10 Children’s Activities In Melbourne For March 2010

Hawthorn Velodrome

At the start of the school year I always feel like I am just hemorrhaging cash, term fees for dance, kinder gym, new school clothes etc etc. So for March's Children's Activities my focus is on free or cheap kids activities, that will be more helpful to those of us on a budget. Note: This post … [Read more...]

7 Unspoken Truths About Your Hormones

This week's is the fourth part of the 7 Essentials for Guilt-Free Living for Business Mothers Series and it is about hormones. Recent research shows that as we juggle multiple roles trying to ‘have it all’ some women’s testosterone levels are reaching masculine levels. By following men up the … [Read more...]

Moroccan Beef (That the kids will eat!)

Moroccan Minted Beef

This recipe is based of one from a Meals In Minutes Cookbook by Australian Women's Weekly. So needless to say it is a pretty quick one to cook. If you are used to traditional Moroccan food, this recipe would need a bit of revving up. It has a subtle flavour which I find my children prefer and eat … [Read more...]

1st Birthday Party Ideas

1st Birthday Party Ideas

Towards the end of January our beautiful little boy turned one! Even though babies don't really understand the idea of a birthday party and are happy with very little fuss, I have always liked to celebrate our children's first birthday in part to recognise our achievement as parents, making it … [Read more...]