10 Fab Posts From May

Let's Explore Cork Coasters

A collection of my favourite posts from blog land over the last month:

On The Topic Of Parenting:

1. Giving Kids Time To Respond

Marie from Makes and Takes shares a simple tip on communicating with children – give the time they need to respond, before jumping in and taking over the conversation.

2. An Authentic Apology

This post at Creative Play Plus shows how you can diminish the power of an apology by adding the “but” at the end:

I apologize for yelling, BUT you know how much your whining irritates me.

Something that I need to remember.

3. Is My Child Doing Too Much

Kathy Walker answers a parent’s question about is too much after school activity affecting his schooling.

4. And For 48 hours, I Had A Plan

Karen (Miscmum) writes about how her own needs are forgone for those of her children. Something that I think all mum’s can relate to.

5. Quit Treating Parents Like Babies

In her opinion piece in the Washington Post, Lenore Skenazy critiques the “passive-aggressive baby industry that wants you to feel so completely, even dangerously unprepared for the challenges” of parenthood.

Activities For Kids:

6. Painted Cork Coasters

Let's Explore Cork Coasters

Image by Let’s Explore

At Let’s Explore they have a simple photo tutorial on how to make very cute coasters.

7. Draw And Colour

Kate from Picklebums has some fantastic ideas and links to use to get your kids using their imagination with their drawing and colouring in.

8. Acorn Men And Chestnut Chaps

Esther from Babyccino show how to have fun in Autumn with nature.

9. Circle Collage Garland

Emily at Red Bird Crafts has step by step photo instructions on how to make a beautiful garland with your preschooler.

10. Play Hopscotch Inside

Rookiemoms Hopscotch Inside

Image by Nienie Dialogues

Heather at Rookiemoms has a fantastic idea – bringing hopscotch inside. Perfect for rainy days. Will give this a run these winter school holidays.

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  1. PlanningQueen says

    Whitney – Thanks for the heads up about the link, I have now changed it in the post.

    Kate – The coasters are cool. Next time I am near that big Swedish store I am going to pickup some coasters and give it a try.