on top).

8th Birthday Party - Dancing
Some dancing before it is time to go.

8th Birthday Party Ideas - Lolly bags
Lolly bags

8th Birthday Party Ideas

Here are 10 8th Birthday Party Ideas you can try at home:

  1. Cooking party – make simple things to eat like Chocolate Balls, Scones, Vegemite Scones and eat the results!
  2. Sporty party – choose your child’s favourite sport and make it the theme. Soccer is great for this.
  3. Dancing party – the girls would have danced for hours, if their parents didn’t take them home. All sorts of fun to be had with musical statues, musical chairs, disco dancing. You can make up a mixed tape to give as a gift to party goers to take home.
  4. Construction party – collect recycled materials, get some glue guns and let the kids get creative!
  5. Jewellery / Accessory making party – making hair ties, rings and bracelets, will keep them entertained and give them something cute to take home.
  6. Movie party – let your child watch their favourite film with friends at home. Create rows of seats, serve pop corn and choc tops and have movie quiz afterwards.
  7. Karaoke party – we don’t have a device that plays singstar, but friends have had a Karaoke party using singstar and they have been huge hits.
  8. Science party – lots of fun experiments you can do with bicarbonate of soda and other household chemicals. This site from the ABC’s Experimentals has many great simple examples.
  9. Harry Potter or other favourite book character party – love this Harry Potter party from Maxabella Loves.
  10. LEGO Party – lots of LEGO building and other fun. Check out Magnetoboldtoo for amazing LEGO party inspiration: here for LEGO invites, here for LEGO decorations, here to make amazing LEGO Gummy lollies, and here for LEGO men cookies. Warning – the lovely Kelley does cuss a little!

What sort of parties have you held for 8 year olds?

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  1. says

    I did a cooking party for my daughter when she turned 6 with 8 of her friends.
    Being that bit younger we kept things simple.
    We made our own pizza scrolls, fruit kebabs, fancy fairy bread (using biscuit cutters to make different shapes) and then icing and decorating cupcakes.
    The kids had a ball and it was great to do something a little different to the usual build a bear or monkey mania party (I cannot stand buildabear!)

  2. says

    You are wonderful. Olivia is 8 in February. Some of these ideas will really hit the spot. (Last years was a dancing party – need to do something different for her 8th!)
    Thank you!

  3. says

    Great ideas here! We are having our first party for an 8 year old next month. Hoping to have a mad scientist theme. Shall follow your link for ideas – thanks! Last year, for 7 years old, we did a Japanese theme which was lots of fun. We made your teacups for the last birthday party (3 year old) last month and they worked fantastically -thanks for the tips!

  4. says

    No eighth birthday yet, but look me up next year! I’m going to have trouble topping the Harry 7th, though. Man that party went OFF! Thanks for the link, Nic. x

  5. Sandy says

    We’ve done a cooking party, for a 5th birthday which was a huge success. The kids made their own pizzas (identified by naming the baking paper squares we cooked them on), and then decorated the birthday cake. You have never seen so many lollies crammed onto one cake. We did some cooking themed races (pass the wooden spoon, put on the apron, collect the bowl, etc), and then sent them home with a little recipe book each.

    Last years 7th party was a bike party. Each child came to a local park with their bike/scooter, and they rode in circles around the bike path for an hour, stopping occasionally to refuel as they went past the refreshments. Low tech, low cost, big fun – especially for the birthday girl who got to show off her new bike. It did take a few adults to patrol the edges of the park though.
    Love some of your other ideas – we’ll be coming back to this list in a few month’s time!

  6. says

    My daughter loves Scooby Doo and all things spooky, so for her recent 8th birthday we did a “Monster Mystery Party”. Lots of fun-but-not-too-scary halloween-type games with a clue at the end of every one leading to a mystery (the whereabouts of the cake). We had about 16 kids and they all had a ball, many commenting it was the best party they’d ever been to!

  7. says

    Thanks for the ideas! The party looked great and I loved all the pink, she must have been delighted with it!

    I think I will have to try your idea of a movie party… my little one loves watching films, so it would great to recreate a cinema in our front room!