Junior MasterChef Review And Give Away

Junior MasterChef Rice Kit

Kids in the kitchen - Junior MasterChef

Thank you to every one for entering the Junior Master Chef Give Away. The competition is now closed and the winner will be announced later today.

It wasn’t only adults that became absorbed in MasterChef Australia earlier this year, but kids too. It was a show that the whole family could watch together and it encouraged many kids to actually get into the kitchen and cook. To help this even further MasterChef Australia is releasing is a Junior Masterchef range and I was asked to review one of their new kits.

My kids were so very excited to see the Junior MasterChef Egg kit arrive in the mail last Friday. So excited that we had to ditch our planned meal for that evening and cook scrambled eggs for dinner!

While the kids were pretty much just excited because they were cooking a “MasterChef” recipe with “MasterChef” utensils, I on the other hand was excited with the quality of the products in the kit. The mixing bowl that came with our Egg Kit is sturdy and durable and has an appropriate sized hand rest for junior chefs. The handle of the whisk allows children to hold it properly and create a fluent whisking motion.

The Junior MasterChef range is aimed at children aged between 3 and 15 and are now available at Big W, Kmart, Myer and Target. The range includes:

  • Junior MasterChef Australia Cupcake Kit – RRP: $39.95
  • Junior MasterChef Australia Cake Kit – RRP: $39.95
  • Junior MasterChef Australia Pizza Kit – RRP: $34.95
  • Junior MasterChef Australia Egg Kit – RRP: $29.95
  • Junior MasterChef Australia Rice Kit – RRP: $29.95
  • Junior MasterChef Australia Cookie Kit – RRP: $29.95
  • Junior MasterChef Australia Apron & Chef Hat (3-6 yrs) – RRP: $19.95
  • Junior MasterChef Australia Apron & Chef Hat (7-12 yrs) – RRP: $19.95

But readers of Planning With Kids, have the opportunity to win a kit from the new Junior MasterChef range! To enter all you need to do is simply leave a comment below and let me know which of these two kits you would prefer:

Junior MasterChef Cake Kit

Junior MasterChef Cake Kit
Junior MasterChef Cookie Kit

Junior MasterChef Cookie Kit
The give away is open to Australian residents and entries must be received before midday Wednesday 16th December 2009 AEDT. Winner will be chosen using Random.Org and announced on the blog later that day. If the winner gets back to me immediately we will be able to post the kit our in time for Christmas!


  1. Laura says

    The cake kit so I can teach the little one:

    If I don’t make orange and poppy seed,
    The whole family plead.
    So harmony in my kitchen is taste.
    It’s not good for my waist.

  2. tracy procter says

    Junior MasterChef Cookie Kit

    Packet mix begone.
    Little chef be born!
    Measure, crack and mix.
    Cookies we will fix!
    Place them in the oven.
    Eat them by the dozen!
    Fun for all.
    We’ll have a ball!

  3. BILL KELLY says

    Making their own cookies
    would be great for all our kids
    The art of learning ‘how to’
    is better than just lifting lids

  4. Megan Olsen says

    my daddy wanted to be masterchef,
    He didn’t get to try,
    so now here is my chance
    To give him something special
    a chance for me to bake and
    show how special, it is to be just like him

  5. Jacque says

    Oh wow, now i know what to get 2 of my kids for christmas. I think i will get them the pizza kit and the egg kit, it would be nice to have the cake kit to go with it.

  6. says

    Hi Nicole- thanks for the opportunity. I’d like the cake kit- we have a gazillion apples and zucchinis from the fruit box left over each week, and we continually bake. It would be great for the cherub to have tools she can more easily handle.

  7. Kerrie says

    Oohhhh This is exactly what I want for Christmas! I have asked father Christmas for a Kitchen aid Mix master but I know that would be too expensive for him so I would just LOVE the Masterchef Cookie Kit and Masterchef Cake Kit. Masterchef was my favorite show! From Kobe age 11

  8. Gracie Macpherson says

    I want my daughter to learn how to cook cakes. So she can can do it for the mothers day for next year. It would be so adorable.

  9. RJ says

    My 8 y o neice is a serious masterchef in the making and loved every second of the show! What a perfect gift to encourage her culinary talent.

  10. natasha says

    My kids love playing with dough and making biscuits, so I would love for them to have the cookie set, they would be over the moon.

  11. Sian says

    Junior Masterchef Cake Kit – The sooner they can cook the sooner I can get out of the kitchen! Just need a laundry solution then! :)

  12. tracey says

    miss 5 loves everything to do with cooking.She would feel so grown up if she could win junior master chef kit.

  13. Kate Hearps says

    Definately the cake baking set. He already has cookie cutters and I swear if I tread on another one my feet will be in beautifully shaped pieces!

  14. Yervette says

    What a wonderful gift for Christmas! I have one budding chef in our house. Makes eggs for mummy every sunday morning with daddy. The jr cake set would be great!
    Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

  15. Vicki says

    My son was glued to MasterChef. Not an episode did he miss. I can see the look of sheer joy and excitement etched on his face thinking of all the wonderful cakes he could create with a MasterChef Cake kit.

  16. Stitch Sista says

    Ooh they look great. I think we’d get the most use out of the cake kit – I think my kids would love to make a star shaped cake!

  17. Maria Wilkins says

    the cake kit please; the little ones are fantastic helping me make cookies and biscuits already, they’d love a new challenge!

  18. says

    oooh! these look great – I know I’m going to be looking for them in the shops. I’d love the cake kit if only you can manage to pull my name out of the hat.

  19. Lily Newton says

    If I won the cake making Master Chef kit. I could help mum and nan more in the kitchen. They let me do some things. If I had the right gear i could do all the cake cooking things, nit just some. I am 6 years old.

  20. Debra says

    The Junior MasterChef Cake Kit is the one
    for my little one to do some baking….
    the next Masterchef in the making.

  21. Kyla says

    YUM and so cute!!!
    Junior masterchef cake kit would be great!
    Think I’ll be checking out the apron and chef hat set in store!

  22. Rosa says

    I have 8 grandchildren and all love to make a mess in this nanna’s kitchen! The Junior MasterChef Cake Kit would make it more fun I’m sure!

  23. Jenn H says

    The Cookie Kit.
    What a breath of fresh air,
    something the family can share.
    Cookies for school and sports,
    in shapes of all sorts.
    Congratulations to all concerned.

  24. sylvia says

    My 10 years old has been cooking with me for the past 6 years she is a master chef in a kitchen herself.Very carefull and inventiv she is not scared off new things and will try just about anything to cook or make in the kitchen.
    little chifs assistant:

  25. kerry says

    My kids would love the cake set as they are stars in the kitchen and are my little helpers wether I want it or not

  26. says

    My kids are little Masterchef’s in the making,
    rating my food I am continually baking.
    Need these sets so I can judge them,
    will it be a ten out of ten?

  27. Ellen says

    I like the fact the range comes with options like “egg” and “rice” rather than all being sweet focused.

    That being said my two little girls would love that pick cake set!

  28. says

    Oh my children would love to share the cookie and the cupcake kit! What a great idea for your own children or as a gift to giveaway.

    My littlies are 5, 3 and 2 and already love to help mixing in the kitchen, but the adult utensil are so big!

  29. elisha says

    my kids love to cook and the have tough competition with daddy liking to make the sweets i think this kit will give them the edge

  30. Kylie Freer says

    My 3yr old loves baking and icing cupcakes and LOVES Masterchef. She asked some cooks in a cafe recently where their masterchef hats were!

  31. renee says

    Cookies dont last long in my house so little miss will love those goodies to convince mum to make “another batch please”!

  32. Renata says

    Princess entered life,
    With a spatula in one hand and a mixing bowl in the other,
    A Master Chef in the making,
    Deserves a Master Chef Cake Kit for baking,
    Mix, Bake and Decorate she enjoys,
    More than any of her toys.

  33. Kirsty says

    Junior MasterChef Cookie Kit

    Cannot wait to spend time in the kitchen teaching MasterSon how to cook!

  34. Susan Wright says

    My daughter and I were addicted to MasterChef. She was so impressed with the croquembouche that I have to make one with her. So I swatted up on my old catering school cook books and together we have made choux paste into profiteroles and tonight we plan to assemble the croquembouche. Fingers crossed. I would really like to be doing something less ambitious so would be delighted with either kit. But must say I like the idea of a child size rolling pin in the Junior MasterChef Cookie Set

  35. says

    I tutor youngsters & to get their mind thinking we try making munchies, it teaches them measuring, numbers, time, mixing, patience, health & lots more, Importance in a childs life learning & fun.
    Junior MasterChef Australia Cupcake Kit

  36. Nicole says

    My boys would love the cake kit.

    When were cooking in the kitchin’
    I can stop my bitchin’
    about the mess the kids are makin’
    cause there something yummy bakin’!

  37. says

    What Im waiting for is the Ch. 10 or the other channels to come up with a show called “Junior MasterChef” or “Junior Cookoffs” in which young people do a “cook off”. Can tie it into the whole concept of healthy food, appreciating wholesome food and getting kids back to the importance of knowing where food comes from including meat! Imagine the merchandise that would flow from this not to mention the advertisers that would jump on board! Can see it already. In fact Im almost tempted to take out my story board writing kit from my screenwriting days and get writing my pitch for the big wigs in tv land!

  38. carrie prouse says

    it would have to be the junior masterchef cake kit my kids love making cakes and this pack is unreal!!

  39. Jenny Boyd says

    Please pretty please can I pretend to be a junior masterchef for this??!!

    My real age at heart is 3 not 33, and I can feel a tantrum coming on if I don’t win this ;)

  40. Jenny Boyd says

    Oh,and in my rush to avoid a tantrum – I forgot to add that I would love the cake kit!
    mmmmmmmmmm caaaaakkkkeeee.

  41. Maree says

    I saw these in the shop, and I think they even had a pizza one my son would love – great to get kids cooking young. I think that the cake kit would go over fantastic for an after school activity.

  42. Tracey Kennedy says

    It’s great to have kits for kids, gets them interested and wanting to learn how to bake.
    Soon I will have my very own personal chef.

  43. Cheri Portelli says

    My 3 & 5 yr olds are huge fans of Masterchef & now give my meals a score out of 10! We would love the cookie set please.

  44. Vicky Wollen says

    Our kids love cooking just to lick the bowl, it’s good for our bonding together and even better for the soul!!

  45. Sharon says

    Cookie Kit
    Coordination is still an issue and I’m thinking there’s less mess with cookies than cakes! Plus how good is it to get your hands into cookie dough!

  46. Robyn says

    Great Idea, my 3 year old loved the show and points out Julie any time she sees her, she would love a cake kit, the star shape looks fun!!

  47. Jasmine says

    Looks like a good Christmas idea!

    My cookies never work, so I’d best say I’d prefer the cake kit.

  48. says

    wow aren’t these great little kits I have not seen them before. WOw my kids would like both kits they look great I would vote for the cake kit, not sure I can master cookies yet hehe.

  49. Joanne Tangira says

    I luv the fact that the kids can bake
    its a great responsibiliity
    That means they can do their dishes too
    what a fantastic ability!!

  50. JANE says

    My 3 year old twin girls love to help mummy bake cakes so the Junior MasterChef Cake Kit would be awesome!

  51. Alicia says

    My kids love to bake and the Cookie set would be ideal because everyone can cut and bake at the same time.

  52. Martin says

    My boys love cake and we’d love to surprise mum with one of our own Masterchef cakes for Mother’s Day next year.

  53. Christine Christie says

    The Junior Master Chef Cake Kit would certainly hit the mark. They would all be in competition to use it especially as I don’t bake

  54. Jussy says

    My little MasterChef loves cookies and cake, but isn’t a fan of the way I bake! I think the Cookie Kit would be a real hit in our household!!

  55. Lucy Leland says

    I think my boy would like the cookie kit because he’s a real cookie monster (that’s also the name of my sister’s dog). a fabulous idea – kids have lost so much independence these days – anything to get them away from the video games!

  56. Melinda I says

    The “master”chef (1yo) and “little miss”chefette (3yo) in our house love making cakes – well licking the mixture out of the bowl! Needless to say our cakes do not raise too high due to the lack of batter!!! So we would love to win the cake mix set so we can use that spatula to scrape all the goodness out of the bowl :)

  57. says

    I asked my 4 year old masterchef son which he would prefer – both of them he said! hahhahaha.. now I will have to choose for him and I say the cookie kit. Thanks for the chance :)

  58. cassie says

    how cute my little master chef would have an absolute ball with this cooking set and mum would get left with the cleaning again

  59. Kalynda says

    I’d absolutely love the chance to win the cake kit! Oh, how fun it would be to bake little cakes with my little girl :)

  60. dana says

    my kids love nothing better to do by experimenting making all sorts of different biscuits and is always alot of fun helping them.

  61. Jenny R says

    Ohh, I loved Master chef and think the cake set would be so fantastic! Thanks for the giveaways!!

  62. Mandy says

    I just found your blog looking for kids ideas to keep them entertained over the holidays. I’d love a chance to win one of these sets – I’ve just picked up the cupcake set for my 6 year old for christmas. He wants to be a MasterChef when he grows up. Having gotten the cupcake set today, I’d have to say I’d love the cookie kit. Thanks again, and off to have a better look through your blog.

  63. Kellie Rocke says

    We would love the purple cookie cutter pack! My husband just LOVES cookies and to bake them with my daughter would be even more special!

  64. kristy says

    My 12 year old son is a whizz in the kitchen and he would love the cake kit. I think he is going to be chef for sure. Thanks

  65. Julie says

    Oooh me, me, choose me please!!

    I would love the cake kit for my kids. They love baking and seeing the pleasure on their faces when I present the cake kit would just make my Christmas :).

  66. Joanna says

    I would definitely go with the cookie kit as my boys love making all sorts of cookies with me. They are great for school play lunches and for snacks on the go. Gingerbread men/shapes are great for this time of year also.

  67. Deb says

    My 11 year old Son Loves Cooking and Making up recipes for us to sample he would love the cookie kit to make us some cookies for our christmas tree thanks!

  68. Chanelle says

    Cake kit all sweet in Pink
    makes cooking easy Cakes won’t sink
    what I love the best
    won’t get lost in my baking mess

  69. Nicole Gurman says

    The Master chef cake kit

    To make Famous Star cakes
    To sprinkle with Magic Fairy Dust
    For all the fairies in the garden
    to come and visit and play

  70. Suzi Fogels says

    The Junior MasterChef Cookie Kit so the whole family could compete for the most creative and individual cookie.

  71. Tina says

    well my daughter loves cooking and wants to be a chef one day so this pack would help her dreams become true.

  72. Ann says

    Both kits look great but the cookie kit is the one that would generate the most excitement in our house!

  73. geraldine says

    i would love the pink master chef ckae kit to make my mummy and daddy even better cakes than i make now. using my own cooking things.I just love to make cakes!
    Kailee 5 years old

  74. Kylie says

    The cake kit would be great. My niece will think I am a fantastic aunty when she visits next time.

  75. Sonia Hocking says

    Anything that gets kids off the couch and learning something that is fun and a life skill is a good thing. Cooking teaches kids so many different things, like patience, creativity, and timing etc. I love cooking and bonding with my little girl, she enjoys eating it too. The cake set would be a great prize.

  76. raelene graham says

    A masterchef he isn’t
    but he really wants to be
    He likes to help with baking cakes
    But not much help you see
    If he had his own kit
    his inner chef could shine
    And we would see a masterpiece
    of great construction and design!

  77. Janine. S. says

    Junior MasterChef Cookie Kit

    I love these – anything that gets the kids off the lounge is a great idea.

  78. Chia Lie Yong says

    I promised my son to teach him how to bake in the New Year, so the Junior MasterChef Cookie Kit would be very useful :)

  79. Paul R says

    My kids love eating cakes and are taking baking lessons next year, they would love the Junior MasterChef Cake Kit.

  80. samantha clough says

    the cake kit as all 4 of my kids love helping with making cakes and this would be a great way for them to make their own to give grandma and grandpa as they love making cakes for them

  81. Lisa says

    I’d love to win the Cake Kit. My little treausres would have great delight in ‘whipping’ up some lovely sweets for their family.

  82. says

    My 10 yr old daughter decided a couple of years ago that she is going to be Australia’s best chef in a few years time, so either of these would be a wonderful Christmas present for her.

  83. Carolyn says

    My 10 year old daughter would love the cake kit because she has been learning cooking at school and wants to help me out at home since i broke my ankle. She was also a huge fan of Masterchef on TV which inspired further interest in cooking at home.

  84. lenore Middleton says

    Fantastic idea, just seen the sets advertised in Big W and at a great price, would love the cookie set.

  85. Karen Martin says

    The Cake kit would be our choice here. My daughter loves making cakes and licking the bowl of course.

  86. Lesley says

    My daughters would love the cake kit. They head straight for the display at Target and talk about what they would cook.

  87. cheryl says

    They’ll look like chefs from the start, have all the right things to use, now for the cleaning up!

  88. Nicole says

    Cookie set.. we make ALOT of cookies in our place.. free of preservatives and always taste AMAZING!

  89. Petra Potter says

    My niece just loved Masterchef and now helps to “plate up” with every meal. She loves baking and so the cake kit would be a fantastic gift for her.

  90. Kerrie says

    Junior MasterChef Cake Kit

    all my daughter could say is wow i would be able to make a big star cake…how cute

  91. Fiona says

    Watching MasterChef was a family pleasure
    Inspiring passion to cook, experiment, measure.
    Our dodgy old cookware,
    and cumbersome bowls, mean
    The Junior Masterchef Cake Set
    Will equip the kids for their roles.

  92. kelly lapham says

    I had only just seen these kits in a catalog and said to my husband how i would like to get them all for my little girl. She has PKU and i can teach her how to make her own low protein cakes and cookies as she cant just eat any shop bought ones. So we would be happy with either one.

  93. Glen Everett says

    My grandkids would like the Pizza kit
    They would be grateful for the cookie kit
    Eat well supervised healthy pizzas
    And indulge in sweet cookies
    What more could a kid want

  94. Jack Campbell says

    I need the cookie maker because my Mum is the worst cook in the world and always burns cookies so I need to learn how to make them.

  95. Corinne says

    We would love the cookie kit as my son loves to make cookies for gifts, and what better time than christmas!

  96. tracy orman says

    As a chef in the industry myself I love the fact that I have all the tools I need to teach my kids to cook on their terms. Awesome idea, I wish I had of thought of it first

  97. samuel says

    I’d like the cake kit, will give me something to do in these hols instead of my xbox which drives mum nuts. She’ll like me cooking instead and me as well.

  98. Suzy Mohamed says

    Thank you Masterchef!
    Watching you has given my children
    The confidence to try more
    In the kitchen than ever before.

  99. Alana Ashford says

    Bring on Junior MasterChef and these sets will make awesome Christmas Gifts!

    A Junior MasterChef Cake Kit please!

  100. Chantelle Cocks says

    I cherish memories of cooking and baking with my mum,
    For my daughter, I wish for her to also have some.

  101. Geraldine says

    Junior MasterChef Cookie Kit

    My kids are so proud of themselves when they have cooked something. I love to encourage this interest.

  102. Kerry-Anne James says

    What a great idea to teach kids about cooking different things.
    I would like a cookie kit, please.

  103. sandra pugh says

    Junior MasterChef Cookie Kit this would be a great kit to be able teach my grandaughter how to make cookies

  104. Kathy says

    Both my girls love to cook and help out in the kitchen, they loved watching MasterChef, their favorite was Poh. They would be thrilled to get a MasterChef cookie kit for Christmas.

  105. Nancy Mackenzie says

    My little princess loves cooking with mum so having her own Junior MasterChef Cookie Kit would make her day!

  106. Stephy says

    I’d love for my girl who is 3 to teach her little brother who is 1 all of her cooking tips to make the perfect omelette with a Junior Masterchef Egg pack!

  107. Kirsten Phillips says

    My 10 year old nephew Cosmo has totally taken control of the kitchen. Since MasterChef every meal plan must be scrutinised by him, if not cooked by him. He is a serious foodie in development. The cookie set looks a little more challenging and appealling for my young pastry prince!

  108. Rachel Chapman says

    Junior MasterChef Cake Kit: my little sister loves making cakes. Every birthday is always fun. We try new recipes! This set would be the PERFECT present for her!

  109. Haley Douglas says

    The Junior Masterchef Cookie kit would be fantastic for our family so we can fill up lunchboxes with homemade delights!