Handmade Christmas Decorations + Give Away

DIY Christmas Decorations

The give away has now closed. Congratulations to Miranda who won the DIY Christmas Button Kit from Jackobindi.

This post is part of my 10 week Christmas Preparation Plan for 2011.

What I love about a plan, is that it gives you flexibility to work around and swap activities depending on changed circumstances. This week’s Christmas Planning post is on how to make simple handmade Christmas decorations, which was due a few weeks down the track. But when I received this gorgeous DIY Christmas Button Kit from our sponsor Jackobindi, my daughter and couldn’t wait to make them!

Handmade Christmas Decorations
The kits are pretty versatile in what you can make out of them. You can either make buttons to hang from your tree or use the buttons and ribbons to decorate your girt wrapped Christmas presents. We did a bit of both and will take you through just how easy it is to make your own handmade Christmas decorations.

Handmade Christmas Decorations
Place the pre-cut circle of fabric with the printed side across the clear part of the button tool.

Handmade Christmas Decorations
Place the shell of the button into the button tool and press down.

Handmade Christmas Decorations
Make sure the fabric is all tucked in.

Handmade Christmas Decorations
Place the back of the button on top, making sure the shank is facing out. Using the blue piece of the tool, press down on the back until you hear it “pop”.

Handmade Christmas Decorations
Push the button out and you have a beautifully fabric covered button. What you do next depends on what you want to do with the button.

Handmade Christmas Decorations - tree
If you are going to make a Christmas decoration to hang from the tree, then cut a length of the ribbon and thread it through the shank. The instructions that come with the kit, give you one way to tie the ribbon up, but we took a short cut!

Handmade Christmas Decorations - tree
We dabbed a small amount of fabric glue at the end of the ribbon and then pressed the ends together.

Handmade Christmas Decorations - tree
And so the decoration wouldn’t fall forward all the time, we placed a small amount of glue on the back of the button and pressed the ribbon down onto it.

Handmade Christmas Decorations - tree
The decorations are now ready to be hung when we put our Christmas tree up on December 1!

Handmade Christmas Decorations - wrapping
As a decoration for Christmas gift wrapping, we threaded a long piece of ribbon through the button shank and wrapped the ribbon as we normally would.

Handmade Christmas Decorations - wrapping
When it came time to tie the knot, we simply moved the button to one side to tie the ribbon up.

Handmade Christmas Decorations - wrapping
Once the ribbon was tied in a knot, we just slid the button over the top of the knot and we were done!

Jackobindi Give Away

The lovely Kerrie from Jackobindi has one DIY Christmas Kit to send out to a reader of Planning With Kids (valued at $28+). The winner will be able to select from the available kits only. They are selling fast, so we can’t guarantee all the kits will be available when it is time to select the prize.

How to enter

To be in with a chance to win the Jackobindi prize pack:

  • Visit Jackobindi, then come back here and leave a comment telling me what else you would like to try and make.
  • The giveaway is open to Australian residents only.
  • You may only enter once.
  • Entries close at 5pm AEDST 13th Nov 2011.
  • The winner will be drawn randomly and announced on the blog later on the 13th Nov 2011.
  • Winners will be notified by email. If I don’t receive a response within 3 days, another winner will be drawn.
  • Good luck!


  1. Melissa says

    What a great range of gorgeous crafty things! I’d love to have a go at the DIY snap clips. My daughter would love them!

  2. Kellie B says

    What a cute idea. I have always wanted one of these and various hair kits but especially the bobby pins. Very cute.

  3. Sonia Mcintosh says

    As a prolific reader I would like to have a go at making the paperclip bookmarks. I often loose my bookmarks and end up folding the page to remember the spot.

  4. Charmaine says

    So many items to choose from. The DIY Fabric Button Bookmark/Paperclip Kit will be great for my older girl to make as gifts for her friends.

  5. Leila says

    I’d love to have a go at the Christmas Cabochon Bobby Pin Kit, what a great little addition to some gifts and another way to jazz up that wrapping by sliding these over the ribbon at the front of your present!

  6. RedDoll says

    I would love to give the DIY Fabric Button Chokers a go! A very cute way to match my jewellery to my outfit!

  7. Sarah says

    I had a baby girl a few months ago who was born with a lot of hair so I’d love to give the button hairclips a go!

  8. jodi says

    I love the simplicity of the DIY Christmas Kit – Retro Red, a great way to give a lovely handmade Christmas decoration on its own or with something else!

  9. Kate says

    There seems to be lots to choose from but I like the idea of making the gorgeous rose earrings or bracelets.

  10. Alison Wilson says

    Wow, what a great website! I never knew such things existed! I’d love to have a go at making the Hair Ties. My 3 very girly girls love playing hairdressers, and it would be great to make some hair ties to match their outfits (and mine!)

  11. Tracy says

    These are just divine, I am in serious LOVE with the lime green tree kit! I am also keen to try making some alligator hair clips, to keep my baby girs long hair pretty and under control!

  12. Shirley says

    Gosh what a cool way to decorate your christmas presents. I think I like the christmas assorted fabrics best – and just in case I don’t win I am going to buy one anyway :)

  13. Angela Gardiner says

    Fantastic! I am shopping for wrapping paper today and love this wrapping decoration idea. I would also like to make the button magnets. Love a classy, cute and functional item that will make people say “you made that?”

  14. Tanya says

    I cant go past the retro red to decorate. Its my favourite colour and looks so Christmassy! In saying that I think the lime green 3D tree is also gorgeous and a bit different.

  15. Kate McLean says

    I’m going through an ‘all things French’ phase so would love to make some bobby pins with the Eiffel Tower glass cabochons – oh la la!!

  16. Jane says

    My two girls are addicted to hair ties and hair clips so I would love to try making our own of these. Beautiful fabrics!

  17. Mandy says

    I love the Stick People Greeting Card Kit. My kids really enjoy making their own greeting cards so I know these kits would be a huge hit in our house!

  18. Laura says

    My sister has four beautiful girls and I find it hard to buy presents for them all. I know that the self covered buttons for hair ties and hair clips will be a hit for many years to come!

  19. Stef says

    I like all of it, at the moment thinking about chRistmas, so that would useful, but I also like the rings. Would LOVE to win something

  20. Jo says

    I’d like to try to make the fabric button hairties. Such a cute and simple idea that looks great.

  21. gemmie says

    I’d love to give their bobby pin kits a go. I have a lot of little girls to make gifts for this Christmas so these kinds of kits definitely make life easier :)

  22. Bree says

    I would love to make the tree hanging ornamment you have made – as gifts for our teacher with one button having a Photograph of my child for them to remember!!

  23. jazz evans says

    hi thanks for directing me to this site
    i would love to try the button covered bobby pins

  24. Katrina OConnor says

    just love it all fantastic arty stuff and i love it that i can make it with my 6 year old

  25. Sandy says

    What a cool idea!! We are always looking for new exciting things to do. I would love to try the DIY Button Bracelet Kit. Both my girls would simply love creating this.

  26. JOEY says

    I’d love to give the hair ties and hair clips a go! My girl loves putting pretty things in her hair!

  27. Laura C says

    I would love to try the Clover Quick Yo Yo makers. I make lots of clothes for my daughters, and these Yo Yos would look amazing to dress up an outfit made out of plain coloured fabrics. Just gorgeous!

  28. gayle says

    I just visited Jackobindi and bought the hair-tie DIY kit and some oh so cute cupcake fabric to go with it. Xmas gifts for daughters friends sorted :)

  29. Gail says

    I think my daughter would love to make Christmasy button hairties, and yes, a great idea for presents for her friends.

  30. Cathryn Julius says

    I would get the fabric button kit to make the cute ladybugs with my daughter. She loves making craft and my son loves bugs of all kinds, including ladybugs (or ladybirds as we call them), such a great idea for button kits!

  31. Helen Maughan says

    The Christmas cabochon bobby pin kit looks great. My granddaughters would love these for themselves, and also as gifts for their friends.

  32. says

    I’d love to give the DIY hair elastics a go, they would make great personalized birthday presents for my girls school friends and also be fun way to pass time during the holidays.

  33. Miranda says

    What fabulously fun products! I’d love to try the Fabric Button Hairties – they would look adorable on my three daughters!

  34. Cath says

    oh my goodness I would be keen to try anything! I love the buttons and the hair clips. I’m definitely going to have to pick up something for christmas.

  35. Mary Preston says

    I would love to try the “Do It Yourself Button Brooch Kit”. I wear a lot of brooches – they are fun & keep my bosoms from showing. I could really go to town & be very creative.


  36. Nicola says

    I’ve been thinking of trying the Do It Yourself Snap Clip Barrette Kit for a while and can see why it’s popular – it just seems so practical! Now that my 3yo has enough hair for clips I’m beggining to discover a whole new accessories world! I’d love to know how to make them myself. Very cute products and love the demo for the Christmas buttons here xx

  37. Michael says

    My better half loves crafty things and would be keen on the Fabric Cabochon Vintage Bobby Pin Kit, something she can make and then give to all our nieces and extended family.

  38. Nona says

    I would like to try the large bobby pins with glue pads, to make some cute button hair slides for my little girl. I have a huge stash of vintage buttons and what better way to display them than on a bobby pin… or five!!

  39. Emma says

    I love the DIY snap clips. It never would have occurred to me that I could make this sort of thing myself!

  40. Naomi says

    I am so glad I stumbled across your blog AND the Jackobindi store – happy days! There are so many inspiring things to make, but the endless possibilities of self-covered buttons are a winner for me :o)

  41. julie bennett says

    what a fabulous idea a big oversided button christmas wrapping ribbon would be ideal for that hand made touch on my gifts this year

  42. Caprice says

    Wow that is so cool! My 3 girls would love that.

    Have just bookmarked the site as I’d love to get the Do It Yourself Snap Clip Barrette Kit, 3 girls = a LOT of hairclips!!

  43. Shell says

    The Do It Yourself Snap Clip Barrette Kit looks fantastic. What a great way to get the kids personalising and creating their own unique look. Would make an excellent gift too!

  44. says

    I just love these buttons and the cabochon white rose rings you made earlier. I am making alligator clips for Christmas this year for my 3.5yo girl, 18mth boy (he just loves all things girly and being a boy too-so cute), 4.5yo neice and 9yo neice.I would love the DIY snapclip barratte kit and the wooden Christmas decorations 10 pkt for my kids to paint and decorate our tree with.

  45. Sallyann Collins says

    I would love to make the christmas buttons as they look so easy, my 4 kids would have such fun!!!!

  46. Sarah Amos says

    I would love to try the Hand Sewn Corsage Brooch. I work with alot of Seniors and this would really make there day if I gave them one of these… :)

  47. Melissa says

    Wow I love these, I have been browsing for handmade Christmas presents and these would be fantastic – Christmas brooches.
    I remember making things like that eith my grandma when I was younger.


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