Menu Plan Monday And ickle kids Activity Pack Give Away

Seasonal Vegetables

I have a fantastic give away to announce today. I am going to give away one ickle kids activity pack to a reader up to the value of $45.

A great friend of mine runs an online business called ickle kids. ickle kids are all about activity packs for kids on the go! The range includes age-specific travel packs for children from birth to 10 years. Each travel activity pack contains a selection of handpicked, fun and educational toys for busy mums, dads and carers to just “grab and go”.

I have bought a couple of different packs for my kids and they love them. I love them also as we have been travelling a bit lately and they have been perfect for keeping them amused.

To enter: Simply visit ickle kids and then come back here and leave a comment letting me know which pack you would like if you were to win (up to value of AUD$45). Give away closes Wednesday 21st May at 9am Australian EST. I will post the winner in the afternoon of Wednesday 21st May.

Now back to my traditional MPM post! This week I am still taking inspiration from the vegetables in season this month, so more soup and more lovely veggies! I am settling into the new look and functionality of WordPress 2.5.1 and have included my shopping list at the end of the post. I now have to go back in the archives and add links to shopping lists and recipes in previous MPM posts which I will do tomorrow.

Monday: Lamb Chops, Potato Au Gratin with seasonal vegetables

Tuesday: Baked Penne with Bacon

Wednesday: Chicken and Creamed Vegetable Soup

Thursday: Sausage and Vegetables

Friday: Left Overs

Saturday: Margarita Pizzas

Sunday: Pasta Bake

Shopping List for Menu Plan 12 May 2008

Carrot Cake

Again, I have included the shopping list for this week’s menu plan as an excel file. The below paragraphs explain what is in the attached excel file below.

It contains three separate spreadsheets. The first is named “Complete Grocery’ and it lists by supermarket aisle all the ingredients that are needed to cook the family meals for this week.

The second spreadsheet is named “Ingredient By Meal’ and it lists the ingredients that are required for the family by each individual meal this week. I have also left on the aisle and aisle subsection in this spreadsheet for reference, but if you want to print that out you will need to alter the print area.

The third spreadsheet is named “Menu Plan” and is a modified version of the menu plan that I print and place on the fridge. I have a notes section, that I like to populate with any activities that are likely to impact the evening meal routine.

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For more menu planning ideas head on over to Laura’s place at “I’m an Organizing Junkie“.


  1. says

    I love the ickle wooden musical pack, my nearly two year old daughter would have LOTS of fun with the instruments! Thats what I would pick out for her if I were to win.

    I love your Menu plan Monday posts, they are inspirational. Thanks for posting your spreadsheets, its been a real help in getting my own sorted out into something more manageable.

  2. says

    OH the lamb chops sound so good,maybe i’ll hop a plane now to be there for dinner ;-) I’ll bring some lovely B.C. okay? Have a great week down under.

    Michelles last blog post..

  3. says

    I have a feeling that MCKenna would love the Ickle Girls Cinderella travel pack..but I could be wrong.. you know almost 3 yr olds.. :)

    Michelles last blog post..

  4. says

    Mmmm, that soup sounds great. We are starting a weekly soup night on Fridays, to get us through the cold winter weather, so I’ll have to come back to this post for that one. We are having Chicken Noodle Soup this week, since Master Four discovered a liking for it while he was recently in hospital, and it turns out to be apt, since Miss Two and I are now both sick!

    I’m always glad to find other oz menu plans I can steal, ahem, *borrow* ideas from, as I usually don’t feel like light salads in the dead of winter, and I try to feed the family seasonally ;)

    If I were to win the giveaway, I’d pick the Holiday Activity pack. Master Four tends to end up in hospital a lot with his asthma over Winter, and those puzzle books are great for keeping both him and his younger sister entertained while he is stuck in bed.

    SilverMoon Dragons last blog post..Menu Plan Monday

  5. says

    First time visitor here from Menu Plan Mondays and I love your blog! The way you have organized all the information is fantastic. Your grocery planning spreadsheets are totally inspiring: I may have to figure out how to actually DO a spreadsheet now!

    My girls (almost 2.5 and almost 4) would love the ultimate ickle activity pack!

    mamasutras last blog post..Menu Monday, with Ramsay’s "Fast Food"

  6. says

    Heya, I found you via aussiebloggers :)

    My son would love the musical pack, but I’m a far smarter mama than that! I would love the Ickle Bubba Animal pack, he has a jungle theme in his room so this would fit in perfectly with the rest of his toys.

    Ferns last blog post..I Spy, With My Little Eye…

  7. monica says

    My 5 year old twin girls dont still very often..well actually NEVER!!!
    The Girls Brain Teaser Activity Pack would be perfect to keep them in one place for more than 5 minutes…having fun whilst learning, who could ask for more than that!!!

  8. says

    Hi there, Interesting site you have here.
    I love the menu planning.
    I have a 7 yr old with Aspergers. I reckon he would LOVE the ickle Boys Brain Teaser Activity Pack (age 4+).

    Kerry and William. (Mr & 7 )

  9. says

    What a fantastic idea your friend has come up with! I love that Boys’ Brain Teaser Pack (with Pirate Game).

    I came here from Menu Plan Monday. I appreciate your documents, recipes and other ideas – thank you!!

  10. says

    Oooh…I would LOVE the Boys Brain Teaser Activity Pack. Wouldn’t that be FABULOUS to use on our 3-month trip?

    The packs look fantastic!!!! Thanks for highlighting them. :)

  11. Klar says

    I’m a newbie to your website
    Must say your Menu Plan is outta sight
    Now to get me cooking up some Penne
    Gonna need some help from the ickle Bubba Animal Activity Packy!

  12. bb says

    I would love to win the
    ickle Boys Brain Teaser Activity Pack! Sounds very educational and cool! Thank you :)

  13. Carol says

    I would love to win the ickle Boys Car Activity Pack (age 3+) Would be perfect for my two little sons on car trips – anything to keep them entertained!!!

  14. Katrinna says

    I am mum to two very ACTIVE Boys! Part of our daily activities include an hour of dancing to improve their co-ordination. Believe it or not one of the few Toys they possess are Musical Instruments so the ickle Wooden Musical Pack would be ideal!

  15. says

    Thanks for stopping by to see my menu plan. I love your site! I love talking to moms of older kids to learn how to better prep for the years ahead (mine are 2, 2 and 4).

    I think the Boys Creative Pack looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for doing a giveaway!

    Ginas last blog post..Meal Planning Monday

  16. Annette says

    I’m new to menu planning and now that I am caring for my 3 year old granddaughter 2 days a week I have found that it really helps. I love looking at your menu plan for inspiration and I think it will help me when I am stuck for ideas or to jog my memory for a dish we haven’t had in a while. I would love to receive the ickle Girls Car Activity Pack (age 3+), it’s been a long time since I have had to entertain a little one in the car and I’m sure this would appeal to my granddaughter’s constant need for intellectual stimulation.

  17. says

    Oh wow what a fantastic website!!! There are so many packs there that are fantastic. Loving the “Ultimate ickle Activity Pack” though as it will cover at least two of my kids.
    I can see some Chrissie shopping happening there though. Thanks again for the great tip!!!

    Sharons last blog post..Team Blog for Tara Dunstan

  18. says

    What a neat site! The boy’s brain teaser kit sounds like something my boys would enjoy.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog as well, it sounds like you have some great ideas!

    I found your link on Niki’s organizing blog by the way.

  19. says

    Thanks for stopping by my site. Margarita Pizzas are a favorite of mine.
    The ickle Girls Brain Teaser Pack sounds like it would provide hours of fun. Thanks for telling me about this.

    Nancys last blog post..Menu Plan Monday #17

  20. says


    Your menu looks great! Thanks for the heads up for the contest and for visiting my mpm.

    I think the girls car pack would be perfect for our 3 yo while traveling to her db’s hockey games all over western PA and in WV.


    Lisas last blog post..Menu Plan Monday, May 12, 2008

  21. sandy76 says

    I know my boys would love your ickle Wooden Musical Pack, They could run around shaking their booties…and not be on my back
    that they are BORED!

  22. says

    Great competition, PQ!

    Guerita would love the Girls Brain Teaser pack or the Car Activity Pack – but it was so hard to choose. They all look so great! You’re friend’s got a great idea there…

    Gueras last blog post..Happy Mother’s Day

  23. Georgia Reid says

    The ickle Boys Brain teaser activity pack would be fabulous!! My six year old is already running rings around me mentally (he has the memory of an elephant)…but I want to encourage his obvious intellect…at least I THINK I do!! LOL

  24. Kelly Hodges says

    My son would love playing with the ickle bubba animals pack! He just loves the bath, and unfortunately he only has old tupperware to play with!

  25. Caprice says

    Love the site, has really opened my eyes up to get more organised, especially love the shopping list as I always forget something needed for recipes when I get to the shops!
    Your friend has a great site too, my daughter would love the bubba animal activity pack with the farmyard animals, she could play with them on the long drive to visit her nanny and poppy at their farm!

  26. says

    My daughter would love the Ultimate ickle activity pack. There is such a variety of things it should keep her busy for a while! Great comp!

  27. Cindy says

    Love the menu ideas. YUMMM!
    I am very interested in the girls brain teaser activity set. I think my 6yo would LOVE it! I bookmarked the site.

  28. says

    HI Planing queen – S & J would love the Ickle animal packs 18months+ they are so cute. We have their 2nd birthday coming up and it has given me some great ideas.
    I like your menu plan and links. I want to make some soup this month.MMM chicken and vegetable soup.

    Trishs last blog post..I am finished …

  29. Emma says

    My 3 year old son absolutely loves gathering up treasures from his toy box to take in the car so I think the ickle Boys Car Activity Pack would be just perfect for him! And it might help save Daddy’s sanity a little too, he won’t have as many toys to fish out from under the seats when he’s cleaning the car!

  30. alli says

    Ickle Bubba animal pack looks,
    Kids no longer bored,
    Laughter and
    Endless amount of fun to be had! (yay!)

  31. says

    Wow-you never know what you’ll find as you learn to plan menus! :-)

    My little guy would LOVE the “ickle Boys Brain Teaser Activity Pack”. He’s a third child and though he enjoys the toys that have been handed down, he always enjoys something that is alllll his. ;-)

    Thanks so much!

    Beths last blog post..Finally Used my On Board Accents!

  32. Erin and Baby Eva says

    Well after much consideration we have decided that the Ickle musical pack is our favourite
    I already have a headache from Eva’s obsession with banging blocks and spoons together.
    her favourite thing to do is play with daddys guitar, sing and dance and generally make as much noise as possible.
    Her baby friends and brother and sisters would love to try the instruments out to so I could guarantee they would be super well loved
    ♡ & Warm regards,


  33. Alicia says


    I love the idea of these Ickle Activity Packs as we usually only have time to grab one or two toys as we’re racing out the door!
    I’m sure my two boys would love the Ultimate ickle Activity Pack as I’m sure it would keep them amused for hours.

  34. Jackz Kids says

    ickle Boys Brain Teaser Activity Pack (age 4+)

    With 4 active, always on the go, never sit still boys, this challenging activity pack would give their brain a work as much as they give their bodies.

  35. debra tassis says

    The Ickle fun dough activity pack would be fantastic for my son. He loves playdough and it keeps him and his imagination amussed for ages.

  36. Mary Preston says

    My Grandson would just love the ickle Bubba Animal Activity Pack. He has good taste, he loves my cooking as well.

  37. kirsty paterson says

    my sons would love to win the ickle Boys Car Activity Pack (age 3+) as they seem to get bored very quickly in the car. this would help so much.
    may i also say what a great site this is, full of so much information.
    thanks for the competition and good luck to all who enter

  38. Laura says

    If I was to win I would choose the ickle Wooden Musical Pack. My three young daughters are very musical and they would just love these, they are so much different and nicer to the plastic musical toys on the market these days.

  39. James MacLeod says

    The ickle Girls Brain Teaser Activity Packs (age 4+) sound ideal for our (we think) incredibly talented 4y old granddaughter. She loves to play “I spy with my little eye” but as yet has no spelling talent which makes the game rather a hit or miss lottery. I am sure she would dearly love
    your game set.

  40. mum to 4 says

    great site!!!

    my four kids would absolutely love the ickle holiday activity pack. i am sure that mum and dad would greatly appreciate the decreased noise level too when visiting nanny and poppy!

  41. Jo says

    The ickle Wooden Musical Pack would be fantastic for my two, as I would be able to reclaim my wooden spoons and pots and pans that they currently use to make all their wonderful music!!.

  42. teresa hogg says

    i think my kids would love the ickle bubba animal activity pack as it looks awsome

  43. Jo Mickan says

    My boys 10 & 6 would love the Boys Brain Teasers Pack! It might give them a rest from my teasing, lol!

    Good luck with picking the winner!

  44. Jessie says

    I would love to win the ickle Holiday Activity Pack ,games of eye spy in the car get boring pretty quickly and a 5 year old following me everywhere including the toilet starts to get frustrating, if i had this pack i could set her down with a game for 5 mins and pee in peace:D

  45. Phillip Cunningham says

    ickle Wooden Musical Pack and the ickle Bubba Activity Pack as they would both amuse and delight my toddler.

  46. Bianca says

    ‘Ickle bubba Jungle animals activity pack’ would be the perfect choice for our little NATURE NERD family!! heehee

    The Ickle products are really impressive! love the carry bags.

  47. Greg says

    ickle bubba animal pack would certainly do!!!

    It’s time to teach my baby son that cows don’t “oink” and chickens don’t “moo”!!!

    With this fun, colourful, travel-ready and educational pack, I’m sure to get my son right on track!!!

  48. Julia Hewitt says

    What a Wonderful Website I’ve just Googled.

    With my teenagers new ambition drumming the house down, ickle kids Wooden musical Pack will give my
    3 year old son a chance to join in the family musical fun.

  49. says

    What a great informative and fun website. Loved all the packs on offer but my favourite and most suitable for my young tribe of three (twins 7yrs and 4yr old) was the ickle Girls Brain Teaser Activity Pack (age 4+). Will definitely put this site in my Favourites!!!

  50. Jason says

    The super “ickle Boys Brain Teaser Activity Pack” just what a little question asker needs to keep occupied while Dad does the chores.

    Thanks also for the Menu Plan Mondays which are extremly helpful. It’s great to have helpful hints so that I can spend more time with my little one.

    Thank you

  51. Caroline Kelly says

    Just what my inquisitive daughter will need, an ickle Girls Creative Activity Pack.

  52. sonia says

    I would love to win the icky boys creative pack with the playdough and cutters as my son is crazy for playdough and I make it each week and he loves it. We always make things everyday and by winning one of these fabulous packs he would take it where ever he goes and enjoy it all the time!

  53. Laura says

    We’d love the ickle Wooden Musical Pack,
    we’d hang it upon out music rack,
    we’d pull it out and make some music,
    and make mum crazy, she would just lose it!


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  2. […] Planning with Kids is giving a FREE ickle Kids Activity Pack away!   ickle Kids are all about activity packs for kids on the go! The range includes age-specific travel packs for children from birth to 10 years. Each travel activity pack contains a selection of handpicked, fun and educational toys for busy mums, dads and carers to just “grab and go”. […]