Easy DIY Chalkboard Paint Ideas

Easy DIY Chalkboard ideas

This is the second handmade Christmas Gift I have made with the kids for Christmas 2010. The first one was a simple softie. If you are looking for more inspiration check out my posts with other ideas on Handmade Christmas Gifts.

Earlier this year for the school fair craft stall, I made some simple chalkboards gift sets to sell. I painted the boards myself, put together some brightly coloured chalk, wrapped with cellophane and ribbon – and they sold out quickly.

I thought this would be a perfect handmade Christmas gift idea, but wanted to tweak it so the gift could be for adults, so I came up with these chalkboard paint ideas!

Chalkboard Notice Boards

chalkboard notice boards

My daughter made the chalkboard notice board in the photo above with only a little help from dad. We have made these for one of the ladies who runs an outside school hours activity that she does.


  • Chalkboard Paint – purchased from a local hardware store for $16.95. I have already made over 12 boards and still have 2/3 left in the tin.
  • Newspaper – to protect household surfaces.
  • Paintbrushes – go for good quality. Ours were from the $2 shop and they were a little streaky.
  • Mineral Turpentine – washing brushes afterwards.
  • Boards – The ones we used were from the Kaisercraft range and cost between $2 -3. Coasters were less. Available from most craft stores.
  • Hammer and nail.
  • Drill – low power drill is okay.
  • Block of spare wood – to place underneath chalkboard when drilling.
  • Colourful ribbon of choice.

Chalkboard Paint Ideas

  1. Make sure your chosen wood surface is clean and dust free.
  2. Arrange thick covering of newspaper on the surface where the children are to paint.
  3. Recommended that kids wear smocks as the paint will stain clothes.
  4. Show the children how to dip brush in, remove excess and paint on the board in the same direction.
  5. Once first coat is completed allow to dry for about an hour and then apply second coat.
  6. Allow to dry for 24 hours.
  7. Find the place where you would like make the whole for the ribbon to go through and hammer nail in a short distance. This small hole allows the drill to have traction on the board and not slip around when the kids are using it.
  8. Have the kids place the spare piece of wood under the chalkboard where they want to drill a whole.
  9. Help them drill the hole completely through the wood.
  10. If the hole edges are rough, turn the chalkboard over and drill from the other side to smooth it out.
  11. Thread the ribbon through the whole and you have finished!

Chalkboard Coasters

Chalkboard Coasters
My preschooler made these lovely coasters. Materials required and instructions are as above with the exception of the drilling bits! We have tied these together with some ribbon and they will be Christmas gifts for his preschool teachers this year.

Children’s Homemade Chalkboards

Chalkboard Paint Ideas Chalkboards
Well these were supposed to be gifts for family friends, but we will have to make another batch as once they were dry all the kids wanted to draw on them! When we make the new batch, I intend to put them in calico drawstring bags (might make them if I have time!) with chalk and a duster.

Chalkboard Message Board

We haven’t done this as Mr I is not in agreement that it is a good idea, but I would love to paint a large rectangular size patch of wall near our phone with chalkboard paint – instant message board!

Would love to hear of any other chalkboard paint ideas you have!


  1. says

    ::ugh:: chalk. My skin is crawling at the remembered sensation of chalk on my skin. Ick.

    They do look very fun though. A creative gift idea.

    Perhaps you could instead paint a spot near the phone with magnetic paint and use magnets to stick notes up? even a magnetic notepad and pen?

  2. says

    We had talked about painting a patch of wall in our children’s playroom for them to have a “ready-made” chalkboard. We never did, but I always thought it was a great idea! I like the magenetic paint idea as well.

  3. says

    I really love your chalkboard ideas. I remember when I was a child my mum painted one whole wall of the kitchen in chalkboard paint for me to scribble on – it was fantastic for me but maybe a bit of a design disaster! I love the idea of each child having their personal drawing board. I think I’m going to try this

  4. says

    We adults have used this paint for various things, but I’ve never turned it over to the kids. I really like this idea a lot, especially as a holiday gift. Thanks!

  5. says

    Magnetic paint? We’re moving and renovating so I’m on the hunt for ideas, chalkboards were on the list but now you tell me there’s magnetic paint too???

    Using them as presents is a great idea, personalised and useful.

    Jenny I love the idea of painting the rocks – my daughter is obsessed with painting rocks at the moment, she will be in heaven if she can colour them with chalk too!

  6. Ann Kisor says

    I cut out little girls and little boys out of wood then painted the chalk board paint on them We gave them out to all the kids that came to my daughters wedding as favors. We tied chalk to the hand of the cut out with colored ribbon if it was a boy we used blue and of course the girls we used pink. Went over very good. I have made many chalkboards using old windows and making part of the window a message board that is stuff then the other part of the window would be tin placed in it then painted with chalk board paint so it could be used as a magnet board and also be able to right on it. Love all that you do.