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This is the last week of the theme of Motherhood on the blog. In today’s wrap up from the blogsphere I have collated posts from 10 Aussie Mum bloggers where they touch on mothering and how it is going for them at that moment.

1. Sometimes

From the lovely Kate at Picklebums, in this post Sometimes she is pondering decisions made and being thankful for the life she has:

Sometimes I wonder what on earth I was thinking…

Let’s get married, move to the country and have four kids. Why don’t I stop working, stay at home with the kids, and do all the house work while you work ridiculous shifts. Why don’t we get a nice mortgage, an old house and just enough money to scrape by.

2. Getting my head around how life’s changed.

Parenting a gorgeous but exhausted girl is about a mother’s journey through the quagmire of chronic fatigue immune deficiency syndrome. Annie is a long time friend and she has just recently started blogging.

Our girl was diagnosed on June 1st and since then I feel that I’ve been through various stages of grieving. Sometimes…usually around 3am (!)..I feel physically pained and hollow with grief that my darling girl is not experiencing life to its fullest.

3. I screamed.

Recovery PJ Style, is written by a gorgeous mum to 3, in her 30s, who is also recovering from an eating disorder (anorexia). PJ is also a dear friend of mine. I have learnt an immense amount about eating disorders through reading PJ’s blog and one thing I know for sure, is recovery is not an easy process.

Where was that perfect uncomplaining wife I planned to be (yes my own parents are divorced). Get the children ready, have everything perfect, don’t bother anyone with mundane complaints about my unimportant day, be perfect and happy all the time and everything will be fine.

But everything’s changing. I don’t know who to be anymore. How can I be the perfect wife if I’m fat and useless?The only thing I’m any good at is exercising, and I’m not allowed to do that!!

4. Attitude and toddler mayhem.

This post from Zoey at Good Goog was written after a challenging time with her toddler (just turned preschooler!). It is a vlog or a video blog and it is about how as a parent we have a choice as to how we react to the behaviour of our kids.

For anyone who feels like they might need a padded cell, or a screaming room or say a well stocked wine cellar to cope with toddler behaviour, this one is for you.

5. New Eyes.

This post from blogging rockstar Eden of Edenland, is honest and beautiful. Eden writes about how she is reconnecting with her kids:

During one big, long, uninterrupted cuddle at nighttime he looked up at me in the darkness and simply said, “Best friends.” I cried hard, later. Because we are not best friends, we are mother and son and I have been distracted and struggling for his entire life.

6. Don’t Try and Be the Mum You’re Not.

Kelly from Be A Fun Mum has such a positive but realistic outlook on motherhood. Kelly acknowledges “the mum that she isn’t” however doesn’t dwell on it and celebrates the mum that she is.

Don’t waste energy on trying to be the Mum you’re not.
Be happy with you who are.
Celebrate diversity in others.
Share what you have.
Be the beautiful mum you are.
That’s all.

7. Why Red Fingernails Makes A Happy Mother.

Lina is relatively new blogger and mum! On her blog Mother’s Love Letters she publishes a series of posts which are letters addressed to her first child, that she is going to then publish into a book for him. In this post though, the focus is motherhood and something I am sure all mums can relate to:

When a woman becomes a mother…
The meaning of gratitude and happiness change forever.
Often, it’s just the little things that makes a happy mother.

Finishing a whole cup of tea, while it’s still hot.
Having an unbroken sleep of more than a few hours.
Getting a manicure.

8. My week in all its honesty.

Megan from Writing Out Loud, writes about a tough week and the importance of learning as a mum, when you need to take it easy on yourself.

Wondering when this all happened. I used to be stronger than this, I think. And then I remember times like this before, and I realise my strength has always been in pushing through it.

Don’t let the fear take over.

9. An era is ending.

Having finished breastfeeding a baby for the last time myself back in March, I could completely relate to this post from Kathy at Play, Eat, Learn, Live.

On the other hand, the changing nature of our relationship carries some sadness for me. C is, and will be, my last baby – and breastfeeding has always been a vital part of how I define and affirm my relationship with my babies, and my self as a mother of infants.

10. Speaking our childrens’ language: chat speak and internet acronyms.

Martine from The Modern Parent is one smart lady. While not directly about how motherhood is happening for her at the moment, Martine has great advice:

So whilst I am happy to give my kids some privacy in many areas, when it comes to the cyber world, our kids are just not getting the message about just how powerful a medium it is, and hence a little snooping over the shoulder certainly wont go astray.

I for one didn’t know this:
[code]poscs: parents over shoulder change subject[/code]

Or this:
[code]dttml: don’t talk to me loser[/code]

If didn’t catch the video Tagged about Teens and Social Media, it is also worth a look.

How is motherhood for you at the moment?
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  1. says

    Loved reading this post – as a mother of one I can relate to all of the above but some of them hit very close to home. I am in the good place at the moment, my son is 19 months and he is happy, active, sleeps well and seems to enjoy every thing that we do together plus he loves lots of cuddles.

  2. Gin says

    I love the post from Be a Fun Mum. I’m going to make a list of all the things I am, and celebrate that!

  3. says

    Nic, as always you are inspiring and are so generous and sharing on your blog. Thank you so much for including my post in this absolutely fabulous list! Aussie Mums are awesome! xxxxxxxx

  4. says

    What a lovely idea to capture so many raw and beautiful glimpses into motherhood. I’ve been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride as a mum, even tonight – a heart-breakingly sweet and spontaneous “I love you” from the 4 year old, tears and tantrums from the 2 year old who is still protesting in is cot when he should have been asleep a long time ago (I’m about to go in and pat him for the umpteenth time) and wishing I had the luxury of time to sit back and marvel at my growing belly as I await #3.

  5. says

    Thanks for bringing together some lovely comments, parenthood doing ok for me at the moment despite the constant juggle and trying to find the balance between work and family but girls tucked up in bed now and about to get some work done before bed myself! Thanks for some thoughts to keep me going.

  6. says

    Thanks Nic! Really appreciate the shoutout. I’m cherishing the connections I’ve made online with other mums who have children with this sad illness. Glad you’re in my ‘real’ world too! x

  7. says

    Hi Nicole

    What a nice little surprise, to find that you linked to me here. I really am so grateful for your support, and that you felt my blog would be useful to your readers.

    I also really like taking a look at the wide range of motherhood posts, you’ve listed here. What a privilege to be listed amongst such an esteemed group of women writers.

    Thank you, Nic.


  8. says

    Wow, thanks, Nic – I’m honoured that my post found a place in such a wonderful list! Off to read the ones here I missed when they were published :-)

  9. Jacquie says

    Really wonderful posts with some great food for thought. I’ve loved this whole series of Motherhood posts, Nicole – thanks for celebrating mothers in all our diversity.

  10. says

    Fantastic list. I’m joining Louisa Clair at Everything is Edible with her series of posts to work out what sort of mother I am/ want to be.

    Thus far the only thing I really firmly believe about motherhood is that when my girls grow up I want to look them in the eye and say ‘I did the best by you / for you that I could.’

    I never planned to be a mother, it just happened and we’ve been in such a whirl since that I don’t think I’ve really taken the time to think about what motherhood is too me.

    Off to read those linked posts now. Thank you :)

  11. says

    Thanks for including me in that amazing list, Nic!

    Mum bloggers inspire me every single day, and it’s great to find some that I haven’t seen before too so I’ll be off to check out the others I haven’t ‘met’ yet.
    Thanks. xx

  12. says

    This is such a wonderful list Nic! And thank you so much for including one of my posts – it was not an easy one to write but I hope that it helps other mums to look at their own lives in perspective and not through the critical lens that we all use on ourselves at various times.