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The Hurried Child

Usually for the last Tuesday of the month I highlight 10 kids activities in Melbourne for the upcoming month. I love putting those posts together, but they do take a number of hours to do. As I continue the run home with the book and the conference, I decided to cut myself a little slack and instead of the activities post I am taking a retrospective look back at the blog in past Februarys:

In 2008 I listed 10 Parenting Books That I Love!



In 2009 I listed 10 Reading Comprehension Questions For Junior Primary


In 2010 I listed 10 Online Games For Learning The Alphabet

I hope you are having a wonderful February and kids activities will be back in March!


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    The reading of posts always takes much less time than writing them! I’m always surprised by exactly how long I spend on writing my posts.

    Good luck with your other exciting duties right now!

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    Can’t get enough of Robin Barker – love her and want her to move into my house!!
    The question that I like to ask my kiddies to test their comprehension is ‘when you read X what did you think was going to happen next, and were you right’. Or I will stop them part through and ask the ‘what do you think will happen next’. I like to encourage them to make their own inferences. It helps to develop their imagination and assists with their own creative writing. But also checks that they are following the story and understanding the meaning of what they are reading (not just ‘barking at the text’).
    And the third one – I remember this one! You got us onto Starfall – great website :-)

    hope the book is going well – love the ”retro post’ idea!!